Front view of the Fujifilm Finepix F420 camera.
Rear view of the Fujifilm Finepix F420 camera.
Right hand view of the Fujifilm Finepix F420 camera from the camera users perspective.
(Behind the camera).
Base view of the Fujifilm Finepix F420 camera.
Top view of the Fujifilm Finepix F420 camera.
Left hand view of the Fujifilm Finepix F420 camera from the camera users perspective.
(Behind the camera).
Marumi MOT S3 mini telescopic leg tripod, available as an optional extra.
Uniross AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, available as an alternative power source to the NH20 AAA battery pack.
Olympus xD type "H" larger capacity memory card, available as an optional extra.
Waterproof xD memory card holder, (will also float), available as an optional extra.

Personal Fujifilm Finepix F420 Camera Review.

One of the main reasons I purchased this camera was because of it's small size, I liked the idea of being able to carry it about in my pocket rather than lugging a camera bag around with me, the thought of being able to get my hands on my camera as soon as that "picture moment" presented itself appealed to me.

Carrying accessories around is no great hardship either, a couple of spare AAA rechargeable batteries and a couple of spare xD cards take up no pocket space at all.
Even if you are going to need a tripod to eliminate camera shake on low speed settings this is not a problem as there are a lot of good mini tripods on the market and as this camera is so small they keep it quite steady.

I must admit I was a bit taken in with this Super CCD technology statement. It claims to produce an output from this 3.1 million pixel camera equivalent to 6 million pixels. To be honest I cannot see any noticeable difference between the two settings so you may as well set it to 3M giving you room for twice as many pictures on the memory card.

Another feature I like to have on a camera is a close up mode, the Fujifilm F420 has got an adequate close up mode but it is very difficult to get an auto focus lock and there is no manual focus. The main cause of the auto focus failure is either not enough differential between colours, lack of light or the lens to close to the subject. What I have had to resort to doing is to focus on something at the same distance as the required image, hold the shutter button at its first stage, then move to frame the required subject material, this has been a bit hit and miss but most of the resulting images have been OK.

The camera struggles to auto focus in low light conditions as well, although the flash illuminates the subject when it is in range sometimes the range cannot be determined. I have found that ignoring the A/F warning and taking the pictures anyway when using the flash that the subject has been in focus most of the time so it must have a "best guess" setting built in.

If using the camera in slow sync mode I recommend the use of a tripod, monopod, bean bag or any of the many of the camera steadying devices available as I can guarantee camera shake nine times out of ten if some sort of device is not used.

Included Accessories:

Digital Camera FinePix F420, 16 MB xD Picture Card, NH20 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger BC-NH20, Carry Strap, USB Cable, A/V Cable For FinePix F420, CD-ROM, Instruction Booklet.

Bought As Extras:

1 GB Olympus xD type "H" Picture Card, Waterproof xD Picture Card Holder For Four Cards, Protective Carry Case, Uniross Ni-MH 600 mAh Rechargeable Batteries, Uniross Sprint 1-2 Hour Battery Charger, Marumi MOT-S-3 Mini Tripod.

Fujifilm Finepix F420

Click For Larger Front View
Front View.
Click For Larger Rear View
Rear View.
Right View
Side View.
Bottom View
Bottom View.

Top View
Top View.
Left View
Side View.


Effective pixels 3.1 million (6.2 million with CCD)
Max resolution 2816 x 2120 (CCD interpolated)
ISO rating Auto (ISO 125 - 640
Optical zoom 36mm - 108 mm
Digital zoom Up to 4.4 x (at lowest resolution)
Aperture range F2.8 - F4.8
Shutter speeds 2 sec-1/2000 sec
Flash modes Auto,Red-eye reduction,Slow
Movie clips 320 x 240, 30 fps
Storage types xD picture card
Quality levels Basic, Normal, Fine
LCD screen 1.8"
Dimensions 77 x 69 x 26 mm (3 x 2.7 x 1 in)

Some Available Accessories

Mini Tripods
Mini Tripods.
NiMh 1700 Batteries

xD memory Card
xD Memory Cards.
xD Card Holder.
Waterproof Card Holder.

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