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Artwork Artwork

Cliff Campbell

All pictures drawn by Cliff Campbell (Gradian in the GHW Forums)

Volcano VCliff Campbell 1

Cliff - I've been messing with this Anim8or program the past few weeks, and here's my first completed work with it so far. All the characters and landscape were made with Anim8tor, but the shadows and other effects were done in Photoshop. I tried to do the shadows right in anim8tor, but it was too much for my computer to handle. Anyway, hope you like the results! I'm working on another one of the cell stage from Gradius 1.

Cliff Campbell Volcano V2

Cliff - Here are a few more pics I got done last weekend. I still have more on the backburner, but I gotta break from this for a while before my eyes cross from lookin' at this monitor for hours on end. ^_^ Next ones will be Moai and Mechanical Base pictures and I'll send 'em your way when they're done. This time we've got the Cell and Tentacle stages, as well as an update to the Volcano stage. I've added more detail to the Core and Viper (something I should've done in the first place).

Cliff Campbell Cell 

Cliff Campbell Tentacle

These where made with hte free 3D animation software

Pencil art

Gradius Dock

Cliff Campbell Gradius Dock


Cliff Campbell Mech


Cliff Campbell Moai


Cliff Campbell Organic

Other CGI

Cliff Campbell

Cliff Campbell Cliff Campbell

Cliff Campbell Cliff Campbell

Cliff Campbell

Cliff Campbell

Cliff Campbell Cliff Campbell