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GameStone's SmartJoy Plus USB PlayStation

The SmartJoy Plus USB Adapter is a device for pluging Sony PlayStation JoyPads into the PC.

The adapter does not need any drivers unless you want to use the rumble feature.

The adapter is quite cheap and is a good way of making used of some of these older controllers.

SmartJoy Plus USB PlayStation

Readme text file from the driver archive above

SmartJoy PLUS USB Adapter Drivers 17-10-2003

SmartJoy PLUS USB Adapter

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows 200X

IMPORTANT: Please Install this software before connecting the adapter to your PC.

To install software:

  • Insert the provided disc into your floppy Drive (Usually a:)
  • Double click on the My Computer icon
  • Double click on Floppy icon
  • Double click "setup.exe"

Windows will then copy the necessary files, and may ask you for your Windows CD.

Once the software is installed, the adapter can be plugged into the USB port.
After a short delay (Approximately 5-10 seconds), an entry will appear in the Control
Panel for Game Controllers.

Note: By pushing "start+select+up" for 3 seconds, you can switch to PS/PS2
Dancing Pad mode to use dancing pads with the adapter.

Control Panel Settings

SmartJoy Plus USB PlayStation
Click properties

SmartJoy Plus USB PlayStation
Test to see all the buttons work

SmartJoy Plus USB PlayStation
Test the rumble feature