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The Story So Far: A diary style page with links, comments and pictures showing what has been done to the site so far.

Cameras: A link style page that shows pictures of cameras I have previously owned and cameras I currently use.

Accessories: A link style page that shows some of the items that have been added to my camera kit that did not necessarily come with the camera.

Tutorials: How some of the images that appear on this web site were created and edited and what programs were used.
Flickr: A web site hosting a collection of Scenic and close up pictures taken with my latest Olympus and Sony cameras.

Homebrew: Sometimes you simply cannot buy what you want to do the job because it is either to expensive or does not exist. These are some of the items I have created to help me overcome some problems.

Techno: Ever wondered how to set up multiple flash guns and set the correct exposure or what "depth of field" is? This page tries to answer these questions and more.


Flickr Slideshows:
You can use these slideshow images to link to more of my photography examples housed on the Flickr web site using the Flickr slideshow.
(The Flickr Slideshow Photostream may take a while to load).
Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2:
You can use these slideshow images to link to a page with details and pictures about my latest purchase, a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 600cc Motorbike.
(The page contains links to other bike related sections).

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