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Photography Tips:
There are many different techniques you can employ to improve you pictures. This page contains some of the "hints and tips" that I have picked up over the years with some example pictures to help with the explainations.
Olympus E-510 Front View. Olympus E-510 Side View.
Depth Of Field:
Depth of field is the amount of subject that remains in focus in front and behind the target image. Use this page link to go to a detailed explainations, pictures and diagrams page explaining what depth of field is and the effects different camera settings can have upon it.
Depth Of Field. Depth Of Field.
Flashgun Guide Number:
All flashguns including the ones built into cameras usually come with a guide number. This page gives iinformation on what a guide number is used for and how to apply calculations to work out the correct "ƒ" rating for your camera when using single or multiple flash photography.
Olympus FL36 Flashgun Front View. Olympus FL36 Flashgun Side View.
Multiple Flashguns:
Did you know that when you use two or more flashguns the "ƒ" value is not a multip[le of the amount of flashguns being used as you would expect. This page gives information on how to calculate the "ƒ" number for a camera lens when using multiple flashguns that have been strategically placed around a subject to increase the light source or to help to eliminate shadows.
Miranda 500-CD Flashgun Side View. Miranda CTB-24 Flashgun Side View.
Simple Calculators:
Simple "Form" style calculators which can be used to work out various attributes for flashgun photography namely Aperture "ƒ" stop numbers at different film speed ASA ratings, a convertion table to convert Feet and Inches into Meters and an ASA 100 guide number converter.
Calculator. Aperture Calculator.
Flashgun Slave Units:
Slave units are ideal for use with flashguns that you don't want to mount directly to the cameras hotshoe for fear of damage from incompatability. This page gives information on Slave Units and how they can be used with old style SLR flashguns in conjuntion with new DSLR cameras.
Square Slave Unit. Flashgun, Slave Unit And Cable.
Miranda MS-1 Super Web Page Style User Manual:
Since I started building this web site one of the most frequent requests is for a manual for the Miranda MS-1 super SLR Camera. Use this page link for a web page style manual for the Miranda MS-1 super SLR Camera, also available from the page is a PDF document version of the manual that I have created.
Miranda MS-1 Super SLR Camera. PDF Document.
Image File Size Experiments:
I could not understand why a file size fo a 10 Megapixel camera was not double that of a 5 Megapixel so I conducted a few Image Size Experiments using Paint Shop Pro 7 and my new Sony Cybershot DSC-W170s camera.
Colour Pallette. Colour Pallette Info Box.
Image Sensor & Print Size Ratios:
This page tries to explain the relationship between a cameras image sensor and the print size of an image when it is transfered to standard sized photographic paper.
CMOS Sensor. Printer Icon.
Page Navigation Experiments:
There are numerous styles and methods of navigating around a web site, this page is dedicated to some of the ideas that I experimented with and the resultant look of how the navigation styles would animate. Some are simple "mouse over" buttons others are a bit more complex and use cascading style sheets and javascript codes.
Curved Arrow. Dividers.

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