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Site History

Site History - 2010

30th December 2010
I thought I would make a double res version of the Windy Arcade machine icon.

30th December 2010
I thought I would make a double res version of the Windy Arcade machine icon.

Quite a bit smoother than the original 32x32 pixel version.

28th December 2010
The front cover has now been released as has the complete track listing.

GameStone's translated track listing.

Gradius Ultimate Collection (CD) LC1949-1956

12600円 (£98 or $152), comes out 13th January 2011.

25th December 2010
Merry Xmas to all.

Here's a just for fun Japanese Salamander Arcade machine icon, this was based on the original operators manual line art and Konaken's art work for the marquee and side panel colours.

22nd December 2010
Some of the navigation icons were looking a little crap, so I've decided to rework and redo some of them, I've redone the PSP and made a generic touch screen Mobile Phone icon

Also made an excellent rendition of the Konami Windy arcade machine icon for the arcade section, you can almost see Gradius II GOFER no Yabou title screen.

21st December 2010
For those that don't know you can now play TwinBee and Detana!! TwinBee on Game Room for Windows and Xbox 360.

You can also play a variety of Konami's other games and some other not so classic games..

On another note I may have to add a new section for Games Virtual for the re-released games, as the current method of putting them in the various game section is a little messy at the moment.

Also cleaned up some site code as some of the hacks for layouts were getting a little messy for me to cope with when updating.

25th November 2010
Well it looks like Otomedius X Excellent! オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) is now delayed till next year.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Release Schedule now lists the game release date as 2011年春 (Spring 2011), Konami's official site is also listing Spring 2011.

Konami has also posted a short message for the games delayed release.

Hopefully this will not turn out like Gradius V, when that game was announced to the actual release was 18 months later.

21st November 2010
GameStone's Chiptune Collection v1.10 has been updated with some new stuff, lots of unofficial tunes for the X68000.

The collection now contains 899 files at a total of 187MB, see Downloads, Movies and Music for the listing and download.

Also I thought I better add this information to the site from the forum.

Gradius Ultimate Collection (CD)

Finally some new Gradius stuff. 40 page Booklet and 8 CD's all for the huge price of 12600円 (£95 or $152), comes out next year 13-01-2011.

Track listing to follow as they become available.

Thanks to ZeetherKID77 for the link and information.

12th November 2010
Still no news on the release of Otomedius X Excellent! オトメディウスX(エクセレント!), so I've decided to move the countdown back from my guess of 1st December 2010 to the last day of Autumn (Fall) which is the 22nd December 2010.

But my guess is that the game will slip into 2011 for the Japanese release and even later for the other releases.

4th October 2010
Updated my Otomedius X (Excellent!) English Logo again with some extra detail.


See GameStone's Artwork section for more info and hi-res versions or just click the image below for the quarter-res version.

2nd October 2010
Finally updated my Otomedius Excellent English Logo with a totally redrawn 'X' as the original one was very low res.

Now this version I'm totally happy with (more or less), lets just hope the game actually comes out anytime soon.

20th September 2010
Added some extra screen shots I've found to the Otomedius X Excellent! section.

Also could this be the official Japanese poster for the game?

Looking good...

17th September 2010
Well it looks like that Gradius Arc trademark a few months back was actually for a mobile phone based game called:- グラディウス・アーク -銀翼の伝説- (Gradius Arc -Legend of Silver Wing-), It's an RPG so this maybe like R-Type Tactics rather than a new Gradius shoot'em-up.

Thanks to deadmario for the information.

Also three new Japanese Gradius related links added to the Links page (also listed below).

12th September 2010
More updates to the translation, now at v0.5 - 12th September 2010.

GameStone Otomedius AC English Translation

11th September 2010
One large update to the Otomedius AC English translation, now up to v0.4 - 11th September 2010.

Otomedius X Excellent! オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) news, the game will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show 東京ゲームショウ on the 16th September 2010.

Don't forget to see this section in the forum for all the latest Otomedius X Excellent! オトメディウスX(エクセレント!) news.

29th August 2010
I've been messing around with the Arcade game Otomedius and have discovered that some of the graphics can be change, so I've started a new project at translating the game into English.

This is one huge project and is going to take some time.

28th August 2010
Updated my Otomedius Excellent English Logo again as I was not happy with the size and look of the wing, still got the X to do but that will be later as I'm working on something important at the moment.

See GameStone's Artwork section for more info and hi-res versions or just click the image below for the quarter-res version.

21st August 2010
Added some character images, screen shots and a box image to the Otomedius X Excellent! section.

Also changed some of the system images in the games section.

1st August 2010
After a two solid days of ripping, the sprite rips for the arcade game Otomedius have been added to the Downloads Sprite Rips section.

29th July 2010
This looks like a western release poster for the game Otomedius Excellent, still no release date for either the Japanese, USA or UK versions yet.

17th July 2010
A bit late maybe, but I've added the trailer for Otomedius Gorgeous, the Original WMV version, see the Xbox 360 section for details and download. EDIT link now works.

16th July 2010
Added the Original WMV trailer for Otomedius X Excellent!, much better quality compared to the MP4 (MKV) file I had ripped from YouTube.

Also recaptured the images from the trailer and left them as decompressed png's, you can't get any better.

9th July 2010
I was not quite pleased with my English Otomedius Excellent Logo, so I started from scratch and made a much better one.

Still not happy with the X as it's too low res now and looks quite blocky, I will draw a better one later.

See GameStone's Artwork section for more info and hi-res versions or just click the image below for the quarter-res version.

4th July 2010
Lots of images captured from the Intro Movie for Otomedius X Excellent!.

Also uploaded the video file for you to download.

20th June 2010
Updated my Otomedius X Excellent! Logo to make it even better, I made the star bigger and change the positions og the word Excellent and changed the X in Excellent to look more like an X.

19th June 2010
New official logo for Otomedius X Excellent! (USA release).

no no no....not the top one, it's the boring purple thing three images down.

The top version is drawn by GameStone, based on the Japanese logo and one of my font's I made last week, much better quality version than the official logo.

See GameStone's Artwork section for more info or just click it for the full high-res version.

17th June 2010
Well....It looks like Otomedius Excellent is being released in the US after all, no news on an EU release yet, below is Konami's press release, no real information on the Konami page yet.

El Segundo, Calif. - June 16, 2010 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that the lovely ladies of Otomedius Gorgeous will land in the United States for the very first time with the release of Otomedius Excellent on the Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The highly-anticipated sequel to the Japan-exclusive arcade and Xbox 360 games features classic Gradius-style, shoot-em-up gameplay that is complemented by a dazzling array of stunning visuals. In addition, the new game also features an improved upgrade system, exclusive downloadable content and thrilling local and online multi-player action.

"As the sequel to the 2008 Japanese hit Otomedius Gorgeous, Otomedius Excellent boasts a significant visual and gameplay update since its predecessor," said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "Accompanied by brilliant graphics and an excellent soundtrack, Otomedius Excellent will engage fans with the Gradius franchise on a whole new level."

In Otomedius Excellent, gamers will be able to choose from nine stunning characters as they battle through all-new stages in an expanded world full of intense 2D sidescrolling shooter action. Players can team up for the experience with up to three players locally or online via Xbox ® LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360. Additionally, an expanded gallery mode allows players to view their unlocked wallpapers and graphics in a gallery that grows as they progress through the game. Gamers will also be able to tap into a wealth of exciting downloadable content to be announced later.

Otomedius Excellent is scheduled for release later this year for Xbox 360. For assets and more information, please visit

Source: Konami

10th June 2010
Made yet another font, this time based of Otomedius X Excellent!.

v0.1 GameStone's Otomedius Title Font

Also see GameStone's Artwork section for more font's.

10th June 2010
Countdown changed to Otomedius X Excellent!, my made up tentative release date of 1st December 2010, I will put the actual date in when one has been released.

10th June 2010
オトメディウスエクセレント! Otomedius X Excellent! , Konami link added on the right hand list.

9th June 2010
Sad News I'm afraid, it looks like the Otomedius Excellent rumours are not the overseas release of Otomedius Gorgeous after all but.......... a whole new game from Konami!!!

The girls are back!!! with even more cuteness, characters, stages and lots more on Xbox 360.


Otomedius Excellent is yet another game for the Xbox 360, coming out this Autumn, the PS3 misses out again.

Thanks to KEI-KO Fujisaki (Konaken) for the info.

Actual game info is a little thin on the ground, but I've made a section in the Xbox 360 games section, more info added when some has been found!!!.

8th June 2010
Moved the new fonts and 25th Anniversary logos to the Artwork section under GameStone.

4th June 2010
Changed the countdown to Salamander's 25th Anniversary next year.

Interesting looking homebrew game, here's Hydorah Official Trailer.

Thanks go to speedup for the information.

30th May 2010
Added the Wings and GameStone logos to the Otomedius Font v0.4.

I'm not too sure on the pink background, but I tried lots of colours and that one just fits, reminds me of pink chocolate for some reason.

29th May 2010
It's been 25 years since Konami's original game Gradius was unleashed in the arcades.

Celebrate the occasion by playing Gradius at least once more on anything you can get hold off (PS, PS2, Wii, Saturn, Arcade, C64 etc....)

25th Anniversary of Gradius.

Here's a new font I threw together today, inspired by the Game Over message in Otomedius

19th May 2010
I was thinking that it will be the 25th Anniversary of Nemesis too, so I got to work and made an updated Nemesis logo.

18th May 2010
After looking at the Arcade Nemesis logo, I've decided change the 'W' and 'M' in the new font.

I've also realised that the font and updated logo's are based on the PlayStation Gradius Deluxe Pack logo rather than the original Arcade (PlayStation and Saturn logo has ® and not ™), as the PlayStation logo has more vibrance colours compared to the Arcade version I'm leaving it as it is.

v0.5 GameStone's 25th Anniversary Gradius Font now online.

3rd May 2010
Tweaked GameStone's 25th Anniversary Gradius Font (click image for the full version).

Some of the characters didn't look quite right ('9', '6', 'M' and 'N') were changed to include the angled section at the bottom right, plus some shadow tweaks.

UPDATE: More tweaking done to the 'V', 'W', '4' ,'7', 'P' and 'X' (I should have finished it properly before uploading in the first place), hopefully it's now finished.

2nd May 2010
The month of Gradius has begun, the countdown is set and it's time to play.

While I was working on the 25th Anniversary logo for this page I had an idea for a classic font based on the original Gradius logo, after a few weeks of work tweaking the design ('Z', 'X' and '&' were the worst).

Just to show the work I put into the updated logo, here's the original logo and GameStone's updated logo zoomed in to 200%.

26th April 2010
Added my new 25 Years Of Gradius hand edited Logo for the up and coming 25th Anniversary of Gradius.

7th April 2010
Add the excellent banner by Konaken for the Quarter Century Anniversary 2010 -Gradius-

Gradius Arc.................Sadly the screen shot was a sick April fools joke by Shocky, quite a good one too but arhhhh no Gradius this year (maybe).

This thread has some information about the joke.

1st April 2010
Could this be the next Gradius game for the Xbox 360?

If it is it's two player with a special weapons bar under the main weapon bar and the Moai are back.

Thanks to ZeetherKID77 for the heads up.

26th March 2010
Changed all the arcade roms again as quite a few changed in MAME.

12th March 2010
Added all the Gradius related Sparcade roms to the Downloads section, also made some new RAT config files for the other versions of the game (Gradius II new version etc...).

5th March 2010
Here's the srt sub file for part three of the Salamander anime - 10k, just incase you don't want to download a large file again.

You can use MKVToolnix for remuxing the new srt sub file into the old mkv file.

4th March 2010
Salamander Anime, I've added the missing subtitle text on part three of the anime ('previously on Salamander' intro).

I've decided to seed the new version as no one is seeding the old one anyway.

If you have downloaded the files before, just download part 3 as the other files have not changed.

In utorrent, go to the Files tab and right click each file you don't need and select Don't Download.

2nd March 2010
Gradius Arc グラディウス・アーク

Could this be a new Gradius game for the PS3 or Xbox 360?

18th February 2010
The Hi-Res Scans section has been updated to the new format (no new content yet) still some things to sort out but it works ok at the moment..

Also changed some of the Japanese text with the help of Fujix from MAME Testers.

14th February 2010
Change the roms for Amstrad, C64 and ZX Spectrum, added screen shots to the rom packs to show the game differences.

Change the way the Cheats section works, all data is now in the database making it easier for me to update and add new stuff.

I've decided to move the Fan Based games to it's own section rather than mixing them with the official games, also made the navigation better for browsing the Fan games.

13th February 2010
Just when you thought you have seen all there is on the C64, I find a cracked version of Nemesis with a new loading picture by ASH.

I already knew about the fan art by THE SORGE but the new loading image by ASH is pretty good too, as you can see they are much better than the official shots above for Nemesis and the US version Gradius which look like ZX Spectrum images.

Fan art by THE SORGE
Fan art by ASH

7th February 2010
I've re-ripped all three parts of the Salamander Anime with the latest x264 codec and direct AC3 audio, tweaked the translations as well as scanned the front covers and DVD.

They are now MKV files with the embedded srt subtitle file.

Please seed as people have been taking the p*ss and leeching the files making it slower for everybody else.

No longer needed.

Part three has no translation for the short 'previously on Salamander' intro, this bit was cut from my last version but I've decided to add it back again.

31st January 2010
Added arcade Sexy Parodius Special Stage to the cheats section.

30th January 2010
Added release date information for the Arcade, Saturn, PlayStation games.

Gradius 20th Anniversary is now on 29th May 2010.

Sorted out some site display issues in the games section.

10th January 2010
Just finished making all the icons for the various sections, Contact, Links, Emulation, Multimedia and Cheats.

6th January 2010
Added Konami Logo History to the Guides section, the images now have the correct alpha transparency this time, same with the four Kukeiha Club Logos in the Multimedia section.

I've started work on icons for the all the sections, to make the site more consistent, I already had one for Games, the new icons I've added today are for Artwork, Cameo, Downloads and the Guides section..

Added a little reminder of what section icons I still need to do.

You may have noticed that I've based the Cameo icon on The Goonies cameo of Vic Viper..

3rd January 2010
Lots more cheat action added to the Wii Gradius ReBirth, Six new extra stages and four 5000 points with screen shots.

I believe I've got all the Extra Stages but there are lots more 5000 point bonuses to find.

2nd January 2010
Finally got around to grabbing the elusive 29th of the month option screen image change on the Sega Saturn Gradius Deluxe Pack (only in Gradius), see the cheats section for the image.

I tried grabbing it a few days back but the SFF Saturn emulator kept locking up when loading the game.

I tracked it down to a corrupt iso of the game, four hours later I've re-ripped my collection of Saturn and PlayStation games with ImgBurn as all had bad sectors.

ImgBurn, my favourite small does the job nicely burning program that rips to cue-bin iso files as well.

CDmage is an iso checker and converter, great for checking if there are any corrupt sectors on your rips, I know the program is old but it does the job and it's portable.

Sega Saturn Emulator - SFF Ver0.11 alpha R2 (their naming scheme is a bit odd but the emulator play games quite well).

1st January 2010
Happy new year

Updated all the Arcade roms to the latest version of MAME 0.136 (released yesterday).

Funny that there are now six different versions of Gradius II GOFER no Yabou (グラディウスII ~GOFERの野望~).

It would be nice to know what the differences are between all the versions.

Changed all the downloads from zip archives to rar archives (apart from the Arcade roms as MAME only does zips at the moment), this has save some server space so I maybe able to add some new stuff.