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オトメディウス ピンズ 空羽亜ノ亜
Otomedius Pin Aoba Anoa

DR0184 - 27-09-2010 - 399円

Otomedius Pin Aoba Anoa 01 Otomedius Pin Aoba Anoa 02 Otomedius Pin Aoba Anoa 03 Otomedius Pin Aoba Anoa 04

オトメディウス 携帯ストラップ
Otomedius Cellphone

DR0185 - 20-09-2010 - 525円

Otomedius Cellphone 01 Otomedius Cellphone 02 Otomedius Cellphone 03

グラディウス ピンズ
Gradius Pins

DR0186 - 27-09-2010 - 399円

Gradius Pins 01 Gradius Pins 02

商品画像 携帯クリーナー グラディウス
Gradius Portable Cleaner

DR0187 - 27-09-2010 - 525円

Gradius Portable Cleaner 01 Gradius Portable Cleaner 02 Gradius Portable Cleaner 03 Gradius Portable Cleaner 04

Vic Viper Model 1

Vic Viper Model 1 01 Vic Viper Model 1 02

Salamander Hyper Unit

Salamander Hyper Unit Logo

Salamander Hyper Unit 01

Salamander Hyper Unit 02 Salamander Hyper Unit Front Salamander Hyper Unit Back Salamander Hyper Unit Inside Salamander Hyper Unit Pencil Eraser

Salamander Hyper Unit Pencils

Paccan Boy

These are metal boxes with the same picture on both sides, they also both open as doors. I'm not sure what originally came in them, maybe they were just pencil cases.

Gradius and TwinBee Paccan Boy

Paccan Boy Gradius Paccan Boy TwinBee

Thanks to JUN for the TwinBee image

Small Vic Viper

Small Vic Viper 01 Small Vic Viper 02 Small Vic Viper

Big Core

Big Core 01 Big Core 02 Big Core 03

Skygirls Vic Viper

Very nice looking model kit with many parts.

Skygirls Vic Viper 01

Skygirls Vic Viper 02 Skygirls Vic Viper 03 Skygirls Vic Viper 04

Skygirls Vic Viper 05 Skygirls Vic Viper 06 Skygirls Vic Viper 07 Skygirls Vic Viper 08

Shooting Game Hostorica - Gashapon

Small rubber models with six to collection

Gashapon Vic Viper 01 Gashapon Vic Viper 02 Gashapon Vic Viper 03

Gashapon Vic Viper 04 Gashapon Vic Viper 05 Gashapon Vic Viper 06

Gashapon Vic Viper 07 Gashapon Vic Viper 08 Gashapon Vic Viper 09

Gashapon Vic Viper 10 Gashapon Vic Viper 11