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King of Kings



Gradius V

R-Type Final 2





Emulation Watch


Gradius IV Fukkatsu


Gradius IV Fukkatsu

Works with some graphic problems, can run very slow when lots of polygons are on displayed

Sounds is much better after my bug report 03275 was fixed

1st Added MAME 0.86

Solar Assault Gradius


Solar Assault Gradius (Japanese release)

Solar Assault (ver JAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.188

Solar Assault Revised


Solar Assault Revised (Japanese release)

Solar Assault Revised (ver JAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.188

Solar Assault


Solar Assault (US release)

Solar Assault (ver UAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.104u6

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Gradius Home World Discord

13th July 2024

I made a Windy II logo, also updated my small Windy pixel art machines in the Artwork section.

GameStone Windy Collection 128px v3

GameStone Windy II Collection 128px v3

5th July 2024

I've updated the Konami logo history page as I found out some new information about the logos..

1st October 2023

I've reorganised the Downloads Games section for the Xbox 360 Otomedius games, it now lists all the DLC (just for information only at the moment), also added rips for all the Sega Saturn games.

17th August 2023

Back in 2011 I made an unofficial 9th CD to compliment Gradius Ultimate Collection with some of the missing tunes.

I've re-recorded some tunes and re-released the tunes as flac files too, it's on the Downloads Movies and Music section (GameStone's Unofficial 9th CD for Gradius Ultimate Collection v0.3).

16th April 2023

Quite a few doujin and homebrew games were posted on the old GHW forums, I've been going through my Gradius files archive and have added two to the Downloads Games page.

Salamander 4.0 - Made by Captain B

Salamander 4 - Made by AlexR22 (contains multiple development versions)

AlexR22 also made many different versions as the game was being developed, I've included all the files I have plus a bonus on how they made the Powerup bar in the game (source code too).

11th March 2023

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius for the Super Famicom has been translated!!!

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius, “Chatting Parodius Live!”, fully translated into English: menus, cutscenes, megaphone phrases and gameplay graphic pop-ups.

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius Translated

To patch the rom file you'll need an IPS patching program, I use Floating IPS (Flips) as it's just a simple program that just does the job.

26th December 2022

Another model kit from Plum, this time Vic Viper from Gradius II GOFER no Yabou (X68000 version).

I've bought from both of these places in the past, the only main issue is the postage which can pretty much double the price of the kit.

The kit does not come out until April 2023

Hobby Search -

Nin-Nin-Game -

19th December 2022

Another great music release from kaguyadepth.

UNDINE 3: The Young Prince and Continuation of Prophecy (ウンディーネ3 幼い王子と予言の続き), available from 23rd December 2022.

UNDINE 2: Go Beyond Time and Space

Official site for kaguyadepth.

Don't forget it can also be purchased overseas from DLsite (when release on the 23rd December 2022).

8th October 2022

More hi-res scans, Merchandise this time, they are in the Downloads - Hi-Res Scans section.

Bandai Kasetto Sentai 4 (Cartridge Corps) Gradius Vic Viper Famicom Cartridge.

Now this is a odd thing, it's a miniature Gradius Famicom cartridge that transforms into Vic Viper!

Bandai Kasetto Sentai 4 (Cartridge Corps) Gradius Vic Viper Famicom Cartridge.

7th September 2022

Here's an interesting take on music covers of game musis, a new album by The Game Brass called Brass Effect will be released on 9th September 2022.

Featuring 25 tracks that's two hours of space-themed video game music including one of the tunes from Gradius III, Sand Storm.

You can buy the tracks on Bandcamp.

The Game Brass - Brass Effect

29th August 2022

The crazy thing about time... it's now the 25th Anniversary of Gradius Gaiden!!!

28th August 1997 - 28th August 2022

Gradius Gaiden

Gradius Gaiden Box Front

I still remember picking it up from Computer Exchange in Rathbone Place W1 London back in late summer 97.

I already had Gradius Deluxe Pack on import and I didn't even know about Gradius Gaiden back then, it was just on the shelf in the shop and it only took me a second to decide to buy it.

Also on the store shelve was Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus and Parodius Deluxe Pack so I got those too, these are still the versions I have now all those years later.

This was the golden age of Konami's PlayStation games collections.

2nd July 2022

Storm Assault - Windows - STORM PROJECT - ストームアサルト ストームプロジェクト 横スクロールSTG

This game has to be one of the most professional homebrew doujin side scrolling shooting games (Shoot'em up, Shump, STG) I've seen on the PC, all the graphics, BGM and SFX are all original and match the game completely.

You can see they have taken some of the ideas from the Gradius series, noticeably Gradius Gaiden.

Storm Projects website and Twitter

Now this is a playthrough of the two releases I have, as the game was being developed it changed slightly between versions, after 0.21 the game was changed a lot and is no longer Gradius related, shame as the game was looking very polished and had some great new ideas with the Moai stage.

17th January 2008 - Storm Assault Ver0.191 (s_assault_v0191)
26th May 2009 - Storm Assault Ver0.21 (s_assault_v021)

25th June 2022

Another video stay awhile, stay forever... errr YouTube video this week, this time:-

Gradius - Japan - NEC PC88-5INCH Emulator XM8 - グラディウス NEC PC88ー5INCH

This is a lesser version of the Sharp X1 game, you only get two Options, the scrolling is even more choppy, slow down is so bad but at least the music sounds good.

18th June 2022

Everything LCD monitor is widescreen now which is such a waste for classic arcade games that are mostly 4:3.

Could this new LG monitor be the perfect arcade monitor, a more square 16:18 design.

28-inch 16:18 DualUp Monitor with Ergo Stand and USB Type-C. - USA - UK

I've been keeping an eye out for a replacement monitor for the Konami Windy II machine (if the CRT ever dies), the CRT viewable area is 554mm x 428mm and this monitor is pretty close to that size.

549.5 x 480mm - LG Monitor
554.0 x 428mm - Windy 29inch CRT

It's looking pretty good for an arcade machine due to it's almost perfect ratio, size (almost matches the 29inch) and the price is not too bad either.

Another YouTube video this week, this time:-

Gradius - Japan - Sharp X1 Emulator X Millennium - グラディウス シャープ エックスワン

This is my first real play through of this game, I've always just loaded it up and never played more than a few minutes.

This took a few attempts, them walkers firing bullets can be quite annoying but in the end I actually managed to complete it on one life.

I died on stage 1 loop 2 which is defiantly harder, the enemies shoot a lot more, I then just killed my player stock rather than carrying on playing.

14th June 2022

Another year and another great music release from kaguyadepth.

UNDINE 2: Go Beyond Time and Space, available 13th June 2022.

UNDINE 2: Go Beyond Time and Space

Official site for kaguyadepth.

It's can also be purchased overseas now at the DLsite, check it out, small price to pay for some excellent classic 8-bit style music.

11th June 2022

Next video of me playing Thunder Cross on the PCSX2 PlayStation 2 emulator.

It's not a bad version of the game game by Hamster, some audio issues in the game (even on the actual console) like the Battleship Stage 4 being dead quiet unlike the arcade original but overall it's a good version.

If you want a better version it's available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Arcade Archives also by Hamster.

PlayStation 4

Nintendo Switch

I've added some images of my Arcade Board storage cabinet to the GameStone's Collection section.

I was doing the food shop and I couldn't help myself but buy this Buzz Lightyear ship, I know it's not Vic Viper but it is about as close we are going to get.

4th June 2022

Well I've been playing Gradius V NTSCJ on a PlayStation 2 emulator in Widescreen!!!

This was played on the PC emulator PCSX2 with all the settings cranked to maximum resolution of 3840x2160 4K, this makes the texture edges so smooth.

Due to the way the widescreen hack works, there are some pop in for enemies and some things are not stretched (like Zelos on the first stage). You cannot fly into the widescreen either, it's only for seeing a bit further, I think it does enhanced the game a bit.

Even on Very Easy I think the game is quite a challenge, I will say that I hate that 'something green' stage.

Oh and also a YouTube video -

Updated the Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) install guides with alternative methods on how to install Title Update #1 into the DVD files.

GameStone's Otomedius G Xbox 360 English Translation v1.8

29th May 2022

Happy Gradius Day, 29th May 1985 - 29th May 2022 - 37 Years!!!

Gradius Day 2022

Also more progress on the translating, this is the third release for the Xbox 360 game Otomedius G (Gorgeous!), all the GUI, text, menus and now all the DLC have all been translated and are now in English!!!

GameStone's Otomedius G Xbox 360 English Translation v1.7

Here the newest play through using this with the DLC -

20th May 2022

Great progress, Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) all the in-game menus are translated and the game is playing well.

GameStone's Otomedius G Xbox 360 English Translation v1.6

YouTube video goodness, with my original save files, lots of high power weapons-

8th May 2022

I've moved the game translation efforts onto the Xbox 360 version of the game and have release my first patch for the game, this translates all the textures that I originally made for the arcade release of the game, still more to do but this is a great start.

GameStone's Otomedius G Xbox 360 English Translation v1.5

I've also made a video on YouTube -

24th April 2022

I've been testing Otomedius on the PC, the newest release GGG-J-A-A-2008041801 (18th April 2008) doesn't seem to work and just locks up the program but the older release works fine.

This was tested on my 64bit Windows 10, see the GameStone's Otomedius AC English Translation page for info on how the run the game and translations of some of the messages you may get while trying to run the game.

Please note that if you want to patch it with the translation files I made, you will have to use the v0.5 release as the later v1.1 is for a later version of the game, the data files are not the same and the later v1.1 files will not work.

Added Otomedius (Japan Version GGG-J-A-A-2007092100 - 21st September 2007) to the Downloads Games section.

This is an earlier release of the game, you can only select from three characters and some stages are missing, this would be the release you get when you install the game from the three CD's.

23rd April 2022

Added some new X68000 games and the PS2 game Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Thunder Cross (NTSC-J) - SLMP 62744 to the Downloads Games section.

Also renamed some of the Saturn, PlayStation and PlayStation2 files.

I just uploaded my first video to YouTube.

This is taken from the PlayStation2 games bonus DVD Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Thunder Cross (NTSC-J) - SLMP 62744 (DVD Track 5) by Konami.

オレたちゲーセン族 サンダークロス VJーREMIX
Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Sandaa Kurosu VJ-REMIX
We're The Arcade Crew - Thunder Cross VJ-REMIX

Lots of stuff today, Sega Saturn Game Music, unlike the PlayStation that uses XA audio (like mp3 but Sony), the Sega Saturn Gradius related games have some normal CD audio tracks.

I've added an archive with all the tracks from the Gradius related games to the Downloads Movies and Music section.

1st April 2022

Here are some of the missing Fan based (Doujin) NEC PC9801 games, also added some alternative Floppy and Hard Disk images for some of the games, see the Downloads Games section (near the bottom under Fan Based Games) for the files.

Garudius '95 - CO2-PRO-.hdi
Garudius '95 - Disk A - CO2-PRO-.hdm
Garudius '95 - Disk B - CO2-PRO-.hdm

Kemesis - CO2-PRO-.fdi
Kemesis - CO2-PRO-.hdm

Salamander - Gold Cats.hdm

Ulamander - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai.hdm
Ulamander - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai - Disk 1.fdi
Ulamander - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai - Disk 2.fdi

Ulife Force - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai.hdm
Ulife Force - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai - Alt.hdm

20th March 2022

Readded the sprite rips for the initial release of the arcade game Otomedius, they are in the Downloads - Sprite Rips section.

There are a few releases of this game in the arcade and it's also been updated a number a times.

These graphics are from the release you would get from a fresh install of the game from the three CD's on your original arcade hardware - GGG-J-A-A-2007092100 (21st September 2007).

I've also added the later version rips to version Otomedius GGG-J-A-A-2008041801 (18th April 2008).


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