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This section is for all the older GameStone related stuff.

Section Zzap! World 64 - You'll find retouched cover scans for the Zzap! 64 Magazine, Apex Computer Productions gaming section with information on their excellent C64 games, also The Great Giana Sisters, Datahits and Thalamusic music cassettes.

SectionGSRcade - The quest for ultimate dexterity, various arcade joystick projects I've started over the years and some information on my arcade game collection including the Konami Windy II candy cabinet.

SectionMedia - This section is for random stuff I like including Anime, Music, TV and Films.

Other sites hosted on GameStone:-

Section Gradius Evolution - A Gradius fan game concept. (project permanently on hold).

Section Gradius Legacy - An extensive 3D remake of the legendary Gradius series. (project permanently on hold).

Section Cavadius - Official site for the Fan based vertical Gradius/Cave inspired Shoot'em-up for the PC, please note the project has been abandoned.

Steve's Zone - This section was made by an old friend that's no longer with us - Cameras, Yamaha motorbikes, how it's made, art work tutorials and more.