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Site History

Site History - 2016

27th October 2016
Audited all the arcade game roms and tested them in MAME 0.179.

23rd October 2016
Audited the X68000 games and added some alternative rom images, they are the same games just in different formats (HDM, DIM, ADF and XM6), may be useful for use with different emulators.

19th August 2016
Added the X68000 game Hellhound to the Downloads section, this is a great fan based game that's in the Gradius style in more ways than one.

4th July 2016
It's the 30th Anniversary of the Konami arcade game Salamander, excellent speech, music and gameplay.

25th May 2016
After six years I finally started again on the translation for the arcade release of Otomedius, this was one large update that translates all the graphic based text.

This is also for the later GGG-J-A-A-2008041801 version of the game that has all six characters.