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Main Game Download

Download Main Game File v0.85a - RAR - 2.2MB

Download Music Files (Optional) -RAR - 1.9MB

Demo Movie

Stage 1 Big Core Boss Test (.wmv file)

Nothing fancy here folks. Just a video of the 1st boss in action, consider it a teaser and an input request. Does this look like a first boss you guys can handle, or should I do something simpler? I want to keep this manic, but if this is too much, perhaps I'll save the really manic stuff for later bosses.

Development History

Cavadius Trial v0.90

Cavadius Trial v0.85a

Currently, difficulty only affects the ferocity of enemy attacks. I may also have it change health values for enemies later on. Currently, Easy has much lower bullet counts (Approximately 66% less), Normal is slightly easier than the difficulty used in the initial trial release. Hard is, well...Let's just say it's ideal for those seeking a quick and painless death.

NOTE: You still have to use the keyboard for Enter, F4, F10, and ESC. These keys work even if a joystick is enabled.

Cavadius Trial Version 0.80

Hit F1 for ingame help/instructions ...Oh, and Enter is the "Start Button"



This is primarily a bugfix release of the Trial Version. Hopefully the tweaks should improve playability.
...Sorry for the lame readme, I'll make a better one later.


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