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Site History

Site History - 2008

30th December 2008
Cleaned up the Art Work section.

29th December 2008
Removed all ads from the forum and the site.

I've started to clean up the site as I think its got a bit overly complicated in the coding department.

Replaced the gradius4 arcade rom with the updated file (0.127u2).

28th December 2008
Large update to Xbox 360 Otomedius G section.

All the weapon lists, all the downloadable content, Stages and more. All in a dual language setup with Japanese and English.

More to come soon.

21st December 2008
Added my Xbox 360 Gamer Card to this page.

20th December 2008
Added a new Mobile Phone emulator to the Emulation section, also updated the page with the newest versions and removed broken links.

Salamander mobile phone game has been added to the Download section as it now works in a new emulator. Thanks ReyVGM.

Finally got around to making a Nintendo Wii icon.

14th December 2008
Otomedius Gorgeous Achievement list has been translated and added to the XBox 360 section Otomedius Gorgeous

12th December 2008
I've finally got hold of this game, see the main Otomedius Gorgeous section for some more images.

This game and joystick bundle was bought from:-

Video Game Imports (UK Store).

Fast and friendly email response, expertly packed with fast shipping, excellent.

6th December 2008
My order for Otomedius Gorgeous (plus the extra Joystick) should be with me by the end of next week.

I'll be adding the XBox 360 Achievements when I get around to translating them.

Xbox homepage for Otomedius Gorgeous G

Otomedius Gorgeous is out now so the main site countdown has been changed to Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa e ~.

17th September 2008

Finally!!! The release date has been set for Xbox 360 Otomedius Gorgeous - 20th November 2008.

New section added to the Konami website.

Translated to English link below.

10th September 2008
Konami has put back Otomedius Gorgeous Xbox 360 release date.

Konami Page with more information.

Translated to English link below.

7th September 2008
Gradius Rebirth is out now on Wii (Japan only at the moment).

Not long till Otomedius Gorgeous.

27th July 2008
Gradius Rebirth Konami links added.

17th July 2008
Gradius Rebirth for the Nintendo Wii (WiiWare download), No other details available yet.

27th June 2008
Countdown changed to Otomedius Gorgeous.

24th June 2008
Otomedius Gorgeous has a release date now, 25th September 2008, a trailer and a big update on the official site, thanks to King Moai for the updates.

21st June 2008
Some section lend themselves to a dynamic pages like Games and Music CD sections but the Multimedia section was a mess so I've removed the dynamic pages and move a few bits around so it should be a little easier to navigate, still needs more work to be done.

14th June 2008
New section added for Guides, moved the emulator guides there from the Emulation section and also compiled them into just one page per guide rather than the sections like before.

I'm also having a small clear out on the site.

Voting Poll (on this page) has gone, It was a pain to keep updated and the forum can have polls anyway, also makes this page load faster.

Archived some of the updates from this page, view the site history at the bottom of this page for older news.

5th May 2008
Yet another cameo has been found, Speed King NEO KOBE 2045, thank to Deadmario again.

'Gradius to sort' - 4.38GB, 6536 files.

Slowly getting there.

3rd May 2008
I deleted all the little bits and bobs you get when saving web pages (3431 of them!!!) so the 'Gradius to sort' should be more manageable now.

'Gradius to sort' - 8.36GB, 7648 files.

Some of these are movies so the size should go down quite a bit when I move them out into the Movies directory.

More Cameo's added:-

LA BlueGirl, Poitter's Point and Poitter's Point 2, Bishi Bashi Online, Nazo no Kabe - Block Kuzushi.

I've move the Cameo page about a bit putting the Anime and Moai references in their own section.

2nd May 2008
Large update to the Cameo section, Games added:-

Dream Mix TV World Fighters, Falsion, Hayate the Combat Butler, Metamorphic Force, Violent Storm, Doremikko, Trigon, Ganbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu, Pani Poni Dash!, Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious, Penguin Adventure, Ganbare Goemon 2, Pyuu to Fuku! Jogger Byuu to Deru! Megane-Kun, Pandora's Palace, Snatcher, Moai Kun, Aliens, Vic Viper.

Cameo section now has 58!!

The Cameo section would be better if I made a database for the section, so that you could list them by Console and Alphabetically, year etc…(may be added at a later date).

I've added thanks messages to most of the pages in the Cameo section for the people who helped.

Also made some of the fonts bigger as the Japanese Kanji where blurring into one.

Just thought I would add that my 'Gradius to sort' directory (all the stuff that has not been added to the site) is now 8.40GB, 11079 files, I'm going to try to go through this and add some stuff over the weekend (hopefully).

27th April 2008
Large update the the Cameo section, thanks go to Deadmario from the GHW forums for the help.

26th April 2008
It's now Official, Otomedius Gorgeous (OTOMEDIUSU GOJASU) for the Xbox 360.

Now listed on Amazon Japan, no release date set.

Xbox 360 section added to the Games section, Otomedius Gorgeous added to that section.

Also new Xbox 360 icon made.

Also links to the Arcade Otomedius.

23rd April 2008
Can it be true, Otomedius for the Xbox 360 called Otomedius G.

Thanks to KEI-KO Fujisaki for the tip.

20th April 2008
Cleaned up the Cameo section a little more, removing broken links etc…

14th April 2008
Updated my PS Gradius Gaiden sprite rips to v0.07, added player and enemy shots.

The Cameo section is to be expanded thanks to deadmario in the GHW forum.

13th April 2008
Cameo section is back!!!

As I've never got around to putting the Cameo section into the GHW database, I've decided to add it as static pages instead.

30th March 2008
Updated my PS Gradius Gaiden sprite rips again to v0.06, I've added the ships lights as separate images.

Some more bits added on the Blank Gradius section.

29th March 2008
Updated my PS Gradius Gaiden sprite rips to v0.05 making them easier to animate (Downloads section).

28th March 2008
New section for my guides on making Blank Gradius.

22nd March 2008
Added a new sub-section to Downloads, Sprite Rips for various games.

1st March 2008
Forget Salamander, twenty years since the true sequel to Gradius.

Gradius II ~GOFER no Yabou (Vulcan Venture), Happy birthday and lets celebrate the twentieth anniversary in style.

Salamander had some great speech but it was not until Gradius II GOFER no Yabou that the game just went into overdrive.

The games attention to detail was ahead of everything at the time with things like the name up sequence having different animations depending on where you scored, speech for all the weapons like 'Photon Torpedo' and 'Spread Bomb', different speech depending on how far you where into the game (You Need Some Practice, Arrrrrr).

Amazing music, excellent gameplay, four weapon choices, two shields, large flaming suns, a large phoenix and mocking speech from the enemies like 'You shall never return alive' and 'I'll bash you down', at the time this was just amazing stuff.

Also the game was a challenge but not impossible (Gradius III anyone!!).

I played the game at the PCW (Personal Computer World) show in 1988 at Earls Court London and there were queues waiting to play it (I did not get passed the Crystal stage btw).

So go and play it today as is still good to play now.

27th January 2008
Made a new Dark style for the forum to go with the Dark site style.

Cleaned up the smilie images in the forum so they look good on the Dark style.

11th January 2008
Made a small script to only show the other style link, ie when you are on the Dark Style GHW it only shows the Light Style GHW link, I may changed this to a button of some sort.

New random Gradius Home World logo for the Dark Style.

Changed the left and right table background images to alpha transparency.

Put a better 'Nebula' style stars background.

Changed the GameStone logo site wide to the new alpha transparency version.

Cleaned up lots of game images that had the lighter border so they look good on the Dark style.

Gashapon Vic Viper and SkyGirl Vic Viper models have been added.

8th January 2008
Moved the White and Black style switchers to the head of the page (top right), its now on every page so you can change site colours at any time and on any page, I may make two small buttons instead of the plain text but it will do for now.

2nd January 2008
Just a test at the moment for switching between White or Black background using two style sheets, it stores the value in a cookie so whatever you set it too it should be the same when you come back

Lots more to do like the text colours etc… but I've had enough for today.

Also cleaned up some of the Art Work php code.

New icon for the Games section

Changed lot of the images to transparent version so they look good on the black background, only Otomedius and Parodius Pachinko to go

1st January 2008
Happy new year!!

Two more my version navigation icons added, PS2 and PS3 (even though there are no games for it yet!!).

Also changed the black outside colour on most of the icons to a dark gray, they look much better now even on a black background.

Changed the aspect of the GB and GBA icons as they looked a bit fat.

I've decided that consoles and computers will have isometric icons but hand held's will be face on.

The Fan for Fan based games is genius.

Changed the six flag icons to transparent PNG files so they look good on a black background.

As you can proberly guest (or maybe not) I'm in the process of changing the site so you can choose between White or Black backgrounds (two different style sheets), still lots of work to be done with logo's, images and other things.

Classic Star's again maybe!!