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The Girl From Tomorrow



Silverthorn's Number plate on his Limo in 1990 is 'NEW 666'. 666 is the devil's number so this means that Silverthorn is some sort of new evil.

The Transducer is the most powerful tool from the year 3000. The word Transducer is used for a device which produces an output signal in response to a different sort of input signal. ie, The transducer changes brain wave energy into a different kind of energy.

When the capsule entered 1990 for the first time, Alana was chased out of the dump by a short man and a dog. If you look closely at the man, he wears the same clothes as Eddie. This is probably how Eddie met Silverthorn, he found him in the time capsule and Silverthorn hired him as his lackey.

The three tattoos on Alana's face represent the three stages of mind control in the year 3000. Upon getting the third tattoo, the person is then allowed to use a transducer.

Arva is the person who is head of world council. She is not only a woman, but she is also Asian. This is to prove that not only the gender prejudice, but the race prejudice is all gone.

One of the other great things about this series is that most of characters are female, including the two heroines, this was very good for children's program made in the early 90's, it's still quite uncommon today to have all of the heroes female.

The worst saying from the year 3000 is 'Smog it'. Alana says this when something goes wrong. This is because smog is a very bad thing according to all the history available.

Sayings from 2500 include 'Scragger', this is what most people call each other in the gangs. 'Blank-Brain' when someone does something stupid. And 'Drec', this is the word people use now instead of shite.

Both of the 'Girl from Tomorrow' series were written by Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. They are AWGIE award winning Melbourne writers. They are well respected as writers and directors of comedy thearte and television, and both are graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts and Swinburne and Television School. They also wrote their latest award winning Children's show Spellbinder and Spellbinder 2: Land of the Dragon lord.


Note: With the Technology from 3000, all the microchips have been replaced by molecular engineering.

The Transducer

Is a tool that everyone in the year 3000 uses. Alana was learning to control the power when she was kidnapped by Silverthorn. She had her transducer with her when she was kidnapped, so she was able to use it in 1990. The transducer is very simple looking device which looked like a headband with a crystal on it. The transducer was invented in 2500 by a woman called Maeve. Alana also states that humans have a 'telepathy gland' in which the transducer cannot work without. The transducer focuses the power of the mind to levitate objects, heal wounds and, if used the wrong way, blow things up. This is why people must learn to control their emotions.

PJ (Computer Companion)

Everyone in the year 3000 has a computer companion, it is a wrist computer which looks like a bracelet, it comes in many colours and always has six silver studs along the middle, it has artificial intelligence with a calm reassuring voice. These computers offer advice, can work out calculations for you, tell you the time, project holograms (so long as there is a holodisk, a shiny disk about the size of a one cent piece) and you can even have conversations with them. They also teach manners, will not operate unless you ask them nicely with a 'please' and can also detect insincerity. Computer companions can also interface with other computers or anything electronic, and can then tell them what to do.

The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is a time exploration machine constructed in the year 3000. The capsule is about 170 cm high and about the same in width. It looks like a massive plastic dodecahedron. There is a computer on board which contains all the history and knowledge from the year 3000. The people from tomorrow wanted information on the great disaster (an event which nearly destroyed the entire planet) so they invented the time capsule. There is artificial intelligence in the capsules computer which gives you any information you require, it simply responds to being called 'capsule'. When the capsule is about to go through time, it starts turning around slowly and then gets faster and faster, it soon creates a blue field around itself and then it literally explodes into the next time. Once arriving, it always has scorch marks from the explosion inside and outside the capsule and makes a noise that sounds like it's cooling down. In the first series, the capsule works on the yo-yo principle, the capsule is hurled back through time by a massive explosion of energy. When the energy runs out it is snapped back to its point of origin. By the second series the capsule was fitted with a totally independent energy source so it could move easily between times. However this new energy source can run out and is easily damaged.

Laser Pistol

A powerful laser gun is Silverthorn’s main weapon. This weapon is capable of killing someone, even destroying large objects such as walls. If you hold the trigger down it will force energy onto the object, making it go red and when you release the trigger, the object explodes.


Silverthorn's Laser Pistol

Bruno, inventor of the Time Capsule

The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule in a Force Field (Alana using her Transducer on the generators)

The whole gang, The Kelly's, James Rooney and Alana

Alana, home at last

Alana using her Transducer on the force field

Tulista, Alana's Guardian

Alana using her Transducer on the Force Field Generator

Petey with the Transducer, right after he (accidentally) blow up the fort

Silverthorn and Tulista

Jenny Kelly and Alana, who is riding a bike for the first time

James and Irene


The Girl From Tomorrow series has received quite a few nominations and awards in it's time. Nominated for 3 AFI (Australian Film Institute) awards in 1990: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Telefeature/series. Golden Cairo Award for Best Film at the Cairo International Film Festival for Children 1990. Drama Award for Best Drama in 1990 International March de l'audiovisuel et programme jeunesse - FIMAU Bronze Award in 1991 Houston Film Festival. Invited to screen at 1990 Chicago Children's Film Festival.

Original run

Nine Network

The Girl From Tomorrow

5th January 1992 - 23rd March 1992

Tomorrow's End

13th July 1993 - 29th September 1993



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