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The Girl from Tomorrow


The classic Australian TV series about a teen-aged girl 'Alana' from the year 3000 who was forced to go back in time with the criminal 'Silverthorn' from the year 2500. Upon arriving in a rubbish tip in the year 1990, Alana escapes from the unconscious Silverthorn and runs into he unfamiliar surroundings with PJ, her wrist computer, as her only companion.

'The Girl from Tomorrow' is an Australian children's television show from the early 1990's. This series also had a sequel called 'The Girl from Tomorrow Part II: Tomorrow's End'.

Both series consisted of 12 episodes. The series was created by Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson and Kathy Mueller and were produced by Film Australia. The Director for the first series was Kathy Mueller.


Alana - Katharine Cullen

Age - 14
Year of origin - 3000



Three tattooed dots on the left side of her face, these dots represent the three stages of mind control, when someone has all three, they are allowed to use a transducer.


Alana's genetic parents are on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, she was sent to Earth to learn. She has guardians on Earth who teach her the ways of the transducer, two of her Guardians are Tulista and Lorean. Alana is training to be a healer in her time.

Jenny Kelly - Melissa Marshall

Age - 14
Year of origin - 1990


Jenny used to have purple hair until she went to the year 3000, where a machine washed all the Dye out.


Jenny hated living in Sydney and was completely bored, until Alana arrived, together they defeated Silverthorn and got Alana back to her own time, however Jenny was injured in the final struggle and had to go forward to the year 3000 so that she could be cured.

Petey - James Findley

Age - 10
Year of origin - 1990


Wears glasses, but only occasionally, also wears a homemade superhero's outfit and calls himself 'Captain Zero'.


Petey is Jenny's brother and helped get the capsule back from Silverthorn. He loves Science Fiction and became a good friend of Alana when she was stranded in 1990.

When Silverthorn came back to 1990 via the TimeGate, Petey saw him, but know one believed him. He went to a warehouse where Silverthorn was using the TimeGate to get evidence but he and Jenny got sent forward to 2500. Petey also was the one who stranded Silverthorn and Draco back in 5,000,000 BC.

Silverthorn - John Howard

Age - Early 30's
Year of origin - 2500


Identification tattoo on his left and right arms.

Notes -

When Silverthorn first came to 1990, he had a brain tumour, he was taking medicine from 2500 but it soon ran out, so he kidnapped Alana again so he could heal him with the transducer. Silverthorn is very violent and can even be charming at times, but he always gets his way and is quite famous for double crossing people (If they don't double cross his first).

In 2500, Silverthorn had a gang of people who used to loot Globecorp with him. Silverthorn's Gang members are: -Silverthorn- The leader -Macro- The obtronics expert -Kroll- The gun happy female -Relf- The brainless yet fearless idiot.

Irene Kelly - Helen O'Connor

Age - Late 30's
Year of origin - 1990


Owner of the Kelly Deli, where she works and lives, she is Jenny and Petey's Mother.


Irene almost had a heart attack when she saw PJ project a moving hologram of the year 3000. She was skeptical about Alana at first, but later, she took a real liking for her and helped her cope with her home sickness, she is very protective of her children. 

James Rooney - Andrew Clarke

Age - Late 30's
Year of origin - 1990


Wears glasses and has a large interest in Science.


James is a science teacher at Jenny's high school. Jenny's mum, Irene, fell for him and eventually told him about where Alana was from. James also helped Alana get the capsule back.

Eddie - Miles Buchanan

Age - ?
Year of origin - 1990

Mark Johnson - Grant Dodwell

Age - ?
Year of origin - 1990

Arva - Pauline Chan

Age - ?
Year of origin - 3000

Tulista - Helen Jones

Age - ?
Year of origin - 3000

Tulista, Alana's Guardian

Angela - Emily Lumbers

Age - ?

Mrs. Jenkins - Jane McDermott

Age - ?
Year of origin - 1990

Leslie - Kate McDonald

Age - ?
Year of origin - 1990

Mandy - Jillian O'Dowd

Age - ?
Year of origin - 1990

Bruno - Monroe Reimers

Age - ?
Year of origin - 3000

Inventor of the Time Capsule and Time Gate.


Maria - Melissa Tkautz

Age - ?

Mrs. Bloomington - Doreen Warburton

Age - ?
Year of origin - 1990

Draco - Marshall Napier

Age - Mid thirties
Year of origin - 2500


Completely shaved head with a goatee beard


Draco is the Earth director of GlobeCorp, the company that runs the planet. He wanted the Time Travel technology so he could get rid of paradise, the moon base with all the Globecorp Leaders, so he could take over Globecorp and thus, rule the world. 

Vance - Paul Sonkkila

Age - ?
Years of origin - 2500





Nik - Jeremy Scrivener


Age - 15
Year of origin - 2500


Always wears grubby clothing so he won't be noticed by anyone.


Nik helped Alana and the others escape from Silverthorn when first arrived in 2500, when Alana returned he helped her and Jenny save Alana's Time and his as well. Nik fancies Alana but won't admit it, he's always up for a laugh and loves 1990. His Grandmother is Mauve, the woman who invented the first transducer, she helped them to free Alana and Petey from Globecorp.

Lorien - Catherine McClements

Age - ?
Years of origin - 3000






[T O P]


Series 1 - The Girl From Tomorrow


Alana, a 13 year-old girl from the year 3000 is thrown back to our "strange and primitive" modern day world when a time travel experiment goes wrong. Silverthorn, a fugitive warlord thrown back in time with Alana, steals the time capsule which is Alana's only hope of returning home. Alana, with the help of only her personal wrist computer P.J and her new friends Jenny and Petey, must battle Silverthorn for control of the capsule, or be stranded forever- a thousand years from home.

Episode 1 - Future Shock

Future Shock Dome Year 3000The Time Capsule

Alana is an ordinary 14 year old girl from the year 3000. She's learning the ways of the transducer, a powerful tool which life in the year 3000 is structured around.

Alana's guardian, Tulista is about to become the world's first time traveler in an experimental time capsule. Tulista leaves Alana for the Science Dome to prepare for her journey.

Alana goes back to her house, thinking that something will go wrong with the time experiment. She finds a holodisk under her pillow and gets PJ, her talking wrist computer, to play it back. From the hologram, Alana learns that Tulista is going back to the dangerous time of 2500. Alana is now certain that something will go wrong and manages to break into the Science Dome, only in time to see Tulista take the capsule back through time.

The scientists and Arva, head of the World Council, tell Alana that Tulista is coming back. The capsule explodes back into the year 3000, but something is wrong. As the hatch swings open a rough looking man with a gun strapped to his arm gets out, he's holding Tulista by the hair.

The man's name is Silverthorn, and he demands that all power of the world be handed over to him. Silverthorn fires shots, but they are deflected by the transducers of everyone in the room. Alana runs to help Tulista and Silverthorn grabs her. He takes her by force into the capsule and states that if he can't control the future, he'd try the past. The scientists try in vain to shut down the temporal generators but the capsule explodes out of the year 3000 again.

The capsules destination was 1990. Jenny Kelly is a rebel by her own terms, she's 14, has purple hair and plays the drums. Her mum and dad are divorced and Jenny lives with her mum who runs a local Deli in South Sydney called Kelly Deli.

Jenny also has a science fiction obsessed 10 year old brother called Petey. While Jenny and Petey are taking stuff into the shop one night, they notice a large bright light falling to earth, they simply assume it's a Jumbo jet.

The Capsule arrives in 1990 with a massive explosion which knocks Silverthorn out cold. Alana is dazed but gets out of the capsule, she tries to get Silverthorn out but in the process the capsule slips and falls down an embankment. Alana hears barking and sees a man with a big dog coming in her direction so she run, almost getting run over by a car, it's dark and she's in a dangerous time.

Episode 2 - A Primitive And Dangerous Time

Alana, sleeping on a bench is woken up by a street cleaning truck the following morning. Still confused, she tries to go back to where the capsule is but the security guard thinks she is crazy and tells her to go away.

Alana wanders through South Sydney looking for an information bank, when she cannot find one, she looks for something to eat. She sees people going through a fruit store picking things up, so Alana does the same. When she walks away without paying, the owner grabs her and threatens to call the police. Alana escapes from the owner's grip and runs into an alley way and hides behind a door.

Petey sees Alana in the shed and tells her to get into the wardrobe. Petey has got a mask on with a voice distorting device which frightens her and she does what she's told. Petey leaves and Jenny enters carrying some boxes, she trips over Petey's toys and sees Alana in the wardrobe.

Jenny invites Alana into the house and gives Alana a shower and a change of clothes. Alana decides to tell Jenny the truth about where she is from. Jenny is skeptical but takes Alana out to the dump on her bike to find Alana's time capsule.

When they get there, Alana finds her Transducer, which had fallen off the night before. When they get to the sight of where the capsule is meant to be they find it gone and see a bulldozer going over the area. Alana screams and runs right in front of it.

Episode 3 - Sanctuary

Jenny pushes Alana out of the way just before the bulldozer runs her over. Alana is knocked unconscious and Jenny runs to get help.

She finds a police car and brings them to the dump were Alana was. Alana is gone and the officer simply assumes that Jenny was in a fight with someone. The officer takes Jenny home and Irene, Jenny's mum, doesn't believe the story about Alana being from the future. Irene is very anger about the whole incident and sends Jenny to her room for the night.

Jenny sneaks out and goes back to the dump. She slips and falls down a small hill were she finds Alana. PJ is projecting Tulista's hologram and Alana tells Jenny that it cannot hurt her, it's just a hologram. Alana notices a cut on Jenny's hand and heals it with her transducer.

Jenny takes Alana home and they hide in the tree house. Petey notices a strange light coming from the tree house and gets Irene. She goes up there and is startled to find that all of the sudden, she is in space (PJ's holographic projection). She faints and Jenny pulls her up into the tree house.

Alana and Jenny convince Irene that Alana is from the future after showing her PJ. Irene lets Alana stay with them. Petey thinks that Alana is an Alien and keeps watching Alana all of the time. Alana levitates a fake skull with her transducer, but she accidentally sets fire to it. Irene takes it off her and tells her not to use it in her house. She tells Alana to act like a normal teenage girl and tell none of it to Petey.

Episode 4 - Sweetness And Fright

Petey with the Transducer, right after he (accidentally) blow up the fort

Alana and Jenny get up the next morning and Irene decides to enrol Alana in Jenny's school. Irene makes up a cover story for Alana, she says that Alana is her niece from Coonabarabran and she is staying with them because her mother is sick.

They make up a new name for her, Alana Turner. Alana doesn't like school much, all the kids seem to fight all the time. Alana gets in trouble in history for looking at the boys outside the window. At lunch time, Alana eats a chocolate eclair and decides she likes it.

She then eats Jenny's as well, she starts to go funny. They have science next with James Rooney teaching, Alana acts suspiciously when she answers a question to overkill, feels funny, and then throws up. Both girls get home and Jenny tells Irene of the day of horror.

Petey walks out in his makeshift hero suit saying he will destroy the enemies of humanity at the fort. Up in the room, Alana notices her transducer is gone. She tells Jenny that in the wrong hands, the transducer can be very dangerous and can even be fatal.

Petey arrives at the fort and all the other kids start making fun of him, he puts on the transducer and starts to get angry because it won't work. He hears Jenny yell at him and turns partially around just as the transducer's crystal fires a massive energy bolt at the fort, devastating it.

The other kids run off and Alana takes her transducer back, crying, she runs away yelling that even the kids in this time have wars. Jenny tells Petey Alana isn't an alien, but a time traveler from the year 3000, but he's not aloud to tell anyone.

A limousine enters the area, stops by Alana and Silverthorn, the warrior from 2500, pulls her in.

Episode 5 - Don't Tell Mum

The limo drives off and Jenny pursues them on her bike. Silverthorn is telling Alana how rich he is in this time. They finally come to a halt at a park and Silverthorn gets out with Alana in tow.

Just as she gets out Alana grabs a yellow piece of paper that seemed important. Silverthorn wants Alana to teach him how to use the transducer, so he can use it as a weapon against his enemies. Alana is mortified, Jenny rides up from behind and pushes Silverthorn over, Alana jumps on the back of Jenny's bike and they ride off.

Silverthorn gets into the limousine and gives chase. Jenny and Alana hide and they finally loose the limo. They go back home to find their science teacher, Mr Rooney, asking questions about Alana. Irene manages to get rid of him and asks Alana if she could possibly act a bit more normal than she did today.

Jenny decides not to tell her mum what happened with Silverthorn that day The next morning Alana and Jenny open the shop, they put on loud music and start dancing around. Alana notices the paper and yelps in excitement.

She and Jenny run up to her room and Alana pulls out the piece of yellow paper she took from Silverthorn, they are the same. Alana says that the time capsule contains all the historical records from her time. Jenny guesses that this is how Silverthorn made all his money, from horse racing.

This means Silverthorn can tell the future, and it also means that time capsule wasn't buried and Alana can go home. Jenny has the license number of the limo written down, it's NEW 666.

Episode 6 - Computer Games

Jenny and Alana are in school the next day doing computing with Mr Rooney. He is talking about databases and Jenny asks if it is possible to get license plate numbers. Mr Rooney says, it is possible because the school computers are networked to the police computers but it is illegal and a password is required anyway.

Jenny's disappointed but Alana isn't. She puts PJ up against the computer and asks it to gain access to the motor registry database. As PJ is trying to gain access, Jenny walks around the room acting like a robot so that Mr Rooney won't see what Alana is doing.

PJ says that the motor registry computer is very stupid because it requires a password, so PJ will try to find one it likes. They gain access and find out the owner to the car with the license number NEW 666. After school, Alana and Jenny go to Fern Hill looking for a place called 'Futures incorporated'.

They see Silverthorn and his henchman climb into the limo and take off. They go up into the building and Jenny pretends to be Silverthorn's niece so that the secretary will let them in. Once inside they hide and wait for the secretary to go home. After she leaves Alana and Jenny go to Silverthorn's office which is protected by an electronic lock.

They use PJ to get inside hoping to find the capsule. It is not in there, but they look for clues to its whereabouts. Silverthorn returns and sees Alana, but not Jenny. Alana tries to escape, but fails. Silverthorn demands the transducer, but Alana doesn't have it with her.

Alana tells Silverthorn she knows how he got rich and that the capsule is all right, she also tells him that the capsule is set to return automatically in 28 days. Jenny jumps up and pushed Eddie, Silverthorn's henchman, onto a metal suitcase, rendering him unconscious. Silverthorn suddenly collapses, trying to reach for a small, black tube.

Jenny wants to go now, but Alana sees he is in pain so she passes the tube to him and both girls run out of the building. At home Mr Rooney is talking to Irene, he thought he saw Alana and Jenny hacking into the police computers.

Mr Rooney stays for tea and Jenny doesn't like it. She decides not to tell her mum what is happening and say that she and Alana will get the capsule back themselves. Petey however, was listening in on the conversation between Alana and Jenny and says that if they don't include him on their plans, he'll blab to mum.

Episode 7 - Stake-Out

Petey and Alana stake out Futures inc. When Silverthorn comes out with Eddie, they get into the limo and leave.

Jenny, who is hiding in an alley way, comes out and follows Silverthorn on her bike, but after a while she gets tired and loses them. That night, while the kids are putting stuff into the shed, Petey gets an idea. The next day, they wait until Silverthorn comes out again and as they drive off, Jenny purposely rides into the side of the limo.

While she is pretending to be hurt, Petey sneaks around the back of the limo and ties a bucket of dripping paint to the back. The Limo drives off with the paint still dripping and Jenny follows the trail on her bike. She finds Silverthorn's house and goes back to tell the others. The next morning Alana, Petey and Jenny ring the school to say they are sick, using PJ to synthesise Irene's voice.

They go to Silverthorn's house and Jenny and Alana break in leaving Petey outside as the lookout. Jenny and Alana sneak through the house looking for the capsule but cannot find it. They see Eddie coming in with a blindfolded man and they hide in the bar room. Silverthorn and the blindfolded man enter the room. Jenny and Alana hide behind the bar and listen to what is happening.

Silverthorn tells the man, who is a politician, he is going to be the prime minister of Australia. Silverthorn tells him he has a computer that can predict the future, so the politician can know the answers to political questions before he is even asked them. In return Silverthorn says that he wants anything he wants while the politician is in power.

Both of them leave the room. Jenny and Alana are about to leave when Alana finds a remote control. They press the button and the shelves at the back of the room lift up revealing a hidden room. Inside is the time capsule. Alana asks it to take her home now, but it says it is stuck in this time period for another 13 days. Silverthorn opens the door to the room and pauses.

Episode 8 - News probe

Petey throws a cricket ball at the window upstairs so the girls don't get caught. Silverthorn races up there before he sees the girls and they sneak out. Silverthorn grabs his gun and finds Petey hiding out side. The girls sneak off the property.

Silverthorn fires a warning shot and tells Petey he's dead if he ever sees him again. At home, Irene is getting ready for a date with James Rooney, the girls' science teacher. Alana and Jenny tell Irene about the capsule. James suddenly turns up, so she decides to tell him everything about Alana.

They all decide that they should stop Silverthorn. James says that if Alana's story becomes public knowledge, then Silverthorn will have to give the capsule back. James then mentions he knows Mark Johnson, the host of a current affairs program called 'News probe'.

They finally convince Mark to interview Alana and the next day he comes over with a film crew. Alana uses her transducer to levitate a model spaceship on national television, she also mentions that she can heal with the transducer as well.

At the end of the show, Mark Johnson says: "Is there a plot to control our government using information stolen from the future? Find out on News probe tomorrow" Silverthorn is outraged about the fact that they know.

Later that night, Silverthorn sneaks over to the Kelly Deli, breaks in and steals Alana's transducer.

Episode 9 - Truth And Lies

The Kelly Deli is being hounded by reporters wanting to talk to Alana. James and Mark Johnson arrive around the back. Mark tells Alana to get PJ and her Transducer so they can go.

Alana goes up to Jenny's room, but can't find PJ. So she picks up the transducer and they leave the house. Alana is taken into make up to prepare for the show so the others wait patiently. The show starts and Mark talks to a Skeptic and Physicist about Alana's claim. Alana comes out and Mark tells her to use her Transducer. Alana starts to put it on, but something is wrong, it won't fit on her head properly or levitate anything.

Alana snaps the headband in half calling it a fake. They go to a commercial break and Mark tells them all to get out of the studio, now believing them to be impostors. A welfare worker and a police officer show up the next morning to talk to Alana. They have no record of her, so they decide to bring her into the welfare's custody.

Jenny is very angry and Irene find tries to find out where they have taken her. Silverthorn, who stole the real transducer is attempting to use it with little success. He can only manage to blow stuff up with it. Silverthorn has got a brain tumour, but the doctors in 1990 are useless, so he's trying to use the transducer to heal himself.

He figures out that Alana is the only one capable of using it, so he tells Eddie to find her. Alana is in a welfare home, so is lonely and scared, no one will talk to her because she is not telling the truth. Alana is told that she is going home, but when she goes into the main hall, she sees Silverthorn and Eddie.

Silverthorn is pretending to be Alana's father, he faked a birth certificate and school records, so he takes Alana away screaming.

Episode 10 - Betrayed

Silverthorn takes Alana home just as Jenny and Irene come in the driveway. Jenny and Irene talk to the welfare lady about Alana and she tells them that Alana's real father has taken her home.

Jenny immediately knows this is Silverthorn, but the lady won't tell them for sure. Jenny goes home disappointed. At school, she keeps getting into fights with people who saw Alana on television.

James comes around one day and announces that Jenny isn't coming to school any more. James suggests that they go and see Silverthorn. Meanwhile, Alana is trying to cure Silverthorn's brain tumour. Finally she manages to heal him completely and Silverthorn agrees to send Alana home when the capsule leaves.

James, Irene and Jenny arrive outside and Silverthorn lets them in. He tells them that Alana is psychologically disturbed and everything about her being from the future was made up. Jenny doesn't believe him, so he calls Alana in and gets her to lie. Jenny still isn't convinced and asks about the transducer.

Silverthorn performs a little magic trick and levitates a wand, telling them that he used to be a stage magician. Jenny still doesn't believe him, but she goes home with James and Irene anyway. Alana is writing a letter to Jenny when the power in the mansion goes funny.

She wanders down to find Silverthorn setting up four small electronic dishes around the capsule, then he tests them. A force field generates around the capsule and the capsule computer says that the time capsule is now isolated in this time zone. Alana screams 'Liar!' at Silverthorn and gets knocked back by the force field.

Alana is locked in her room. She sees Jenny on her bike outside and gets PJ to record a hologram. She sends PJ out on a remote control car and steers it Jenny. Jenny notices the toy and picks it up. 'PJ!' Jenny yells in an excited voice.

Episode 11 - Captain Zero Strikes Again

The Time Capsule in a Force Field (Alana using her Transducer on the generators) 01 The Time Capsule in a Force Field (Alana using her Transducer on the generators) 02 Captain Zero Strikes Again

Irene is stacking the shelves at the shop when Jenny comes in. Irene gets angry because she's meant to be in school, so she gets PJ to play back Alana's hologram.

Jenny and Irene race into the class that James Rooney is teaching and tell him it's an emergency. PJ once again plays back Alana's hologram, she explains that Silverthorn made her lie and is preventing her from returning to her own time and that she needs their help.

James takes the rest of the day off school and they formulate a plan, James starts making explosives. They set off soon as it gets dark, leaving Petey with a baby sitter, Petey is not happy with being left out, so he sneaks out and hides in the car.

When they get to the mansion, they climb over the wall and use PJ to project Alana's hologram near a security camera to draw Eddie out. Eddie chases the hologram for a while, then Jenny trips him over and James chloroforms him.

James then moves into the doorway and takes out a security camera. Jenny uses PJ to bypass all the security system and they get inside the house. Jenny goes straight up to Alana's room and unlocks the door, she then tells Alana that she needs her help to get the capsule back.

Alana runs into the work room where the capsule is and Silverthorn chases her. He arrives in the study to see Eddie collapsed on the floor, but it is really Irene wearing Eddies clothing. Alana is standing in the middle of the room.

While Silverthorn stands there dumbfounded, James, wearing Petey's Captain Zero helmet sticks a toy gun in the back of Silverthorn's neck and tells him not to move in the electronic voice.

James declares himself to be 'Captain Zero of the time police' and takes Silverthorn's laser pistol. He points the gun at Silverthorn who turns around to see a grown man in a kid's toy helmet. They tie up Silverthorn and try to turn off the force field.

While they aren't looking, Silverthorn uses his foot to flip a switch under the table which sets off the security alarms. The security company rings and James answers the phone and after a pathetic James blasting through the wall. attempt at imitating Silverthorn's voice, they decide to get out of there before the cops show up.

Alana won't leave the capsule, so they decide to take it with them. However, the capsule is to big to fit through the door, so James uses the laser pistol to blast a hole through the wall. They put the capsule on top of the car and James goes to open the gate when he is jumped by a half naked Eddie.

Petey, who only managed to climb up onto the wall, yells 'Die Slime!' jumps onto Eddie. Eddie's head smashes against James's, knocking them both out. Irene takes the wheel and they drive away into the night with an unconscious James in the back.

Silverthorn has managed to untie himself and picks up his laser pistol which James left sitting on the table. He tells Eddie to load up the limo and then yells: 'Nothings going to stop me getting that capsule back!'

Episode 12 - Last Stand At The Kelly Deli

Last Stand At The Kelly DeliThe whole gang, The Kelly's, James Rooney and Alana

Upon arriving home, they get rid of Petey's baby sitter and unload the capsule into the garage. They say their good byes to Alana and they take a picture of everyone standing in front of the time capsule.

The front doorbell rings and Irene and James go out to investigate. Silverthorn is outside and wants to buy the capsule for half a million dollars. Irene says she'll ask Alana, so she can stall for a little while.

She rings triple 0 (emergency services) but Silverthorn shoots the phone line outside. Meanwhile, Eddie is trying to break into the garage, but Alana welds the main door up with her transducer. Eddie then tries to break in through the window, but he falls down when Petey starts throwing toys at him.

James and Irene come in through the side door and tells the kids that they have to leave right away. Once again, Alana refuses to leave the capsule, so James goes to get the car. Eddie manages to hot wire James's car and he drives off in it.

He goes back to the garage and they hear Silverthorn on the outside. 'This is your last chance!' he yells .'I WANT THAT CAPSULE! 'Nick off Silverthorn!' ' Alana retorts, putting her transducer on her head.

Eddie then crashes through the main door of the garage with James's car. As he gets out, Alana loses her cool and uses the transducer on the car door so that it squeezes Eddie.

Irene pushes Petey inside one of the cupboards so that he'll be safe. Then there is a terrific explosion on the side of the garage as Silverthorn uses his laser pistol, he too has also lost his cool.

He sends them inside to Petey's room and leaves Eddie to guard them. Petey leaves the garage undetected by Silverthorn and goes into the tree house. He sees that Jenny and the others are being held hostage by Eddie in his room.

He goes inside to rings the police but the phone is dead. Then he gets and idea. He takes the television, video player and a fire extinguisher next to the door of his room. He puts on the video 'Slime Monsters from Planet X' and tricks Eddie into thinking that the real army is outside. 'Give him the gas!' the video says, and Petey pushes the fire extinguisher nozzle under the door and lets it rip.

Eddie opens the door and is met by a rush of gas. Petey, Alana and Jenny run out with Eddie in pursuit. Alana and Jenny run into the garage and Petey trips Eddie over, pulls one of his booby traps and Eddie falls backwards unconscious.

Petey runs upstairs to untie Irene and James.

Silverthorn has set up the force field generators by the time Jenny and Alana get into the garage. Alana grabs her transducer from the hood of the car and turns to face Silverthorn, he fires his laser pistol at her, but Alana melts it with her transducer. Silverthorn yells to activate the force field and the generators turn on with a shimmering green light, surrounding Silverthorn and the capsule.

Alana tries to force her way through with the transducer, but Silverthorn increases the power. The capsule warns of a generator overload, and Alana's transducer beam fades, she couldn't break through.

Jenny suggests that she should try to force power into the generators so that they would overload. Alana tries this, focusing her energy on the generators surrounding the capsule, her transducer beam splits into two, forcing more and more power into the generators.

Silverthorn yells to reduce power but the capsule cannot. Finally, the generators explodes throwing Silverthorn against the wall of the garage and knocking Jenny out. The capsule says it will depart in 90 seconds. Alana uses her transducer to heal Jenny as James and Irene come in, Jenny wakes up, but she cannot move.

The capsule says it departs in 60 seconds. Alana explains that her nervous system had a massive shock and she will need complete regeneration or she will die. The capsule says it will depart in 30 seconds. Alana says that Jenny's only hope is to go back to the future with her, so they load Jenny and Silverthorn into the capsule, Alana climbs in too.

The capsule says it will depart in 10 seconds. The hatch swings shut and the capsule starts turning around very slowly. Petey, Irene and James watch in awe as it starts to spin faster and faster, a blue field of light starts to appear around the capsule, it spins so fast it becomes a blur and BOOM! The capsule explodes out of 1990 in a brilliant flash of light.

There is a massive explosion as the capsule re-enters the year 3000 in the Science Dome. Alana climbs out and runs to Tulista who is still lying on the floor. People start to help Jenny out of the capsule. 'Welcome to the future Jenny Kelly', weakly Jenny Kelly says 'Far out'.

Series 2 - The Girl From Tomorrow - Part II - Tomorrow's End


When Alana’s friend Jenny is injured in a battle with the evil Silverthorn, Alana takes her to the future to be healed. There they find that the time travel experiments being conducted by Alana’s people are changing history. Alana takes Jenny home to her own time but when she returns to the 31st Century, she finds time changed and the planet completely devastated.

Episode 1 - A time without vegemite

Jenny wakes up in 3000, completely cured from her injuries. Alana then finds Jenny in a white room and shows her around the year 3000.

They meet up with Silverthorn, who clams to have amnesia and has no recollection of who he was before. Jenny is skeptical. Bruno, the person who invented the Time Capsule, reveals plans for a TimeGate.

When no one is looking Silverthorn steals the holodisk in which the information is kept on and puts it in his boot. Bruno then discovers that travelling through time changes history and to prevent any more damage being done, decides to send Silverthorn and Jenny back to there own time right away.

Jenny's starting to learn the ways of the transducer when she is called to go home. They stop in Silverthorn's time first and Alana and Lorean take him back to his old hide out and Jenny stays back at the capsule.

Silverthorn tricks Alana and Lorean and takes their transducers, Silverthorn was obviously faking the amnesia.

Episode 2 - The End Of Everything

He locks them up and takes PJ off Alana.

Silverthorn and his gang then go to take the capsule.

Jenny meets up with Nik, a boy about her age who wants to know what 1990 is like. Silverthorn attacks and Nik helps Jenny keep him away from the capsule.

Alana and Lorean escape from the Hide out by persons then unknown. Alana takes back PJ but not the transducers as they are locked in a safe.

They arrive back at the capsule and manage to knock Silverthorn out for the count. They say bye to Nik and go back to 1990. Jenny goes home and gives her transducer back to Lorean.

Alana and Lorean go back to their own time and Jenny goes back home, everyone is pleased to see her well.

The capsule arrives back in 3000, but everything's changed, there is no life there, just rocks. They start to feel very weak so they take the capsule back to Silverthorn's time thinking that he had something to do with history changing.

Episode 3 - The Other Alana

They arrive just before their other selves do and they hide the capsule after Lorean locks the hatch to her palm print.

They follow their other selves into Silverthorn's hide out and after they are captured, they brake their other selves free.

GlobeCorp come and find the Alana and Lorean, happy that they sent themselves free, they try to convince the GlobeCops that all the weapons in the hide out are Silverthorn's.

They check for ID on their arms and rip PJ off Alana's arm and through it to the ground. They take them away to Globecorp for modification. Lorean gets modded, but Alana escapes and goes back to Niks.

She tries to open the capsule but it won't open because it was locked to Loreans palm print. Nik teams up with Alana and they go and look for Silverthorn.

Silverthorn's weapons are all gone in his hide out but they find PJ and tries to get it to play back the holodisk he stole from the year 3000. After a brief argument, PJ plays it back. Silverthorn and his gang loot a Globecorp warehouse for parts for the TimeGate.

Episode 4 - The TimeGate

Alana and Nik find Silverthorn in his hideout testing the new TimeGate.

It works, so they decide to go to the area where Silverthorn's mansion was in 1990. Silverthorn goes back to 1990 and tells is mate Eddy that they are going in to the water business, shipping water from 1990 to 2500, because water is more precious than gold in 2500.

When Silverthorn gets back to 2500, the GlobeCops are there waiting for him, he gets captured and they take him with the TimeGate back to GlobeCorp.

Episode 5 - Sucked Into The Future

Silverthorn lies to the Manager of Earth Globecorp, Draco, that it's a water Synthesiser and he'll give Draco a 100 litres of water three times a week to keep him happy and quiet about it.

Silverthorn is back in business and is using his hide out (which is a warehouse in 1990) to ship water to his time. Petey, Jenny's little brother, sees Silverthorn and follows him into the warehouse.

He goes home and tries to tell everyone that Silverthorn's back. No one believes him, but Jenny follows him back to the warehouse anyway.

They see Silverthorn there and hide in the swimming pool near the TimeGate. Jenny finds PJ on the side of the pool and puts it on her wrist.

As they start to transport water through the TimeGate via a big inlet pipe, Petey and Jenny get sucked through and end up in the year 2500. Jenny escapes from the water tank in 2500, but Petey is left in there.

Jenny meets up with Alana and Nik just before they are about to pull the building down on the TimeGate, but they don't because they need the TimeGate to get Jenny and Petey back home.

Episode 6 - The Grandmother Of Invention

When going back to Niks place they see the Modded Lorean and they follower her to a waste disposal site.

Alana dresses up as a Moddy and tries to free Lorean but instead she goes back to Globecorp with her to try and free both Lorean and Petey at the same time.

Jenny cuts her leg on the fence and has to go to Niks grandmother, Mauve, to get it treated. Alana finds Petey in the Globecorp building, but he has told Draco that he came from 1990 and came through Silverthorn's TimeGate.

Draco has gone off to make a new deal with Silverthorn. Jenny finds out that Niks Grandmother was the one who invented the first transducer, and she helped make it work for her. They go back to Nik's and wait for Alana.

Episode 7 - Escape From Globecorp

Petey and Alana send a Drone to Nik's place and tell Jenny that they need her help to get out of GlobeCorp.

Jenny gets the very first Transducer and races off to the Globecorp tunnel with Nik. Draco arrives back and discovers the plan that Alana and Petey are going to escape. Draco tricks Petey into coming with him for a moment and slightly Mods Petey and gives him a watch.

He is to press the stud on it when they find the Time Capsule. Alana and Petey then escape to the tunnels under GlobeCorp and Jenny breaks them out with the transducer.

Episode 8 - A Chase Through Time

They go back to Mauve's place and Alana tries to bring Lorean out of the Moddy trance but is unsuccessful.

They leave Lorean there and go to Silverthorn's via the capsule. Petey presses the stud but stays at the capsule, pretending to hurt his ankle.

The rest go to Silverthorn's and find that Draco has gone back to 1990 with Silverthorn already to steal some Nuclear warheads. Alana, Jenny and Nik get through the TimeGate without being seen and find Silverthorn tied up in a chair.

He was double crossed by Draco.

They accidentally set a bomb off and they use PJ to disarm it but it doesn't work and Alana finds the transducers and levitates the bomb out side the building just as it explodes.

Silverthorn teams up with them so he can get Draco back. They leave in a van, going to an American war ship which has the Nukes on board.

They forget about PJ lying under the table where Alana dropped it. They are stopped by the cops, and they split up, Alana and Silverthorn go to get Draco at the warship, but are too late.

Episode 9 - Showdown At 'Eddie's Pools'

Nik and Jenny go back to the warehouse and try to stop Draco there. They build a barricade around the TimeGate and Jenny finds PJ.

The Barricade doesn't work and Jenny gets captured and Nik runs through the TimeGate just as it's closing. Silverthorn and Alana are stranded in 1990.

Jenny is taken back to Globecorp but Nik escapes and uses Loreans palm print open the capsule. Petey is still there and the GlobeCops jump out, but Nik gets into the capsule and goes back to stop Draco again in 1990. But not before the capsule gets hit by three laser shots.

The capsule arrives on a tip in 1990 and Nik runs off to stop Draco. He finally gets to the warehouse again but he is to late, and finds Alana and Silverthorn standing there with their mouths open.

Episode 10 - In The Nik Of Time

Nik explains he took the capsule back to 1990. They go to pick it up at the tip, but the police have impounded it.

They go to Jenny's house and tell Jenny's mum, Irene, what happened to Jenny and Petey and James Rooney, Irene's Boyfriend and Jenny's science teacher, uses his licence to get the capsule back off the police.

They want to get inside the Globecorp building so they can stop Draco setting off the bombs. They find out that the Globecorp building does exist in 1990 and it's under the name 'Global and Interstellar Research', it's an earlier version of Globecorp.

Episode 11 - The Great Disaster Begins

They take the capsule up to the top floor, pretending to be film makers and Alana, Nik and Silverthorn (who now has a water pistol as weapon) take the capsule back to 2500, but he power cells are damaged from the laser fire and it's fast running out of power.

They make it to 2500 and are found with the capsule and are captured again. Draco is happy that he now has the time capsule as well.

Jenny uses PJ to shut the power down to the building and threatens Draco that he'll be arrested by the mythical 'Time Police'.

But it doesn't work and she's captured as well. Silverthorn threatens Draco with his water pistol and Draco thinks it's real, so asks Silverthorn to join him again and help him rule the world.

Draco plains to destroy the 'Peace Platforms', satellites in space that let the people on the moon (All the Globecorp big shots) control Globecorp, with the two nuclear weapons he stole from 1990.

Alana realises that if the peace platforms are destroyed, it will kill the entire world because of the cellular disrupters in the Atmosphere. The first Rocket is sent up and hits target, the Northern Hemisphere Peace platform is destroyed.

Draco then sends up the next one and then gets a transmission from the London office saying that everyone was dying and that they needed help. The transmission is then cut off.

Draco realises what he's done and tries to stop the rocket but is unsuccessful. Draco and Silverthorn decide to use the TimeGate to escape 2500 and they run off.

Episode 12 - Kings Of The Dinosaurs

Kings Of The Dinosaurs

Alana doesn't know what to do, PJ can't interface with the Rockets navigation system from Earth.

They decide to sent PJ up on a Drone (so they can talk to PJ while it's up there) into space using Alana and her Transducer.

Alana gets tired very quickly and decides that she can't push PJ that far into space. Jenny suggests a mind link, this is where two transducers are linked together via the blue beam and thus, had the power together to create a strong levitation field.

They manage to mind link successfully and send PJ off into space at a fantastic speed. They make contact with the Rocket and PJ interfaces with the on board computer and just before it hits the peace platform, changes the navigation course.

Alana and Jenny put their transducers back on to get PJ down but, it says it's frozen to the space ships surface and the Nuclear warhead has activated and it can't be shut down. The trigger has seven seconds until detonation, PJ's last words are "Explosive reaction beginning, I've pleased to have been of service to you Alana, Good bye."

Alana, Jenny and Nik are sad about PJ but they still raced down to stop Silverthorn and Draco from going through the TimeGate.

Draco sees Petey and thinks he is still a moddy (But the effects have of the slight modification have worn off already) and gets him to help set up the TimeGate.

Silverthorn and Draco have a fight when Draco tries to leave Silverthorn behind but while they are fighting, Petey types in a different Time destination.

Alana, Nik and Jenny burst into the room, but Silverthorn and Draco Jump through the TimeGate. They arrive in a Jungle type place and both fall down a ledge into some water.

They discover that it isn't 1992, which was the original destination. Petey, Alana Nik and Jenny walk through and tell them that it's 5,000,000 BC and that Petey changed the destination time when they weren't looking.

They go back through and Draco and Silverthorn fight to try and get through but the TimeGate gets shut down and they are stranded together in 5,000,000 BC.

Alana unmodds Lorean and Jenny and Petey go back through he TimeGate to 1990. After they've gone through it , Lorean melts the TimeGate with the Transducer.

Nik and Mauve tell the Globecorp big shots on the moon what they've done and that the Northern Hemisphere is now uninhabitable.

They acknowledge this and agree to use Globecorp to manufacture and teach people how to use the Transducer.

Alana and Lorean say good bye and use the capsule to get back to the year 3000, the capsule has almost run out of power and they only just manage to get home to the year 3000, but the capsule is now fried and is no longer working.

Alana agrees that there will never be Time Travel ever again.

Jenny Kelly get's out of bed and looks at the moon and says 'Good Bye Alana'

In her time, Alana looking up at the same moon says 'Good Bye Jenny Kelly'


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DVD Release

Where to buy the series

The complete series of 24 episodes are available on two 4 disc DVD box sets from Shock Entertainment.


Both series have also been released as cut and edited Telemovie's, cutting some of the footage and editing them down to movie length.

The DVD releases are in their original PAL format and Region 0 encoded (region free).

I would recommend that you get the Complete Series box sets even though they cost more, as they contain all the original footage.

The Girl From Tomorrow - Complete Series 1     The Girl From Tomorrow Part II Tomorrow's End - Complete Series 2                                 The Girl From Tomorrow - Telemovie    The Girl From Tomorrow Part II Tomorrow's End - Telemovie

Released Title Description Catalog Price $AU Lable
18th September 2006 The Girl From Tomorrow Complete Series 1 ACTF018 33.95 ACTF
5th May 2007 The Girl From Tomorrow Part II Tomorrow's End Complete Series 2 ACTF030 25.95 ACTF
19th September 2005 The Girl From Tomorrow Telemovie WASABI002 21.95 ACTF
10th July 2006 The Girl From Tomorrow Part II Tomorrow's End Telemovie ACTF005 14.95 ACTF


Intro and Ending Themes

Excellent music, the ending theme is almost the same tune as the intro but with different sounding instruments and slightly longer duration.

Name Format Duration Bit Rate Channels Sample Rate File Size
01 - Intro MP3 0:52 320kbps Stereo 48000Hz 1.54meg
02 - Ending MP3 0:59 320kbps Stereo 48000Hz 1.75meg


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Silverthorn's Number plate on his Limo in 1990 is 'NEW 666'. 666 is the devil's number so this means that Silverthorn is some sort of new evil.

The Transducer is the most powerful tool from the year 3000. The word Transducer is used for a device which produces an output signal in response to a different sort of input signal. ie, The transducer changes brain wave energy into a different kind of energy.

When the capsule entered 1990 for the first time, Alana was chased out of the dump by a short man and a dog. If you look closely at the man, he wears the same clothes as Eddie. This is probably how Eddie met Silverthorn, he found him in the time capsule and Silverthorn hired him as his lackey.

The three tattoos on Alana's face represent the three stages of mind control in the year 3000. Upon getting the third tattoo, the person is then allowed to use a transducer.

Arva is the person who is head of world council. She is not only a woman, but she is also Asian. This is to prove that not only the gender prejudice, but the race prejudice is all gone.

One of the other great things about this series is that most of characters are female, including the two heroines, this was very good for children's program made in the early 90's, it's still quite uncommon today to have all of the heroes female.

The worst saying from the year 3000 is 'Smog it'. Alana says this when something goes wrong. This is because smog is a very bad thing according to all the history available.

Sayings from 2500 include 'Scragger', this is what most people call each other in the gangs. 'Blank-Brain' when someone does something stupid. And 'Drec', this is the word people use now instead of shite.

Both of the 'Girl from Tomorrow' series were written by Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. They are AWGIE award winning Melbourne writers. They are well respected as writers and directors of comedy theatre and television, and both are graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts and Swinburne and Television School. They also wrote their latest award winning Children's show Spellbinder and Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon lord.


Note: With the Technology from 3000, all the microchips have been replaced by molecular engineering.

The Transducer

Is a tool that everyone in the year 3000 uses.

Alana was learning to control the power when she was kidnapped by Silverthorn.

She had her transducer with her when she was kidnapped, so she was able to use it in 1990.

The transducer is very simple looking device which looked like a headband with a crystal on it.

The transducer was invented in 2500 by a woman called Maeve.

Alana also states that humans have a 'telepathy gland' in which the transducer cannot work without.

The transducer focuses the power of the mind to levitate objects, heal wounds and, if used the wrong way, blow things up. This is why people must learn to control their emotions.

PJ (Computer Companion)

Everyone in the year 3000 has a computer companion, it is a wrist computer which looks like a bracelet, it comes in many colours and always has six silver studs along the middle, it has artificial intelligence with a calm reassuring voice.

These computers offer advice, can work out calculations for you, tell you the time, project holograms (so long as there is a holodisk, a shiny disk about the size of a one cent piece) and you can even have conversations with them.

They also teach manners, will not operate unless you ask them nicely with a 'please' and can also detect insincerity. Computer companions can also interface with other computers or anything electronic, and can then tell them what to do.

The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is a time exploration machine constructed in the year 3000.

The capsule is about 170 cm high and about the same in width. It looks like a massive plastic dodecahedron.

There is a computer on board which contains all the history and knowledge from the year 3000.

The people from tomorrow wanted information on the great disaster (an event which nearly destroyed the entire planet) so they invented the time capsule.

There is artificial intelligence in the capsules computer which gives you any information you require, it simply responds to being called 'capsule'.

When the capsule is about to go through time, it starts turning around slowly and then gets faster and faster, it soon creates a blue field around itself and then it literally explodes into the next time.

Once arriving, it always has scorch marks from the explosion inside and outside the capsule and makes a noise that sounds like it's cooling down. In the first series, the capsule works on the yo-yo principle, the capsule is hurled back through time by a massive explosion of energy.

When the energy runs out it is snapped back to its point of origin. By the second series the capsule was fitted with a totally independent energy source so it could move easily between times. However this new energy source can run out and is easily damaged.

Laser Pistol

A powerful laser gun is Silverthorn’s main weapon. This weapon is capable of killing someone, even destroying large objects such as walls. If you hold the trigger down it will force energy onto the object, making it go red and when you release the trigger, the object explodes.


The Girl From Tomorrow series has received quite a few nominations and awards in it's time.

Nominated for 3 AFI (Australian Film Institute) awards in 1990:

Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Telefeature/series.

Golden Cairo Award for Best Film at the Cairo International Film Festival for Children 1990.

Drama Award for Best Drama in 1990 International March de l'audiovisuel et programme jeunesse - FIMAU Bronze Award in 1991 Houston Film Festival.

Invited to screen at 1990 Chicago Children's Film Festival.

Original run

Nine Network -

The Girl From Tomorrow

5th January 1992 - 23rd March 1992

Tomorrow's End

13th July 1993 - 29th September 1993


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