Bike Accessories.


Accessories Original Page:
The accessories page was getting far to big due to the amount of extras that I keep purchasing that I had to split it into different categories to "thin" the page out a bit as it was getting rather cluttered and confusing. The links below are the examples of the new catagorised pages.
Sidi Goretex Logo. Wolf Logo
Men's Clothing:
This shows some of the clothing that I had to purchase when I got the bike as I had no equipment from the old days of biking that fitted or that was any good from a safety point of view. It's quite astounding how much can be spent on specialist bike wear, these are some of the cheaper options.
Arai Crash Helmet. Sidi Boots.
Ladies Clothing:
Since deciding that my missus enjoyed the thrill of being a pillion passenger we have started to put together some ladies motorcycle protective clothing as you can never be to careful. This is some of the equipment we have put together so far, some of it donated some of it bought from new some second hand.
Hein Gericke Ladies Textile Jacket. KBC Ladies Showerproof Boots.
Here you will find all items security related that have particular reference to items for my bike. Some items you find will also fall into other categories for example the ground and wall anchors which can also be found in the Homemade Bike Bits section.
Oxford Disc Lock. Oxford HD Lock and Chain.
This links to a page that I could not define any particular item into a specific category so I just labeled it as "Extras". The page at the moment does not have much content but I am sure it is bound to grow over time with other purchases that I make that have no particular category.
Rucksack. Tax Disc Holder.
Keeping a bike tidy in wet and normal weather conditions takes all sorts of cleaning and protective products, chain lubes, oils, waxes etc. These are some of the items that I have used or that I am currently using, how they perform and what I actually think of them.
Aerosol Cleaners. Xerapol Plastic Polish.