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Gradius IV Fukkatsu


Gradius IV Fukkatsu

Works with some graphic problems, can run very slow when lots of polygons are on displayed

Sounds is much better after my bug report 03275 was fixed

1st Added MAME 0.86

Solar Assault Gradius


Solar Assault Gradius (Japanese release)

Solar Assault (ver JAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.188

Solar Assault Revised


Solar Assault Revised (Japanese release)

Solar Assault Revised (ver JAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.188

Solar Assault


Solar Assault (US release)

Solar Assault (ver UAA)

Loads and plays fine.

1st Added MAME 0.104u6

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20th May 2022

Great progress, Otomedius G (Gorgeous!) all the in-game menus are translated and it's playing well

GameStone's Otomedius G Xbox 360 English Translation v1.6

YouTube video goodness, with my original save file, lots of high power weapons-

8th May 2022

I've moved the game translation efforts onto the Xbox 360 version of the game and have release my first patch for the game, this translates all the textures that I originally made for the arcade release of the game, still more to do but this is a great start.

GameStone's Otomedius G Xbox 360 English Translation v1.5

I've also made a video on YouTube -

24th April 2022

I've been testing Otomedius on the PC, the newest release GGG-J-A-A-2008041801 (18th April 2008) doesn't seem to work and just locks up the program but the older release works fine.

This was tested on my 64bit Windows 10, see the GameStone's Otomedius AC English Translation page for info on how the run the game and translations of some of the messages you may get while trying to run the game.

Please note that if you want to patch it with the translation files I made, you will have to use the v0.5 release as the later v1.1 is for a later version of the game, the data files are not the same and the later v1.1 files will not work.

Added Otomedius (Japan Version GGG-J-A-A-2007092100 - 21st September 2007) to the Downloads Games section.

This is an earlier release of the game, you can only select from three characters and some stages are missings, this would be the release you get when you install the game from the three CD's.

23rd April 2022

Added some new X68000 games and the PS2 game Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Thunder Cross (NTSC-J) - SLMP 62744 to the Downloads Games section.

Also renamed some of the Saturn, PlayStation and PlayStation2 files.

I just uploaded my first video to YouTube.

This is taken from the PlayStation2 games bonus DVD Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Thunder Cross (NTSC-J) - SLMP 62744 (DVD Track 5) by Konami.

オレたちゲーセン族 サンダークロス VJーREMIX
Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Sandaa Kurosu VJ-REMIX
We're The Arcade Crew - Thunder Cross VJ-REMIX

Lots of stuff today, Sega Saturn Game Music, unlike the PlayStation that uses XA audio (like mp3 but Sony), the Sega Saturn Gradius related games have some normal CD audio tracks.

I've added an archive with all the tracks from the Gradius related games to the Downloads Movies and Music section.

1st April 2022

Here are some of the missing Fan based (Doujin) NEC PC9801 games, also added some alternative Floppy and Hard Disk images for some of the games, see the Downloads Games section (near the bottom under Fan Based Games) for the files.

Garudius '95 - CO2-PRO-.hdi
Garudius '95 - Disk A - CO2-PRO-.hdm
Garudius '95 - Disk B - CO2-PRO-.hdm

Kemesis - CO2-PRO-.fdi
Kemesis - CO2-PRO-.hdm

Salamander - Gold Cats.hdm

Ulamander - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai.hdm
Ulamander - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai - Disk 1.fdi
Ulamander - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai - Disk 2.fdi

Ulife Force - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai.hdm
Ulife Force - Shisou Kyouiku Dantai - Alt.hdm

20th March 2022

Readded the sprite rips for the initial release of the arcade game Otomedius, they are in the Downloads - Sprite Rips section.

There are a few releases of this game in the arcade and it's also been updated a number a times.

These graphics are from the release you would get from a fresh install of the game from the three CD's on your original arcade hardware - GGG-J-A-A-2007092100 (21st September 2007).

I've also added the later version rips to version Otomedius GGG-J-A-A-2008041801 (18th April 2008).

18th September 2021

More hi-res scans, arcade this time, they are in the Downloads - Hi-Res Scans section.

AC - Gradius - Bubble System - 1985
AC - Gradius II ~ GOFER no Yabou ~ - 1988
AC - Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa e ~ - 1989
AC - Gradius IV ~Fukkatsu~ - 1999
AC - Salamander - 1986
AC - Salamander 2 - 1996
AC - Parodius da! ~ Shinwa kara o-warai e ~ - 1990
AC - Gokujou Parodius! ~ Kako no Eikou o Motomete ~ - 1994
AC - Solar Assault Gradius - 1997
AC - Solar Assault Revised - 1997
AC - TwinBee - 1985
AC - Detana!! TwinBee - 1991
AC - TwinBee Yahho-! ~ Fushigi no Kuni de Ooabare!! ~ - 1995
AC - Otomedius - 2007
AC - Super Transformation Finalizer - 1985
AC - Vs Gradius - 1991
AC - Xexex - 1991

Fixed two broken download links and also fixed a small issue with the download script not working in Chrome.

12th June 2021

Doesn't time fly, it's almost the 35th Anniversary of Salamander (4th July 1986 - 4th July 2021), kaguyadepth is releasing a new music next month to celebrate.


It's going to be released on 4th July 2021 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Salamander, this will contain music from an imaginary game called "UNDINE".

UNDINE is an original work, but the setting is the prequel to Salamander 2, for more information see the project site below.

6th April 2021

Back in 2012 some interesting rom hacks turned up for Arcade Gradius III and Gradius IV Fukkatsu on a Japanese website.

These add some interesting stuff to the arcade games, I can no longer find the original site but I still had to files in my archive, so have decided to post them on the site as some people may have never seen them before.

I've also made a dedicated page called Games Games Rom Hacking in the Downloads sections that contains all the information.

5th April 2021

Super Famicom (SNES) Gradius III SA-1 has been updated to 1.6, a new patch to slow the game down!!!

As the boss speeds were way too fast compared to the original game, here's a quote from the site.

"Another version uses GuyPerfect's spdwn add-on that reduces the speeds of most of the Gradius III bosses, making it closer to the original game speed, but still without slowdown being used."

3rd April 2021

Added some music related stuff from my file archive to the Multimedia - Music Other section, moved the MIDI files into one archive as the files are very small these days.

Also added my PSD source files for the WinAmp skins I made back in 2002.

Lots of game play, advert and cameo videos added to the Downloads - Movies and Music section.

Slowly making my way through the file archive.

Cleaned up the Site History page, archived 2019 from this page to the that page.

21st February 2021

Tinyus - An arcade quality Amiga OCS port of Gradius-Nemesis now has a beta release!

11th February 2021

I just got delivered the new music CD collection from Konami.

Music From Konami Arcade Shooting - GFCA501-10_S - 20-01-2021

This is a 10 CD music collection, I didn't get the Special Bonus as that was only if you preordered from Konami Style (which you cannot as it's for Japan only).

Music From Konami Arcade Shooting - GFCA501-10_S - 20-01-2021 1 Music From Konami Arcade Shooting - GFCA501-10_S - 20-01-2021 2 Music From Konami Arcade Shooting - GFCA501-10_S - 20-01-2021 3

Music From Konami Arcade Shooting - GFCA501-10_S - 20-01-2021 4 Music From Konami Arcade Shooting - GFCA501-10_S - 20-01-2021 5



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