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Gradius Home World グラディウス ホームワールド

Artwork Artwork


GameStone's Windy Logo

Here's a Konami Windy logo used on their arcade machines with the same name.

GameStone's Windy Logo

GameStone's Gradius Home World Logo

Over the years I've made a few special logos for the site including ones for various games made by Konami.

Gradius Home Wolrd

Gradius Home Wolrd

Gradius Home Wolrd

Gradius Home Wolrd

Salamander Home Wolrd

TwinBee Home Wolrd

Otomedius Home World

GameStone's Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) Logo


Release 1 v0.2 - 28th March 2018

Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) Unofficial logo by GameStone.

I chose the 'G' position to be more in the middle because the word 'Gorgeous' has more characters than the Japanese Katakana version (9 vs 6), the 'G' was too hidden otherwise, plus it's closer to the tail of the letter 'M' making the layout more balanced.

I also chose not the have the halo effect at this time, this would be needed if it was going to be place on the title page like the title screen of the game.

GameStone's Otomedius G (Gorgoeus!) Release 1 v0.1 - オトメディウスG(ゴージャス!)

Full Size Version - 3684x946px

Half Size Version - 1842x473px

Quarter Size Version - 921x236px

Original Japanese version by Konami

Original Otomedius G (Gorgeous!)  オトメディウスG(ゴージャス!)

GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) Box Art

I'm disappointed with the logo used on the US release of the game and made my own version last year, I've now put together some box art of how it would look on the official release.

I also made some fake PS3 and PSP box art for the fun of it, note that the full size version are rather large.

GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) Xbox v1  GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) Xbox v2

Full Size Version - 2277x3458px - Full Size Version - 2405x3460px

Half Size Version - 1138x1729px - Half Size Version - 1202x1730px

Quarter Size Version - 569x864px - Quarter Size Version - 601x865px

GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) PS3 v1  GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) PS3 v2  GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) PSP

Full Size Version - 2277x3457px - Full Size Version - 2405x3522px - Full Size Version - 2277x4014px

Half Size Version - 1138x1728px - Half Size Version - 1202x1761px - Half Size Version - 1138x2007px

Quarter Size Version - 569x864px - Quarter Size Version - 601x880px - Quarter Size Version - 569x1004px

GameStone's Otomedius X (Excellent!) Logo


I started designing these after Konami announced the US release of the game, mainly because the US official logo looks a bit rushed and boring, so here is my take on what the English should look like.

I've tried to make the logo in the same style of the Japanese original version shown below.

Now this should be the Official logo as I would say it looks great, very colourful and in the same style as the Japanese original.

Release 2 v0.8 - 28th March 2018

Otomedius Excellent Unofficial logo by GameStone.

Moved the word 'Excellent' down and to the right as I did not like the way it over lapped the tail of the X hiding some detail, tweaked some of the shading.

GameStone's Otomedius Excellent Logo Release 2 v0.7 - オトメディウスX(エクセレント!)

Full Size Version - 4038x1134px

Half Size Version - 2019x567px

Quarter Size Version - 1010x284px

Original Japanese and American version by Konami

Japen Otomedius Excellent Logo

USA Otomedius Excellent Logo

Older GameStone Versions

Release 1 v1

Otomedius Excellent Unofficial logo by GameStone.


GameStone's Otomedius Excellent Logo v1

Release 1 v2

Otomedius Excellent Unofficial logo by GameStone.

I updated the 'X' character as the first release looked more like an 'H', also redone the '!' (exclamation mark) as the star looked a little too small.

You will notice that the original Japanese logo has the top green colour only on the first character, so I decided to abandon this version and start from scratch as this was easier than editing this version.

GameStone's Otomedius Excellent Logo v2

Sexy Parodius

Original Sega Saturn Version

This is the image from the game intro.

Original Sega Saturn Version

GameStone's v1 & GameStone's v2 edits

Left image - Some detail is lost behind the table so I moved the table and Octopus down, then lengthen the table.

Right image - I added more cloud and put the rest of the sofa in that Octopus is sitting on.

New Table Sega Saturn Version   New GameStone Version

GameStone's Gradius Corner

Version 1 - 16th January 2011

Gradius Corner v1 Click for x2 zoomed version

Version 2 - 16th January 2011

Gradius Corner v2 Click for x2 zoomed version

Version 3 - 28th January 2011

New Windy Machines and door.

Gradius Corner v3 Click for x2 zoomed version

Based on GameStone's Windy icons (64px Versions).

WindyWindy II

Version 4 - 1st October 2011

I'll add the instruction cards at a later date.

Gradius Corner v4

Version 5 - 13th March 2012

Added the new Salamander, Windy and Windy II machines, also put Salamander 2 in a Windy as it came out before the Windy II was available.

Gradius Corner v5

Version 6 - 18th March 2012

Added the new Salamander Cocktail and Otomedius machines.

Gradius Corner v6

Version 7 - 20th March 2012

Added Solar Assault.

Gradius Corner v7

Version 8 - 26th December 2014

Moved the arcade around for better spacing.

Gradius Corner v8

GameStone's Windy pixel art

Konami has made a few different arcade machines over the years, in 1996 they released the Konami Windy コナミ ウィンディ, then two years later in 1998 they updated to JVS and brought out the Konami Windy II コナミ ウィンディ II

I started with the 32x32 pixel version for the Arcade Games section then decided to do a more detailed version.

I doubling the size, re-edited it and adding more detail, I've also started a 256x256 version but it's taking a very long time to add the needed detail and much more detail in needed due to the extra pixels.

32px, 64px v1, 64px v2, 64px v3, 64px v3 Top and the new 128px version.


Windy 32 Windy 64 v2 Windy 64 v1 Windy 64 v2 Windy 64 v3 Windy 128px Windy 128px v2

All images have been resized to make them the same size as the 128px version, otherwise they look like the two images below.

Windy 32Windy 128px v2

Konami Windy - 128px
コナミ ウィンディ

Front View, Rear View, One Player, Two Player Six Buttons (Three Plugged), Two Player Three Buttons, Horizontal and Vertical monitor layout versions.

Windy 128px

Konami Windy II - 128px
コナミ ウィンディ II

Front View, Rear View, One Player, Two Player, Horizontal and Vertical monitor layout versions.

Windy II 128px


GameStone's Otomedius Konami's Otomedius


Salamander Arcade

Salamander Version 1Salamander Version 2Salamander Version 3Salamander Version 4

Salamander Table Version 3Salamander Table Version 4

Solar Assault

GameStone's Solar Assault 29inch version 128pxSolarAssault 29inch Version

GameStone's Solar Assault 50inch version 128pxGameStone's Solar Assault 50inch version 128px v2

Solar Assault 50inch Version

Big Core

The Cores from four of the main games.


Gradius Gradius Gradius

Gradius II ~GOFER no Yabou~

Gradius II GOFER no yabou Gradius II GOFER no yabou Gradius II GOFER no yabou

Gradius III ~Densetsu kara Shinwa e~

Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa ~ Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa ~ Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa ~

Gradius IV ~Fukkatsu~

None None None

Gradius V

Gradius V Gradius V Gradius V

Vic Viper Formation

Player ships from various games in the series including ships from Salamander and Parodius.

Vic Viper Formation

Konami Game Name Collage

This was something I threw together when I first started the site back in 1997.

Gradius Game Name Collage

Gradius Chess

A little idea for which ships should be which piece in a game of chess.

Gradius Chess