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Site History

Site History - 2017

28th August 2017
Twenty years ago Konami's internal developers KCET (Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo) released what I consider to be the best game in the Gradius series, Gradius Gaiden (グラディウス外伝).

Great stages, excellent weapon selection with four ships to choose from and you cannot forget the great music and wonderful speech, out of respect for the series you should play the game again and look back at the great company Konami used to be.

3rd August 2017
Solar Assault Revised (JAA) and Solar Assault (JAA) are now both in MAME 0.188.

I can only get Solar Assault Revised loading as Solar Assault seams to be missing one rom, Solar Assault Revised is the Japanese version of Solar Assault (US Version).

EDIT: Solar Assault Gradius now works fine, updated all the arcade roms to MAME 0.188.

29th July 2017
Wow, where has all the time gone, just over twenty years ago I started this little website and decided to call it Gradius Home World, way back on 27th July 1997.

Things have changed so much since then, computers have got so much faster.

Some things about the site and it's future.

I have no plans ever shutting the site, in fact I been filling out the games collection where (I had some gaps) with some games I was missing, I've have not taken any photos yet but may add some in the future, I have been adding them to the GameStone's Collection list on the right.

I cannot think of much more to say at the moment, so keep playing games and lets take this for another twenty years.

29th June 2017
Just playing with the Gradius Gaiden Font I made back in 2009, I decided to make a x2 and x4 hand edited version for higher resolution displays.

The original font for Gradius Gaiden was for 320x240 gaming so the first font listed below is my double resolution font for 800x480 games, the x2 is for 1920x1080 and the x4 is for 3840x2160 4K gaming.

I may actually find a use for them at some point.

Font - for 800x480 Games

Font x2 - for 1920x1080 Games

Font x4 - for 3840x2160 Games

1st March 2017
Updated GameStone's Chiptune Collection with some new tunes and also made it a single archive to make it easier to download.