Homemade Bike Bits.


Ground & Wall Anchor:
Designed to concrete into the ground or bolt to the wall so as to be able to pass a lock and chain through it so as to secure the motorbike to the ground or wall and prevent it being lifted up or carried away.
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Rear Tail Bracket Stepped Washer:
For some reason there was a bolt missing from the number plate bracket, (possibly vibrated loose). I found a replacement bolt easily enough but there was also a special stepped washer missing so I knocked up a couple of spares!
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Dual Headlight Loom Wire:
European models of the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 have the wiring which allow both headlights to be on in the "dipped beam" situation unlike the set up for the UK. There is however a simple modification to correct this it just needs a homemade loom wire!
Terminals. Loom.
Drift X170 Action Camera Mount Bracket:
Nothing to do with my Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 but it is nonetheless a homemade item. These components were manufactured for my friend to fit on the forks of a Kawasaki 650 Versys to house the Drift Innovations X170 Action Camera although with a few size alterations I can see no reason why it could not be adapted to fit the Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 to perform the same function.
Aluminium Collar. Black Collar.
Universal Handlebar Platform Mount:
With a few future projects in my mind with regards to fitting different gadgets to the bike I devised a platform to which I could attach different items with a little bit of modification by way of drilled and threaded holes etc. The beauty of this simple design is it does not require the bike itself to be modified so it can be removed if required leaving the bike in it's original condition.
Platform Mount. Posts.
MD80 Mini DV Camera Mount Bracket Mark I:
After purchasing a MD80 Mini DV camera for a mere £9 it was a case of trying to find somewhere to mount it on my motorbike with the intention of filming ride outs etc. I used the original supplied bracket, (which was very flimsy) to mount the camera behind my screen on the handlebar clamp. this proved to be OK but a more "beefy" bracket was required. This is what I made to suit the MD80.
Finished MD80 Mounting Bracket Painted Silver. MD80 Fitted To Mounting Bracket.
MD80 Mini DV Camera Mount Bracket Mark II:
Not totally happy with the placement of the MD80 Mini DV Camera on the "Mark I" bracket I thought of ways to fit the camera closer to the wind screen but in a way that it was adjustable for angle but still be rigid enough to do away with vibration as best as possible. The solution was a new bracket design fitted to a cross bar behind the screen using existing holes and bolts on the bike.
Finished MD80 Mounting Bracket Painted Silver. MD80 Fitted To Mounting Bracket.
MD80 Mini DV Camera Mount Bracket Mark III:
As with all things made up they always need a tweak here and there to get them to perform a bit better. The "Mark III" bracket is pretty much the same as the "Mark II" but I have replaced the 10mm diameter clamp arrangement for something a bit more universal by introducing a "Vee" clamp arrangement instead.
Finished MD80 Mounting Bracket Painted Black. MD80 Fitted To Mounting Bracket With "Vee" Clamp.
MD80 Mini DV Camera Mount Bracket Mark IV:
Up to design number four for these MD80 Mini DV camera brackets. The latest one is a bit more basic and has tapped holes for mounting purposes rather than "Vee" clamps or dedicated tube diameters. This latest design would also be more suited as a "stand alone" unit.
Isometric View. Side View.
MD80 Mini DV Camera Rear Footpeg Mount:
Having made all these MD80 Mini DV camera brackets it would be nice to be able to mount the camera in different positions on my bike, a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2. Unfortunately there is not a lot of options for placing the camera in good capture positions. This mount which is knocked up out of standard nuts, bolts and washers allowed me to place the camera on the existing rear footpeg bracket.
Standard nuts and washers. Rear footpeg bracket post assembly.
Navman S100 Adapter Plate:
This is the adapter plate I made to house my Naman "Spirit" S100 Satellite navigation system that is generally for use in a car to my motorbike, the idea being that it would be cheaper than buying a proper motorbike satnav system. I opted for handlebar mount position which required modifying the platform mount I featured earlier.
Adapter Plate. Satnav Adapter Plate.