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16th February 2012

Here a great power bar example for use with Game Maker 8 made by AlexR22.

The code is fully commented so it should be easy to follow, if you get any problems its best to contact AlexR22 directly using the forum.

Download Power Bar Example - 1MB

28th December 2009

Added a name entry screen and made some face icons for when you choose your age.

Also started work on the Game Over loop.

27th December 2009

Changed the font colour on the Game Over screen to red rather than my original choice of blue, also changed the font colours for Press Start Button on the title screen to the darker version.

Edited the font file again to make the shadows look better on bracket characters.

Changed the background of the stage images to an alpha channel.

This section now has it's own logo, moved a few bits around here and there.

Added menu variables to the Screen section and weapons bar to the Specifications section

9th June 2009

Edited the font file a bit more to add some new colours, there are now four colours for each of the font classes (Blue, Orange, Green and Gray).

I'm also working on a new Core ship which is coming alone nicely but is not quite ready for display just yet.

7th June 2009

Continue, Game Over and Press Start Button screens made.

Also edited Vic Viper and his Options to a more up to date smooth version in the Mock Up shots.

Re-edited Stage 1 to make the edge look smoother.

6th June 2009

Option and Ranking screen mock ups have been done also.

Two new mock shots added to the new Mock Up section.

Also moved a few things around.

Arm Core (Half Size)

Arm Core (Half Size)

Arm Core (Full Size)


Arm Core (Full Size)


31st May 2009

Two more mock-up screens added with two slightly different Arm Cores.

Also made a mock-up title screen.

25th May 2009

Project not dead just going very slowly.

Added a mock-up screen shot of the way I would like to go.

20th April 2008

I've converted my 'drag and drop' coding in Game Maker 7 to GML as it is easier to put on this page and much better at doing complex coding.

Some code examples have been added to the Player Animations section.

14th April 2008

Vic Viper ship animation is completed.

Flying up and down play the correct frames of animation, the flame and lights are a separate animation.

Vic Viper can shoot but I'm not quite happy with it.

Moved a few bits around, I will be adding some guides on how to get the ship to animate and other things.

10th April 2008

This is my attempt at creating some guides on how to do some of the Gradius stuff in Game Maker 7 like:-

  • Ship animations
  • Weapons Systems
  • Title screen loops
  • Rankings
  • Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling
  • Stages

Not much will happen in the beginning as I'm just collecting the specifications first.

Also as this section gets bigger it will be split up into smaller sections.