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Games Games United Kingdom X68000

X68000-X68030 (X68000) Sharp - United Kingdom
X68000ーX68030 (X68000) シャープ

There are no Gradius related games available for this region
(United Kingdom).


System Information

Translation: X68000

Powerful 16bit computer with the closest relative being the Commodore Amiga (they share the same processor, the motorola 68000 hence the name), there are some very good games on this computer but the system only came out in Japan.

Just like the Amiga this computer was upgrade over its life cycle, 68020, 68030, 68040 etc.

"Gradius X68000" was included with the first model of the X68000 hardware (CZ-600C). Hardware: CZ-600C ¥369000

Release Date: 01/02/1987 All of X68000 series X68000 (CZ-600C)

X68000 ACE (CZ-601C)
X68000 ACE HD (CZ-611C)
X68000 PRO (CZ-652C)
X68000 PRO HD (CZ-662C)
X68000 EXPERT (CZ-602C)
X68000 EXPERT HD (CZ-612C)
X68000 PRO2 (CZ-653C)
X68000 PRO2 HD (CZ-663C)
X68000 EXPERT2 (CZ-603C)
X68000 EXPERT2 HD (CZ-613C)
X68000 SUPER (CZ-604C)
X68000 SUPER HD (CZ-623C)
X68000 XVI (CZ-634C)
X68000 XVI HD (CZ-644C)
X68000 XVI Compact (CZ-674C)
X68030 (CZ-500C)
X68030 HD (CZ-510C)
X68030 Compact (CZ-300C)
X68030 Compact HD (CZ-310C) -HD = hard disc model