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Gradius Home World グラディウス ホームワールド

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3 Dual Screen Arcade CBM C64 CPC 464-6128 Dual Screen Famicom Game Boy Game Boy Advance i-mode LCD Game MSX PlayChoice 10 PC88-5INCH PC Engine PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Portable PlayStation Vita Super Famicom Saturn Smart TV VS System Wii Wii U Windows X1 X68000-X68030 Xbox 360 ZX Spectrum


PC Engine (PCE) - PCエンジン


The bonus levels are alot like the ones found in Gradius III on the Super Famicom, they have some assorted extras, like 1-ups, point pickups and the best new one, auto-fire.

Also, in addition to the auto-fire power-up, there is a scroll stop item, much like the one found in Gradius 2 MSX.

Bonus Stages

Second Stage

Towards the end of the stage, you need an odd number of points in the hundreds column to access this bonus stage (00100, 00300, etc)

Second Stage

Moai Stage

Moai Stage

Cell Stage

Along the bottom path, right before the boss, you need nothing highlighted in your power bar to access this bonus stage.

Cell Stage

Volcano Stage

You must fly in between the lava and the inverted volcano.

Volcano Stage


Thanks to King Moai

Gradius II ~GOFER no Yabou~

Power Up

  • Pause the game and press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, [ II ], [ I ]

Arcade Mode

  • After you press RUN to load the game, press and hold UP, [ I ], [ II ] until the title screen appears (you can use RUN to skip the intro). The Options menu will now have 'AC.MODE'