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King of Kings




Deus Ex Revision



Emulation Watch


Gradius IV Fukkatsu


Gradius IV Fukkatsu

Works with some graphic problems, can run very slow when lots of polygons are on displayed

Sounds is much better after my bug report 03275 was fixed

1st Added MAME 0.86

Solar Assault Gradius


Solar Assault Gradius (Japanese release)

Solar Assault (ver JAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.188

Solar Assault Revised


Solar Assault Revised (Japanese release)

Solar Assault Revised (ver JAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.188

Solar Assault


Solar Assault (US release)

Solar Assault (ver UAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.104u6

(Even More Countdowns)

Gradius Home World Discord

3rd April 2020

Hey, I finally got around to doing something Gradius related.

I've scan the UK edition of NES Gradius manual, box and cartridge scan, 600dpi and a few 1200dpi scans too.

Also scanned the Japanese release too, I was inspired.

It's in the Downloads - Hi-Res Scans section.

26th January 2020

Otomedius English Translation update, nothing added to the game, however I've decided to add some of my source help files and scripts on how I made the translated version patch files (also included in the download), these may be of use for others to follow in patching the game further, I may add more in the future.

GameStone's AC Otomedius English Translation 03

Now that Otomedius original arcade game no longer works in Windows 10 (worked fine in Windows 7), this is not that much a suprise as the original game run on Windows XP Embedded, this make make it impossible to continue the translation effort until MAME catches up or I have an old machine for just one game.

Otomedius has been in MAME for some time (not working), hopefully once it's working it should be a little more easier to progress with the translation effort.

4th January 2020

Cleaned up the downloads game section, added some game ISO images for the Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation2 and PlayStation Portable.

Added all the demo and beta release roms I could find for various systems.

Cleaned up some broken links, removed some no longer needed thumbnails, made the whole site wider (it's now 1200px rather than 1040) as screens have got bigger and wider over the years.

12th October 2019

Changed all the magnet links to torrent files, hopefully this will sort out the downloading issues.

21st September 2019

Last year I bought a secondhand VHS video recorder with a build-in DVD recorder, I then spent a few weeks capturing all the Gradius videos I have.

In April 2019 I encoded all those videos on the PC to h265 HEVC, as they are still a little too large for the site, there will be torrents just like the Salamander anime I put up earlier.

These releases also include 300dpi scans of all the artwork with each release.

They are in the Downloads - Movies and Music - Game Simulation Videos section

8th September 2019

Well today I thought I would go through the site code and clean up a few things.

So I've archived some of the What's New section.

Also moved the GHW site back to the GameStone domain (I have an SSL certificate for GameStone), the links will still work however they will get redirected to the GameStone - Gradius Home World section..

GameStone has always been the master domain anyway.

3rd June 2019

R-Type Final 2 Kickstarter has started.

9th May 2019

Fans come to the rescue again.

Imagine playing Gradius III on the Super Famicom (SNES) without slowdown!

Well now you can, amazing work on (in my opinion) the best version of Gradius III has just got better.

20th April 2019

How can Konami mess such a simple thing up.

The Arcade Archives (PS4) games contain all the different releases of a game (Gradius II GOFER no Yabou also has Vulcan Venture as well as other minor rom revisions).

So this version in the UK will only have Vulcan Venture and not Gradius II GOFER no Yabou.

So, the collection doesn't have all the different releases of each game, no physical release and as a collector I have other ways of playing these games legal or otherwise (eg. Gradius II GOFER no Yabou - JAMMA PCB, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Windows 95, PS4 Arcade Archives, MAME and probably many others).

All they had to do is package the Arcade Archives games with a 'choose your game' select screen and that's it but they chose something else.

So I don't think I'll be buying this unless something changes.

8th April 2019

I've re-encoded the Salamander Anime in a more up to date codec (h265), files are much smaller.

However as they are still too large for the web server so I'm using a torrent magnet link again, if this works out a have a few of the game simulations videos too.

UPDATE:Fixed the magnet link as I copied it wrong from the older release (wrong hash).

magnet salamander.anime.-.dvdrip.h265.aac.japanese.-.english.subtitles.-.720x480 - 887MB

Encoding Date....: 7th April 2019
Source...........: DVD
Runtime..........: 1x01 54.03 min - 1x02 51.43 min - 1x03 52.12 min
Size.............: Varies
Video Codec......: H.265/x265/HEVC
Video Bitrate....: Constant Quality 20 RF
Framerate........: NTSC 29.970 fps
Resolution.......: 720x480
Aspect Ratio.....: 4:3 (1.500)
Audio Codec......: AAC - 2 Channel - 160Kbps - 48KHz
Audio Language...: Japanese
Subtitles........: English - updated 4th March 2010
Genre............: Anime

20th March 2019

Anniversary Collection Arcade Classics for PS4 Xbox One, Steam and Switch.

アニバーサリーコレクション アーケードクラシックス

Haunted Castle, Typhoon (A-Jax), Nemesis (Gradius), Vulcan Venture (Gradius II), Life Force (Salamander), Thunder Cross, Scramble and TwinBee

Released as digital only on 18th April 2019 for ¥3000 or $19.99.

23rd February 2019

I've notice some old forum members are joining the John Smith Legacy Discord server I also run, you're more than welcome to join but please note that that section is really only for the John Smith Legacy Minecraft Resource Pack, if your a Minecraft player and use the JSL pack welcome.

However so as not to confuse the current members of the John Smith Legacy Discord, I've decided to start a Gradius Home World Discord too as I guess the forum wont be coming back anytime soon.

23rd January 2019

All dynamic scripts have been updated to the newer way of doing things, so the site should be back to where it was (minus the forum).

Remove lots of external broken links in the Fan Games and Links section.

I'm thinking about maybe starting a Gradius Home World Discord, that would be much easier to manage than starting another forum and it does allow real time chat too.

21st January 2019

Sadly the forum has been taken offline, my host no longer supports PHP 5.6 which the old version of vBulletin used, also it's not compatible with the newer PHP 7.2.0 or higher.

Now the choice is to find some new forum software or just shut it down, I've decided to go with option two as the forum was pretty much abandoned anyway, with Konami all but given up with Gradius it's hard to update a forum with very little posts or user interaction.

Also some of the site is broken too, I'll try to sort the scripts out over the next few weeks, this is quite a pain.

UPDATE: Fixed the download script so at least you can still get the games, as for the rest this will take some time to learn the new way of scripting.


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