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PC88-5INCH (PC88-5INCH) NEC - Japan


System Information

Translation: PC88-5INCH

Early Z80 based computer commonly used in Japan

The NEC PC8801 was very popular in Japan, though it was never released anywhere else. Despite the fact that it could only display 8 out of 512 colors at the same time, it had a fairly high resolution of 640x480. The place it really shined was in its sound producing capabilities, which at the time were generally poor on other machines. The machine shared quite a few games with the MSX with great companies like Game Arts, Elf, Konami and other large names in the industry today producing games for it. I don't have much information on the internals of the machine or the operating system.

main Z80 CPU 4MHz(some models has 8MHz version)
sub Z80 CPU 4MHz(for 5'floppy disk drive)
48KB Video RAM
640x200 8colors or B/W graphics
640x400 B/W graphics(required "high-resolution" display(VSYNC 24KHz))
80x25 text(alphabet or Kata-kana only, can overlay on graphics)
YM-2203 or YM-2608 FM sound(some models or optional)
extended RAM(various size, some models or optional)
5'2D or 5'2HD or 8'2D floppy disk drives(some models or optional)
Kanji ROM(some models or optional)
Kana-Kanji dictionary ROM(some models)
CD-ROM(some models)
printer port