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Site History

Site History - 2013

10th November 2013
I was searching for the new C418 music (the guy that did the Minecraft tunes) and found a great music site called Bandcamp that has variable pricing and choices of what file type to download (mp3 FLAC etc...).

Also the site has quite a few game soundtrack that are free to download too, I found this album that has some interesting tunes on it including a Gradius remix track, you can listen to the whole track and album but also download them too.

18th September 2013
Long time since the last update, just some new merchandise added to my collection.

Lots of factory sealed goodness, a few video tapes and an unexpected buy.

The NES Korean Version of Life Force Salamander made by Hyundai and Konami, this is a UK/US style cartridge rather than the smaller Japanese style, I'm not sure if it's compatible with the UK/US NES as I don't have one of those consoles to test the game.

Otomedius Anoa and Tron life size displays for the arcade game, these are absolutely Gorgeous (no pun intended).

See GameStone's Collection for some more images and information.

24th March 2013
Would you believe it, it's been 25 years since the best sequel to any Gradius game was released.

The 25th Anniversary of Gradius II ~GOFER no Yabou~ グラディウスII ~GOFERの野望~ (aka Vulcan Venture).

This was the third arcade board that I owned back in 1991 (Wardner and Side Arms were the first two which I now have again after selling them years ago), my version was Vulcan Venture, the music, the speech, what a classic.

This is still my most favourite Gradius game, not many sequels excel at so much, large bold enemies, wonderful stereo music, clean clear speech, weapon selection and not too insanely difficult.

How can you even forget the speech...

You will never return alive, You shall be crushed, You can't go any further, I am the strongest.

I'm just a small portion of the empire Bacterian.

3rd February 2013
Konaken has been keeping a list of all the arcades that have the game Solar Assault running.

Here's Solar Assault Revised streamed live from one of those arcades.

5th January 2013
Some of you long term readers of the site may have seen the Riccardo F 3D rendered art work.

The Riccardo F art work was not just art work but a rendered video, it's pretty old but well worth a look.

He also now goes by the name Rickonami -

You may have already seen the Gradius II and Gradius III HD intros, they are by the same person and are done very nicely.