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Hori GSRcade

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Hori - Virtua Fighter 4 Joystick

Hori Virtua Fighter 4 PS2 Joystick

I'll take a proper photo at a later date as this only show what it looks like before modifiction.


For a new joystick design I picked up a very poor condition Hori PlayStation 2 Virtua Fighter Joystick for 400円 (about £2.60), bargain.

I stripped it down and removed all the old buttons and the PlayStation 2 circuit board, shot blasted the metal base and top plate, both were the spray painted matt black, the top panel was covered with matt black Fablon.

The plastic shell was cleaned and new buttons fitted, as the chassis was not very tall I couldn't use my standard HAPP arcade buttons I like and have had to resort to using Hori Arcade Spec buttons I took out of the Hori Arcade Stick (Red, Green and Blue).

As my Super Gun design originally didn't have Coin Switch 1, Player 2 Start or Test Switch on the stick I have modified the machine with the new connections, the newest JAMMA loom I made had these connection but the machine and joystick did not.


The buttons do slightly different things depending on which port they are plugged into on the Super Gun.

Player 1 (Left Port)

Triangle - Test, R1 - Coin Swtich 1, Select - Player 2 Start, Yellow Start - Player 1 Start.

Player 2 (Right Port)

Triangle - Test, R1 - Coin Swtich 2, Select - Player 1 Start, Yellow Start - Player 2 Start.

All the other buttons are not connected to anything.

Joystick - D-sub

DA-15 Solder side of connector on joystick

08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01

 15 14 13 12 11 10 09

Player 1

Right hand connector, when viewed inside (solder side)

Pin # Function Multi-Core Cable Internal Colour
01 Ground Black Black
02 Player 2 Start Pink Green
03 Test Switch Yellow/Red Gray
04 Coin Switch 1 Light Green Orange
05 Player 1 Button 3 Blue White
06 Player 1 Button 2 Green White
07 Player 1 Button 1 Red White
08 Ground Gray Black
09 +5 VDC Green/Red Red
10 Player 1 - Right White Yellow
11 Player 1 - Left Purple Yellow
12 Player 1 - Down Yellow Yellow
13 Player 1 - Up Brown Yellow
14 Player 1 Start Orange White
15 +5 VDC Blue/Red Red

The +5 VDC are not currently used on this design but could be used at a later date for illuminated buttons or an autofire circuit, as the 7 strand 0.1mm cables are not a very large gauge, two cables are used for Ground and +5 VDC each.

This joystick came out pretty good, the stick is not very stiff complaired to the original Jefcade Supergun and the only thing missing is the autofires.


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