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MP3 Music

Digital Technology

Vinyl from "Deep-Mission-Trance-Records Germany" called "Digital Technology".

It was released in January 2003, it´s a Trance/Techno-Cover of the BGM from Gradius Level 1.

Download Re Action feat. DJ Arne L. II - Digital Technology - 13.7meg

Digital Technology

Thanks to Gruß Gernot for the Information

Gradius Tunes ripped from Gradius Deluxe Pack (128kbit mp3s)

Ripped and encoded from the game using PSX Multi Converter Ver3.08

Very good for playing .str (movie), .xa (compressed audio, like mp3), .tim (like a bmp picture file), as well as PlayStation midi files.

Excellent for watching the intro's from Gradius games and you can also rip and convert them to any format you like (mpeg, divx, wav, mp3. etc...).

Intro Movie Tune - Gradius Deluxe Pack
Intro Tune 1.8meg

Choose your games music
Choose Your Game 872k

Excellent piano tune when you complete Gradius on Gradius Deluxe Pack
Ending Piano Tune 1.8meg

MIDI Music

Gradius Tunes

These midi's are good but not by me.
Play them in your browser or download the zip collections

Gradius Complete Zip (7 files)

Gradius II Complete Zip (6 files)

Gradius III Complete Zip (25 files)

Misc Tunes

Parodius da!


Salamander Anger

Winamp Skins

This page is dedicated to Gradius WinAMP 2.x skins
There are now five!!!

(click on image to download and install the skin)

WinAMP Skins
This is my third skin © GameStone 12th March 2002
Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius ~forever with me~

WinAMP Skins
My second skin © GameStone 9th March 2002

WinAMP Skins
My first ever skin (Gradius Home World WinAMP) (12th July 1998 version).

WinAMP Skins
It would seam people can do better, here's a very nice skin from Jerryman X

***GradiusAMP Winamp skin by Jerryman X***


This skin is dedicated to one of the coolest video game series of all time! It's a shooter by Konami that has most of it's sequels only in Japan(I saw Gradius II there in '89, and have loved it ever since). Some nifty features it has are a chrome oscilloscope that I did myself(feel free to use the viscolor.txt for your own skins, just be sure to gimme some credit) and graphics ripped from the game (options, shield graphics).

WinAMP Skins
Salamander Commodore 64 game again by Matti Kerokoski

If you can do better send them in (Only Gradius related skins Thank You)

Note:- you will need WinAMP v1.80 or higher to use these skins