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Gradius Home World
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English Language Gradius - Video Game Museum - Some of the Gradius ending sequences for Various console and lots more - TwinBee Land - Excellent site with loads of information (NOT UPDATED since 22nd August 2001) - Konami MSX Games - Great place for information on all the Konami MSX games

Japanese Language Gradius

(All translations are in English and done with AltaVista Babel Fish and Google) - KONAMI Japan - For all your gaming information (Japanese)

Three great site from the same person - Gradius World - Translated to English - Strategy Parodius - Translated to English - TwinBee World - Translated to English - GRADIUS Corner - Information about the Gradius Series - Translated to English - Gradius Triangle - Nice art plus a BBS - Translated to English

Other Classic Games

Castlevania Dungeon - The excellent site dedicated to one of Konami's sister series Dracula. - Great site for hi-res arcade scans for use with MAME.