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Gradius Home World グラディウス ホームワールド

Games Games United Kingdom GBA

Game Boy Advance (GBA) Nintendo - United Kingdom
ゲームボーイアドバンス (GBA) ニンテンドー(任天堂)


System Information

Translation: Ge-mubo-i Adobansu

I bought a Game Boy Advance just for this game, Gradius Generation. Very nice game not that far away from Gradius Gaiden in the graphics department, the sound still grates a bit but it has some very memorable tunes. Levels are nicely laid out and and of level bosses are huge and well animated. The game makes great use of the GBA's wide screen. Should be much better to the games when the Game Boy Advance SP comes out in 28th March 2003 (UK release date).