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Gradius Home World グラディウス ホームワールド

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3 Dual Screen Arcade CBM C64 CPC 464-6128 Dual Screen Famicom Game Boy Game Boy Advance i-mode LCD Game MSX PlayChoice 10 PC88-5INCH PC Engine PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Portable PlayStation Vita Super Famicom Saturn Smart TV VS System Wii Wii U Windows X1 X68000-X68030 Xbox 360 ZX Spectrum


Arcade (AC) - アーケード

Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa ~

Hidden Stage Music

  • On Stage 3 you can start a hidden stage theme by destroying the purple base at the bottom of the screen.

01 01

Hidden Stages

  • To play the first stage of Gradius and Salamander, play Gradius III until you get to the end of game final boss, he shoots three electric balls at you, don't dodge them, touch the middle ball to warp into Gradius world or touch the lower one to warp into Salamander world.

Stage Skip

  • Turn Odd Number Dip Switches except Dip 1-5 AFTER boot up.
  • As follows
    Coin A = 1 Coin/6 Credits
    Coin B = 1 Coin/6 Credits
    Lives = 3
    Cabinet = Upright
    Bonus Life = 50000
    Difficulty = Hard
    Demo Sounds = Off
    Flip Screen = On
    Upright Controls = Single
    Service Mode = On
    Unknown = Off
  • In game, hold Service Switch (Coin 3 = Key 7 in Mame) then press 1P Start Button.

Gradius IV Fukkatsu

2nd Loop Start

  • On the Power Meter Select screen.
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Button-2 (Shot), Button-3 (Missile).
    You will be able to start the game on the 2nd loop and a password will be displayed on Game Over screen. This password was required on 'Gradius IV Fukkatsu Internet Ranking' in Japan (no longer running)

Sexy Parodius

Special Stage

  • Complete all the in-game missions, after the staff credits you will play the Special Stage