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Site History

Site History - 2007

31st December 2007
I'm getting a bit carried away here as I'm changing some of the better small machine navigation images to my own versions.

All small machine navigation's now done, the Virtual one sucks but it will do for now.

Modified the Cheats page to show a larger version of the icon when on that particular system.

30th December 2007
Added better navigation to the Music CD section, still more work to be done though.

More art added to Otomedius.

Gradius PC Engine Cheats, hidden stages finally added, thanks King Moai.

I'm in the process of redrawing the small machine icons as some are crap (crossed out ones have been completed).

Arcade, C64, CPC 464-6128,, FAN, i-mode, LCD Game, MSX, PlayChoice 10, PC88-5INCH, PS2, PS, PSP, PC Engine, SPC, SS, Virtual (has not even got one yet!), X1, X68000 and ZX Spectrum.

All the new one's were drawn from scratch be me (apart from PS2 which was edited from another source). They all scale quite nicely so I may replace some of the other icon on the site with these new ones (Once I have finish the few missing/old ones).

29th December 2007
Expanded the Arcade Otomedius section quite a bit (finally added it too!!).

Also changed the flag images to a much nicer round version.

22nd December 2007
Still no news on PS3 Gradius even though Amazon UK are listing it as out on the 30th November 2007.

Amazon Japan are listing Gradius (PS3).

21st December 2007
Changed the Cheats section to a dynamic page rather than the long list of games, this was something I was planning on doing for ages.

Last 10 forum posts added to this page.

1st September 2007
Added Gradius for the i-mode to the Download/Games section, it has been converted to play in Windows but you can also download the original jar file too.

31st August 2007
Would you believe it, Gradius Gaiden on the PlayStation is ten years old!!!!

Go play it now for the excellent music, speech and gameplay.

How did you come this far, Ha ha hahaa, I hope we can entertain you, Ha ha hahaa, Do you think you can beat me with that!! Loser, You die here, Ha ha hahaa, You'll pay, That doesn't hurt, You die here, Ha ha hahaa, I hope we can entertain you, That doesn't hurt, arhhhrrrraaaaaaaaa.

11th July 2007 Gradius NEO i-mode game added to the Downloads/Games section and Gradius NEO midi music added to the Downloads/Movies and Music section.

Change some of the images in the Multimedia section to the full resolution versions (Salamander Anime and others)

Added the two mp3 tunes of the Vinyl Deep-Mission-Trance-Records Germany" called "Digital Technology".

Tweaked the style sheet (CSS) for the site to make it more readable.

10th July 2007
Lots of new 'Otomedius' information and an Official website from Konami, this must mean the game is almost ready for prime time.

Http:// - Official - Translated - Review - Translated

Thanks to King Moai for the information.

Also added a brand new section to the Downloads page:-

On the Movies and Music section there is Chip Tunes, this is an archive of all the chip based tunes for the various Gradius related games available plus a few extra cameo tracks too.

26th July 2007
It's now the 10th Anniversary of Gradius Home World, I have put together a little section to show the history of the site.

1st June 2007
It's now the 20th Anniversary of Life Force, go play it today and enjoy the classic all over again.

26th May 2007
Changed my contact form to stop spammers, not much else to say.

7th May 2007
Solar Assault playable in MAME 0.115, released yesterday.

3rd May 2007
Finally got around to setting up my home server again (Apache, php, MySQL etc…). So I have uploaded the latest database which includes all the Portable games now (Gradius, Salamander, Parodius and TwinBee).

Sorted out the Solar Assault section to a better layout and put the games in the right places this time.

Nintendo DS section added with the 'Konami Arcade Collection' game pack.

PlayChoice 10 and Vs sections have been split into two sections as they are different games.

Added little icons for the PS3, DS and Vs.

I will be adding a new Games section called 'Virtual', in this section will be all the virtual games you can download for the various consoles like the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and the Microsoft XBox360 Arcade.

9th April 2007 Amazon Japan are listing the Gradius (PS3).


Amazon UK are listing it too but also with a release date - 30th July 2007 30th Nov 2007.

Considering that Gradius V had screen shots and some videos 18 months before it came out it does seem odd that there are none so far for this game.

8th April 2007
It would seem that Solar Assault did get a US release after all as I now have some images of the US Operators Manual and game in action.

And also one is on eBay for sale.

The US game version is the same as the Japanese Solar Assault Revised, but its just called Solar Assault.

Three known versions now:-

Solar Assault Gradius

Solar Assault Revised

Solar Assault (US release)

17th March 2007
The RAM went down again! Crappy Corsair, replace then with Crucial RAM and have have no trouble since.

9th March 2007
Hello, I'm back again, my main system went down with bad RAM and it took three weeks to sort it out (they did replace them with better one too), I should be doing some site updates again.

25th January 2007
The new Konami PSP game collections have now been release in Japan, I should have my Japanese imports by 2nd February 2007.

Salamander Portable, Parodius Portable, TwinBee Portable.

No news on a western release yet.

20th January 2007
Torrents not working so they are now gone, I will have to look at another way of moving these large files in the future.

11th January 2007
Another try at this torrent crap as the others never got started, they don't make this easy do they.

7th January 2007
Nice to see that Konami has drawn some new artwork for the new PSP Portable games that come out later this month.


3rd January 2007 I am trying to share my first torrent files (all three parts of the Salamander Anime with sub files) but am having no luck, can you please try these to see if they will download in your bittorrent client, thanks

1st January 2007
Happy new year etc…

Moved the Salamander Anime images about and changes some of the details.