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Music Cassettes


Over the years there have been a few music cassettes and CD's made containing C64 music and remixes, some have been included with the game (Outrun, 720', Platoon and others), some have been a cover mount cassettes (Zzap Sampler and Radio Ace), while some like Datahits were a commercially released cassette made by WH Smiths.

Datahits, The Zzap Sampler, Radio Ace are just a few, there are many more.




What is Datahits?
MUPADOS took the Commodore into their recording studios and exploited its musical capabilities to the full! Now you can hear the theme tunes from these top games as you've never heard them before! DATAHITS gives computer-generated music room to move - AND HOW!

Inlay and Cassette images

Datahits Front

Datahits Back

Datahits Side 1 Datahits Side 2

All Tunes - Stereo FLAC

Music Rambo First Blood Part 2 - FLAC - 26.2MB

Martin Galway ©1984/Ocean Software Ltd

Music Never Ending Story - FLAC - 23.8MB

Klaus Doldinger - Giordio, Moroder ©1984/Giordio, Moroder Pub. Co

Music Ghostbusters - FLAC - 25.3MB

Ray Parker, Jr. ©1984/Golden Torch Music Corp/Raydiola Music/Warner Bros Music Ltd

Music theme from Crazy Comets - FLAC - 32.3MB

Rob Hubbard ©1985/Warner Bros Music Ltd

Music Chariots of Fire (Hyper Sports) - FLAC - 20MB

Vangelis ©1981/Spherie BV/Warner Bros Music Ltd

Produced by Cenfyn Evans
Andre Ktori at Mupados Studios, Lamperter
An original idea by Ian Laurie, Terry Jeffries, Tony Newrick

In the creation of DATAHITS, Mupados used:

The COMMODORE 64 Computer

The COMMODORE Sound Sampler

The COMMODORE Sound Expander

The COMMODORE Music Studio

The TRON Digidrum

All tunes were recorded from the audio cassette, edited and encoded by GameStone

The Zzap Sampler

Zzap!64 magazines first cover mount cassette.

Issue No 26 Front - Issue No 26 - June 1987 Issue No 26 Pages 50-52

The Zzap!  Sampler Front The Zzap!  Sampler Back
The Zzap! Sampler inlay card front and back.

The Zzap!  Sampler Tape

Side B contained a remixed version of Sanxion called Thalamusic.

Music Zzap Sampler Thalamusic Sanxion - FLAC - 39.7MB

Original music by Rob Hubbard
Rob Hubbard's Aural Delights

Download Zzap Sample Tape - TAP - RAR - 411KB

The tape counter is just a guide.

Name Tape Counter
Gribblys Special Day Out 0-74
The Day The Universe Died (Sensible 3D) 74-99
Made In France II 99-117
Revenge II Demo 117-165
Delta Mix-E-Load 165-190
The Last Ninja Demo 190-243

All tunes were recorded from the audio cassette, edited and encoded by GameStone

Radio ACE (including Robs Latest Work)

ACE Magazine (Issue 21 June 1989 - £1.50 Page 00 ACE Magazine (Issue 21 June 1989 - £1.50 Page 03

ACE Magazine (Issue 21 June 1989 - £1.50 Page 10

A radio style release by ACE Magazine (Issue 21 June 1989 - £1.50).

The all formats magazine' had a cover audio cassette that was called 'Radio ACE'.

Music Radio Ace Part 1 - 128kbit Stereo - MP3 - 4.9MB (rather dry help guide)

Music Radio Ace Part 2 - 128kbit Stereo - MP3 - 6.2MB (Other stuff before Robs Latest Work)

Music Radio Ace Edit - 192kbit Stereo - MP3 - 13.3MB (This is edited be me in 1989 to remove all the talking bits)

Music Robs Latest Work - Stereo - FLAC - 15.4MB (Edited version, as the song was quite short I looped it twice on a double cassette deck back in 1989)

Original music by Rob Hubbard

Radio Ace Part 1 and 2 recorded from audio cassette, edited and encoded by Ben.

Other tunes were recorded from the audio cassette, edited and encoded by GameStone.

Other C64

Here are two recording taken from my actual bread bin C64 (Commodore Computer Compendium pack with Adrian Mole, Designers Pencil and Commodore Music Maker back in 1987), these tunes were recorded back in 1992, these were recorded using a handheld walkman (though the air), not the best sounding recordings but they are from actual hardware so they have that classic feeling with lots of tape his.

Druids contains Druid and Enlightenment Druid II both by David M. Hanlon

Kentilla by Rob Hubbard, this is a fourteen minute tune!!!

C64 Druid C64 Druid C64 Druid

C64 Enlightenment Druid II C64 Enlightenment Druid II

C64 Kentilla C64 Kentilla C64 Kentilla

Music Druids - MP3 - 4.5MB

Music Kentilla - MP3 - 19.6MB

Monty on the Run, Thing on a Spring and Thrust (Rob Hubbard) were recorded using a cable so the quality is much better.

Music Monty On The Run - MP3 - 2.9MB

Music Thing On A Spring - MP3 - 1.7MB

Music Thrust - MP3 - 3.2MB

These tunes were not originally recorded by me but by Kenz of Binary Zone back in 1989-1990 on cassette then transferred by GameStone to the PC some years later.

Music Double-House (Stereo) - MP3 - 1.2MB

Music Dual Cassette 2 A+D - MP3 - 1.1MB

Music Dutch Breeze Intro - MP3 - 2MB

Music Kolkytkaks-Bot - MP3 - 1.6MB

Music Rambo Tune 1 (Stereo) - MP3 - 3.1MB

Music Rambo Tune 2 (Stereo) - MP3 - 2.5MB

Dutch Breeze Intro (taken from Robocop III) by Jeroen Tel.

Rambo by Martin Galway.

The other tunes I have no idea where they are from originally.

Atari ST

Here are some recordings that were done a very long time ago on the Atari ST, they were recorded by my brother onto Mini Disc back in 1995 and then transferred by me to the PC using a TOS link (S/PDIF) connection for the best quality in 2006, I no longer have the discs or the player so this is the best quality you are going to get.

These tune were recorded from actual Atari ST hardware and not emulated.

These tunes were taken from two very popular demos on the Atari ST.

The Big Demo

This had hundreds of tunes but if you scroll right to the bottom you had the digital section containing six tunes.

The Big Emo

128kbit Stereo - MP3

Music 01 - Ace II - 2.8MB

Music 02 - Labello - 2.3MB

Music 03 - Phantoms 1 - 2.0MB

Music 04 - Phantoms 2 - 1.1MB

Music 05 - Sanxion-Loader - 2.7MB

Music 06 - Star Paws - 1.5MB

The Amiga Demo

Amiga synth tunes on the Atari ST.

The Amiga Demo

128kbit Stereo - MP3

Music 01 - Rallymaster - 2.5MB

Music 02 - Amegas - 2.1MB

Music 03 - Sleepwalk - 2.3MB

Music 04 - Brass Run - 740K

Music 05 - Endtheme - 740K

Music 06 - Crashin' Robb - 740K

Music 07 - Pretend - 650K

Disk images

Here are the two st formatted disk images for use in an Atari ST emulator like Steem.

Download The Big Demo - RAR - st - 270k

Download The Amiga Demo - RAR - st - 280k

Other ST

Here's a small bonus also recorded from the Atari ST.

Music Captain Blood by Jean-Michel Jarre - MP3 - 1MB

Chris's Delta Mix-E-Music

C64 Rob Hubbards Mix-E-Music

Chris (PantherUK), a friend of my brothers recorded this Rob Hubbards Mix-E-Music (aka Mix-E-Load) load system use in the game Delta by Thalamus (the version on the Zzap! 64 Sampler tape). - Chris's Twitter - PantherUK YouTube channel

After listening to the original recording taken from his C64, I've decoded the order of what was played to make this version.

Seconds Mainshum Blahblah Whine Normal
00:25 Arpeggio - March -
00:33 - Spacial - -
00:50 Funky - - -
01:07 Arpeggio - - -
01:20 Bounce - - -
01:32 Funky - - -
01:41 Mainshum - - -
01:49 - - Whine -
01:58 - - Bonham -
02:06 Arpeggio - March -
02:23 Bounce - - -
02:35 - Terendy - -
02:44 - Nolans - -
02:48 Mainshum Terendy Whine -
Pitch Bend End        

Original Mix

Recorded from Chris's original C64 using the Zzap! 64 Sampler cover mount cassette, Issue No 26 June 1987.

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (Original Mix) - FLAC - 18.3MB

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (Alternate 1) - FLAC - 17.8MB

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (Alternate 2) - FLAC - 17.9MB

Cleaned up version done by Chris himself

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (Chris Mix) - MP3 - 4.16MB

Echo type mix by GameStone

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (GameStone Mix) - FLAC - 19.5MB

PC emulator WinVICE

This version was recorded on the PC using the WinVICE emulator, much clearer sound.

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (WinVICE Mix) - FLAC - 10.7MB

Recorded playback file for WinVICE (also includes the tape version of Delta)

Download Chris - Delta Mix-E-Load WinVICE Recording - RAR - 235k

All tunes were recorded from audio cassettes, actual hardware, edited and encoded by GameStone.

2019 SID Effects Version

2019 Sid Effects Version

Here's an updated version made in 2019 by Chris.

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (SID Effects Version) - FLAC - 67.7MB

Music Chris Delta Mix-E-Load (SID Effects Version) - MP3 - 7.6MB


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