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When you purchase a DSLR camera kit usually comes with some sort of lens so you can play with the camera straight out of the box although this is not always the case with more expensive professional cameras. It is then up to the individual to buy lenses to suit their own needs or to fill certain project criteria. This page displays the lenses purchased after the camera body.
Standard Lens. Macro Lens.
Flashguns & Slave Units:
Nowadays most DSLR cameras come with a flash built into the system that is normally quite sufficient for general photography but more power for lighting may be required for specific projects. This is where a flashgun or multiple flashgun set up from the camera hot shoe or slave units may be required. This page displays flashguns used on different cameras.
Olympus FL36 Flashgun. Square Slave Unit.
No matter how good you are at some point you are going to require a slow shutter speed for a certain photograph and you are going to get camera shake! A tripod helps to eliminate camera shake as it holds the camera steady during slow shutter speeds and prevents spoiling the photograph. This page displays numerous tripods I have acquired over the years.
Manfrotto Tripod. Velbon Tripod.
Camera & Lens care:
The more you use your camera the more the environment is going to attack it and leave it in a state that needs cleaning to make sure you get an un-spoilt picture, (nothing worse than a finger print in the middle of the lens to blur that perfect photograph). This is where certain cleaning products come in handy. This page displays some of the products available to keep your camera and lenses clean.
Tissues. Blower Brush.
Filters & Holders:
There are loads of different filters on the market that perform a number of functions from special image effects to simply protecting the lens and photograph quality. There are also different methods to mount these filters to your camera lens from screw on threaded filters to slide in adapter type holders. This page displays some of the filters and holder methods available.
Rainbow Filter. Cokin Filter Holder.
Batteries & Chargers:
Got a digital camera? Well it is going to need power. There are all sorts of power sources on the market these days ranging from normal Alkaline batteries to high power Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries but whatever ones you choose you want to have them last as long as possible so the higher the power the better. This page shows the batteries and chargers that I have in use.
AAA Batteries. Charger.
Memory Cards & Pen Drives:
Chances are when you buy your digital camera it is not going to come with a very large memory card as standard. Upgrading to a larger capacity card is going to be one of your options bearing in mind the larger the card the more photographs you are going to be able to store on it. This page displays different types of memory devices for capturing and storing your photographs.
Lexar Memory Card. * Gig Cruzer Titanium.

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