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The Girl From Tomorrow



The classic Australian TV series about a teen-aged girl 'Alana' from the year 3000 who was forced to go back in time with the criminal 'Silverthorn' from the year 2500. Upon arriving in a rubbish tip in the year 1990, Alana escapes from the unconscious Silverthorn and runs into he unfamiliar surroundings with PJ, her wrist computer, as her only companion.

'The Girl from Tomorrow' is an Australian children's television show from the early 1990's. This series also had a sequel called 'The Girl from Tomorrow Part II: Tomorrow's End'.

Both series consisted of 12 episodes. The series was created by Mark Shirrefs, John Thomson and Kathy Mueller and were produced by Film Australia. The Director for the first series was Kathy Mueller.

What's New

25th February 2012

At the beginning of last month, someone called Andrew sent me what he called a cover version of the theme tune, after some digging I found it was by some person called Chris Beach (at least that's what the web page is called).

Anyway check it out as it's quite a good synth update rendition of the tune.

Also added a links page, not much on it at the moment (only the same link above).

10th October 2009

Added a new logo, change some of the images and made the text easier to read in the Episodes section.

Added the Intro and Ending theme tunes to the new Media section.

Information about the DVD releases has been added to the Media section.

2nd October 2009

This is an old section created on 6th April 2000, it was later removed on 31st January 2001.

Now eight years later I've decided to reinstate this section after watching the complete series on DVD.

A few new bits changed here and there, lots of work to do.


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