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Airforce Delta II

Airforce Delta II
Microsoft Xbox
© Konami 22/02/2002 -- ¥?

Also Known As: Airforce Delta Storm (US 15/11/2001), Deadly Skies II (EU 12/04/2002)

Being the second game in Airforce Delta series, this is the first game that brought Gradius cameo appearance in the series.

By completing the mission 'From legend to myth', you'll get the most powerful aircraft in the game, XF-0002 Phosphorus, this fighter's design is based on Vic Viper.

If you choose to bring XF-0002 in your mission, the music will change into its own theme, which is a mix of 'Power of Anger' (Salamander stage 1 BGM) and 'We Followed the Sun' (GOFER no Yabou Episode II stage 1 BGM).

There are some other Konami shooting game cameos in the game, such as XQ/U-2 Bee Fatty (TwinBee), A-JAX/2 Jerry Mouse (A-JAX) and M.B.W. - 189 Sun-Fish (Space Manbow). Unfortunately, all these things are not featured in Gameboy Advance version of the game.

Thanks to DeadMario