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Digital Technology

Vinyl from "Deep-Mission-Trance-Records Germany" called "Digital Technology".

It was released in January 2003, this is a Trance/Techno-Cover of the BGM from Gradius Level 1.

Download Re Action feat. DJ Arne L. II - Digital Technology.rar - 14.1MB

Digital Technology

Thanks to Gruß Gernot for the Information

MP3 Music

Game Rips

I only use two different music players, they both support plugins for playing native coded music files like the PlayStation's .str (movie), .xa (compressed audio, like mp3).

You will also need the vgmstream plugin for playing the .str and .xa files.

Foobar2000 -

XMPlay -

I converted the native files into mp3 a long time ago.

Download PSX - Gradius Deluxe Pack - 4.45MB
  • 01 - Intro Gradius Deluxe Pack.mp3
  • 02 - Choose Your Game.mp3
  • 03 - Ending Tune.mp3

Download PS2 - Gradius III And IV - 4.57MB

  • 01 - Gradius III.mp3
  • 02 - Gradius IV.mp3

Arcade Recordings

Both of these were recorded from my arcade boards a very long time ago.

Fun fact that you can get through the whole of the first stage on Thunder Cross without shooting or hitting anything to get the first stage tune with no soundfx in the background.

Download Thunder Cross and Vulcan Venture GameStone Arcade Rip - 1.56MB

Thunder Cross

  • 01 - Title.mp3
  • 02 - Game Intro.mp3
  • 03 - Level 1.mp3
  • 04 - Level Boss.mp3
  • 05 - Level Complete.mp3

Vulcan Venture

  • 01 - Vulcan Venture Intro.mp3
  • 02 - Power Metre Select.mp3

Sharp X68000

Here's a selection of unofficial mp3 soundtracks recorded by others.

Download X68 Nemesis '90 Kai - 29.3MB

Download X68 Nemesis '90 Kai Other - 27.6MB

Download X68 Other Nemesis '94 (FAN) - 62.5MB

MIDI Music

Gradius related MIDI music

Standard midi files, sound pretty good.

Download Midi.rar - 145K


  • Gradius - Stage 1.mid
  • Gradius - Stage 2 - Stonehenge.mid
  • Gradius - Stage 3 - Moai.mid
  • Gradius - Stage 4.mid
  • Gradius - Stage 5.mid
  • Gradius - Stage 6 - Cell.mid
  • Gradius - Stage 7 - Final Battle.mid

Gradius II

  • Gradius II - Coin Sound.mid
  • Gradius II - Intro.mid
  • Gradius II - Stage 1 - Burning Heat.mid
  • Gradius II - Stage 2.mid
  • Gradius II - Stage 3.mid
  • Gradius II - Stage 4.mid

Gradius III

  • Gradius III - Congratulations.mid
  • Gradius III - Crystal.mid
  • Gradius III - Dark Force.mid
  • Gradius III - Deadcell.mid
  • Gradius III - Departure From Space - Try To Star.mid
  • Gradius III - Easter Island.mid
  • Gradius III - Final Shot - Final Enemy.mid
  • Gradius III - Final Stage - Mechanical Base.mid
  • Gradius III - Freedom.mid
  • Gradius III - Game Over.mid
  • Gradius III - Ground.mid
  • Gradius III - Hispeed.mid
  • Gradius III - Illsion.mid
  • Gradius III - Intro.mid
  • Gradius III - Invitati.mid
  • Gradius III - Kingking.mid
  • Gradius III - Legend.mid
  • Gradius III - Longtime.mid
  • Gradius III - Mechbase.mid
  • Gradius III - Plant.mid
  • Gradius III - Return.mid
  • Gradius III - Sand.mid
  • Gradius III - Scramble.mid
  • Gradius III - Storm.mid
  • Gradius III - Wind.mid


  • Parodius.mid
  • Salamander.mid
  • Salamander Anger.mid

WinAmp Skins

This section is dedicated to Gradius WinAMP 2.x skins, there are now five obsolete skins for a program nobody uses anymore!!!

Gradius Home World WinAmp

My first ever skin - 12th July 1998 version.

Download Gradius Skin.wsz - 20K

WinAMP Skins

Gradius GameStone

My second skin - 9th March 2002

Download Gradius GameStone.wsz - 289K

WinAMP Skins

Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius ~forever with me~

This is my third and final WinAmp skin - 12th March 2002

Download Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius.wsz - 385K

WinAMP Skins

PSD Source Files

For those that are interest, here are my PSD source files when I was creating these skin back in 2002..

Download Gradius GameStone Source PSD.rar - 536K

Download Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius Source PSD.rar - 756K


Winamp skin by Jerryman X

It would seam people can do better, here's a very nice skin from Jerryman X

This skin is dedicated to one of the coolest video game series of all time! It's a shooter by Konami that has most of it's sequels only in Japan(I saw Gradius II there in '89, and have loved it ever since). Some nifty features it has are a chrome oscilloscope that I did myself(feel free to use the viscolor.txt for your own skins, just be sure to gimme some credit) and graphics ripped from the game (options, shield graphics).

Download GradiusAMP.wsz - 96K

WinAMP Skins

Salamander Commodore 64

Skin by Matti Kerokoski

Download Salamander Commodore 64.wsz - 273K

WinAMP Skins

Note:- you will need WinAMP v1.80 or higher to use these skins.