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The Official home of the vertical space shoot'em-up                   


Other Fan Shmups

XenoFighters EX

Dead Link

-An excellent vertical shmup that pays tribute to the Raiden Fighters series, as well as some others. Oh, and Vic Viper's a playable ship in this! Its author, Alluro 95, is quite a fellow, and a good online friend of mine, definately give this one a try folks, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  Also check out the root address for anything and everything Raiden Fighters and Viper Phase 1.


-By Kenta Cho, aka ABA-Games. An abstract shmup with vector graphics, still quite excellent despite its abstract style (which I personally love, by the way). Go against endless enemies in this vertical shooter, fighting bosses every so often. How long can you last?! Great for passing time when you have nothing better to do, as you simply open, choose your starting Parsec (stage) and play. Strongly recommended.


-Boss rush, anyone? Also by Kenta Cho, abstract and still beautiful. This one's a whopping challenge, with five bosses per stage, 4 different game modes, and 40 stages per mode. That's 160 stages, that's SIX HUNDRED BOSSES. Each gameplay mode takes elements from popular shmups (I know Ikaruga's in there, at the least) and thus adds even further to the variety. This is one to try out if you love shmup boss battles!

Other Sites

Gradius Home World

Operated by GameStone, my wonderful host. ...What? I'm just being nice, really! Anyway, if he doesn't have it, it isn't Gradius. ...Or Salamander. ...Or TwinBee.

Shoot The Core!

Dead Link

Operated by Postman. An excellent shmup website, also home to the PC Shmups Database! Wanna find more PC shmups or read some news? This is the place.


The one. The only. The original. The first place where people went for their shmup news. Autofire still optional. Still contains explicit shmupping.  Still the home of the excellent Xenocide Files and some truly excellent reviews. Check 'em out!


Home of the GameMaker engine, it's what made Project Cavadius a reality.  If you want to design your own shmup but don't want to learn a massive language, this is something to look at. Check out the forums too if you need a hand, just remember the typical rules of forums and some people being jerks on account of anonyminity still apply.


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