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Site History

Site History - 2014

26th December 2014
After the last play of Gradius IV Fukkatsu on my Windy II machine before I start to strip it down I was inspired to update my Gradius Corner pixel art to version 8.

Bricked up the doorway and moved the machines around, less Solar Assault but much better spacing.

21st December 2014
Well, another year and no new Gradius content.

It will be the 30th Anniversary of Gradius next year (29th May 2015), I do hope that Konami will do something this time as the 25th Anniversary came and went with nothing but no news yet either way.

I would like to see a Gradius Collection on PC, Xbox One and PS4 containing all the games and I do mean all the games (Gradius I to V, Gradius Gaiden, Salamander Series etc..)

I would also like to see Gradius V re-released with enhancements like Multiplayer across Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Widescreen 1080p, Extra Stages and maybe even a stage creator and editor.

Sorry about the total lack of content, I've just not been inspired to make anything new, this may change next year as I'm moving house and should have more space to finally display the large Gradius Collection.

All the merchandise is packed and the Konami Windy II candy cabinet will have to be stripped down again (as it doesn't fit through my doorways), this should be fun.