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Gradius Home World グラディウス ホームワールド

Cheats Cheats

3 Dual Screen Arcade CBM C64 CPC 464-6128 Dual Screen Famicom Game Boy Game Boy Advance i-mode LCD Game MSX PlayChoice 10 PC88-5INCH PC Engine PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Portable PlayStation Vita Super Famicom Saturn Smart TV VS System Wii Wii U Windows X1 X68000-X68030 Xbox 360 ZX Spectrum


X68000-X68030 (X68000) - X68000ーX68030



  • Up, Down, Left, Right [ shot ] [ missile ] top and bottom

Sound Test

  • Pushing ESC in the game, which pauses the game, makes the lamp of the alphabetical character and the hiragana key light up you can hear BACKGROUND MUSIC with " the A " - " L " key.

Resoulution Modification

  • While pushing the OPT.1, when it starts, it starts with 15kHz mode.


Stage selection

Stage - ? - The Alphabetical Character - Code Input

Stage 1 - X - X - X

Stage 2 - X - X - O

Stage 3 - X - O - O

Stage 4 - X - O - O

Stage 5 - O - X - X

Stage 6 - O - X - O

  • Like above while illumination (going out) point to the lamp, pushing the SHIFT key, it starts.
    While pushing the OPT.1 with title, when you start, round it can select.

Static Test Mode

  • While pushing the SHIFT+OPT.1, when it starts, you insert in each static test mode in the degree which pushes the F9.

Resolution Modification

  • While pushing the HELP, start the game and you start with 15kHz mode. In addition, while pushing the SHIFT key when the INS key is made to light up when it starts, picture size becomes 1/4.

Gradius II ~GOFER no Yabou~

Static Test Mode

  • While pushing the F4 + F10, start the game.

Nemesis '90 Kai

Extra Stage

The Second Planet (Plant Planet)


The Fourth Planet (Floating Continent)


The Sixth Planet (Life Planet)