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Site History

Site History - 2012

1st November 2012
Here's some images for the last order of the year.

See GameStone's Collection for some more images and information.

13th October 2012

Two new PC9801 games added to the Games Fan section.

ULife Force (CO2-PRO-)

Salamander (Gold Cats)

I haven't found any disk images for these games yet but I'm still looking.

22nd September 2012
Sorry about the lack updates, I've been a little busy playing the excellent and very addictive game called Minecraft -

So here's my latest pick ups to add to the collection.

A spare Konami Windy II JVS bottom board and loom, I already had a spare top board so I wanted a spare bottom board as these are quite hard to find, Gradius Generations (budget), Nintendo FamicomBox Gradius, Otomedius Arcade Marquees (Anoa and Tron) and Thunder Cross Arcade PCB.

See GameStone's Collection for some more images and information.

22nd July 2012
Well another few months and more Gradius stuff added to my collection.

Lots of King Records Game Simulation Videos on VHS, TwinBee Paradise VHS.

Game flyers for Gokujou Parodius Arcade, TwinBee 3 Famicom, Gradius II Super Famicom, Parodius da! Arcade, Gradius II Famicom, Gradius and Salamander PC Engine, Salamander Collection and TwinBee Collection PSP stickers.

Thunder Cross PlayStation 2, another Gradius II GOFER no Yabou, Arcade Gradius III Vic Viper and a Konami Gradius Moai Coin.

See GameStone's Collection for some more images and information.

17th July 2012
Here's a simultaneous release of Otomedius X (Excellent) オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) on Games on Demand.

Go to Xbox live and play the game, unless you are in Europe that is as there is still no Europe version yet.

US Release - Otomedius Excellent! - $19.99

Japanese Release - オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) - ¥2940

26th April 2012
Well another bumper order of Gradius stuff.

Otomedius X (Excellent!) Original Soundtrack and two badges, Otomedius Arcade control panel, Gradius IV ~Fukkatsu~ Original Operators Manual, Solar Assault, Gradius IV ~Fukkatsu~ arcade flyers, TwinBee Paradise DVD boxset, Gradius III AND IV Fukkatsu no Shinwa, Gradius V and Gradius Generation posters and more...

See GameStone's Collection for more images and information.

9th April 2012
I'm trying to organise my 'Gradius To Sort' directories as it's getting a little out of control again, I have two lots with the large movie files separated.

These are all my Gradius related stuff that I've collected over the years that's not being sorted or added to Gradius Home World, it's one of those thing I want to get around to and never do.

I'll try to sort some of it out this year.

!Gradius to sort - 7.3GB - 12774 Files - 1641 Folder

!Gradius to sort Movies - 10.4GB - 225 Files - 35 Folders

After a few hours of sorting they are organise a little better, still lots to go through but it should be a little easier, I may actually get around to adding some new stuff to the site.

!Gradius to sort - 7.17GB - 10739 Files - 1419 Folder

!Gradius to sort Movies - 10.5GB - 226 Files - 35 Folders

20th March 2012
Yet another Solar Assault pixel art, this time the 29inch version, also put the 50inch version next to it for comparison.

According to the specs on the data sheet, the 50inch version is 1929mm and the 29inch is 1822, my versions are almost the same height so these will have to be adjusted at a later date.

Also the 50inch control panel should be wider than the seat section..

Updated Gradius Corner again (still v7 as not much changed), there's not enough room for the new machines, I will have to do some rearranging as it looks a little messy now.

19th March 2012
Only one day later and I've already edited the Solar Assault machine.

It now has a bigger control panel, it looked a little too flat before and the view from higher up you would be to see more of the orange control panel.

Also made the machine a little longer (four pixels if you must know) and adjusted some of the darker colours.

18th March 2012
After six hours of pixel editing, here's my latest work.

Solar Assault 50inch edition, the 29inch and upright versions are still to do, luckily the 29inch version shouldn't take as look as the seating section is almost the same.

I just thought that I would post the image I based the pixel art on.

Solar Assault 50inch Version

Solar Assault 29inch Version

17th March 2012
After four hours of pixel editing, here's my latest work, Otomedius arcade version.

It's based on the AM show image from the Konami website.

I've also updated Gradius Corner v6 with the new Salamander and Otomedius machines, plus now I have some extra floor space for Solar Assault (when I make it that is).

16th March 2012
When trying to updated the Gradius Corner pixel art I realised that the perspective was wrong on the Salamander machines, it's less noticeably with the upright Salamander but very wrong on the Salamander Cocktail version.

So a few hours of editing and the new better perspective version of Salamander Cocktail has been completed (new one on the right).

Upright machine is now complete too (again).

13th March 2012
Another day another pixel art piece, this time Salamander Cocktail version.

12th March 2012
I've just made a new Salamander pixel art, I'll make an updated Gradius Corner at a later date with the new machines.

I do plan on making the Salamander and Gradius II GOFER no Yabou cocktail versions, Otomedius and maybe even Solar Assault, that would be a challenge.

The first two are the older versions I made last year, the others are the new 128px version.

11th March 2012
More Windy icon editing, over the years these plastic cabinet discolour and people change the joystick and button colours.

After some research I believe I've found the original colouring for these items, so decided to change the colours of the joystick, buttons and made the machine a bright white, just like new.

It's come a long way in the year since I drew the original, for all the other views see the Guides Konami Arcade Machines section.

7th March 2012
Here's my latest art work logo, Konami's Windy, used on their arcade cabinets with the same name.

Also added a new section to the Guides section, this will cover some of the arcade cabinets that Konami have made over the years

5th March 2012
Updated all the CD music tracks name to my latest offline version, this is something I've been meaning to do for a few months.

2nd March 2012
Japanese track listings added to the new Otomedius X (Excellent!) オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) music CD five disc collection.

Translated listing done.

26th February 2012
Konami are releasing a new Otomedius X (Excellent!) オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) music CD five disc collection.

No track listings yet, LC2130-34, release date 29th March 2012.

24th February 2012
The random logos are now gone and the new large logo is now on the top right of each page.

All the other logos are now in the GameStone Artwork section.

Added the row of section icons to this page only.

20th February 2012
I've started hand editing the pixel art section icons from the original 32x32px to 64x64px, this gives them a little more detail.

Here are a few examples of the ones I've already changed (the 32x32px have been resized to 64x64px to show the comparison).

Some like the Game Boy and Arcade icons have been totally redrawn.

18th February 2012
I've moved all of the section icons to the new section bar, plus made a new Home icon for this page as it looked a little odd without one.

Also moved the flag icon in the Games Section to the same section bar.

15th February 2012
The unified GameStone site style is now more or less complete, still a few colour tweaks to do.

Also you may have noticed the new site wide master navigation at the top of each section, this is to make it easier to jump to the various sections here on GameStone.

Small update to the Blank Gradius section.

14th February 2012
Sorry for the broken styles on this page and the links section, it's still a work in progress.

3rd February 2012
It looks like Gradius HD Collection and Otomedius Excellent for the PSVita was all a hoax.

I cannot find evidence of the games existence anywhere so I've edited the Wiki article to remove the games.

I would like it to be true but unless some concrete evidence is found, so as far as I'm concerned the games do not exist on the PSVita.

30th January 2012
Gradius HD Collection and Otomedius Excellent could be a lie for the PSVita.

The edits on Wikipedia were by an anonymous source whose IP address shows them in the Philippines, there is speculation that the edits are fake and hundreds of sites have jumped on this news as fact.

I'll keep you posted if any other news or evidence shows it's self.

29th January 2012
Gradius HD Collection and Otomedius Excellent are listed as games coming out for the PSVita, who knows if the wiki list is correct.

No other information at the moment.

25th January 2012
I've been sent some interesting guides for Salamander 2 (AC) and Nemesis 3 (MSX), take a look, they are in the Guides section.