MD80 Mini DV Camera.


Front view of the MD80 Mini DV camera.
Rear view of the MD80 Mini DV camera.
Top view of the MD80 Mini DV camera showing the record button and indicator LED's.
Bottom view of the MD80 Mini DV camera showing the USB port.
Side view of the MD80 Mini DV camera showing the mode button & the Micro SD card slot.
Side view of the MD80 Mini DV camera camera showing the power button.
The MD80 camera sits in the cradle so it can be clipped into position with the "Crock Clip" device. Works in conjunction with the ball joint bracket supplied.
The rear of the bracket houses a magnet plus there are two fixing holes for securing this accessory. The ball joint allows near infinite positioning. Works in conjunction with the clip and cradle accessory.
The supplied USB lead connects the MD80 to the PC, it is also used along with the charger unit supplied.
The charger unit required an adapter plug for the UK power socket and is uses the USB lead to connect to the MD80.
The lanyard fits through the loop at the top of the MD80 so it can be worn round the neck or just hung in position. It has a quick release catch should it be required to be removed, (to fit into the clip and cradle for example).
The pivot bracket does exactly that, it pivots! the bracket has an identical cradle to the clip and cradle as one would expect. The base has slots and holes so the bracket can be fitted into various positions using screws or straps.

Personal MD80 Mini DV Camera Review.

I purchased this little video camera to do some project work video recordings from footage obtained whilst it was mounted to my motorbike. It started off as a bit of fun but as with all projects it became more complicated as things progressed.

The mounting brackets and accessories that came with it were OK for general stuff but proved to be inadequate for use on the motorbike as they were to flimsy to withstand vibration.

This led to the manufacture of some more "beefy" brackets, these designs and pictures can be found in the bike web page under the "Homemade Bike Bits" section, (I ended up with numerous designs for brackets for this project camera hence the link to the "Homemade Bike Bits" Index page).

Using the camera is simple enough although the instructions that came with it were somewhat lost in translation to what is referred to as "Chinese English" or "Chinglish" for short. One confusing issue when I first opened the package was to see it referred to as "The Worlds Smallest Voice Recorder" but trust me it does record video!

The video quality is pretty good too considering the camera including memory card cost a total of about £20. It is certainly good enough to be able to edit it and load it onto You Tube as a video that is watchable. The sound quality is OK but it depends where the camera is mounted as to what is picked up. I found certain places on the bike caused a lot of wind noise which is very irritating and can only be resolved by loosing the soundtrack or adding some meaningful music.

MD80 Mini DV Camera Operational Parts Diagram:-

MD80 Operational Parts Diagram.

Included In The Kit:

MD80 Mini DV Camera, 2GB Micro SD Memory Card, USB Lead, Battery Charger, Carry Strap, USB Adapter for Micro SD Cards, Clip & Cradle, Pivot Bracket & Cradle, Ball Joint Bracket, Soft Gel Protective Case, Lanyard.

You Tube Video Links:

Examples of some film footage taken with the MD80 Mini DV camera mounted on my motorbike.

MD80 Mini DV Camera.

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Front View.
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Rear View.
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Side View.
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Top View.

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Bottom View.
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Side View.


Effective pixels N/A
Max resolution 720 pixels x 480 pixels.
ISO rating Unknown.
Optical zoom N/A
Digital zoom N/A
Aperture range Unknown
Shutter speeds Rolling Shutter.
Flash modes N/A.
Movie clips AVI 720 x 480 at 30 FPS.
Storage types Micro SD Memory Card.
Quality levels Fixed.
LCD screen N/A
Dimensions 55 x 16 x 21 mm.

Some Supplied Accessories.

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Clip & Cradle.

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Ball Joint Bracket.

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USB Lead.
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Pivot Bracket.

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Battery Charger.

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