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Site History

Site History - 2006

31st December 2006
Finally back after being disconnect from my broadband for over a month.

Added links to the new PSP Portable games on the right that come out next month, updated the database to include all the new game information (not upload yet as I don't have Apache, php and mysql installed on my test system).

Some new screen shots added the the PlayStation MSX packs.

Removed a few broken links on the Links page, changed the games I'm playing on the left.

6th November 2006
Added some information to the Cheats section for the arcade games Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa e ~ and Gradius IV Fukkatsu

25th October 2006
Three new game packs for the PSP.

TwinBee Portable, Salamander Portable and Parodius Portable.


Thanks to everyone who emailed me about these

7th October 2006
New vBulletin forum has just opened it doors, there are so many configuration options in this program that I have left quite a few at default, I will change them as and when necessary.

Please log in and update your profile, avatar etc…

3rd October 2006
More Gradius madness, this time King Moai does Gradius Generations.

21st September 2006
forgot you could embed the YouTube videos into your own site so here are two interesting ones from 'King Moai', you can chat about them in the forums.

1st September 2006
A very new Retro Remake of Nemesis for the PC and its very good too, thank go to Klatrymadon in the Forums for the info.

or see the developer site.


27th August 2006
Very large Hi-Res 300dpi update added to the Downloads section:-
Gradius II Gofer no Yabou
Instructions 1 andamp; 2
Control Panel Sticker
Operators Manual

Note - The top of the original instruction have a mirrored foil bit which doesn't scan well at all so I have filled this with a dark gray colour.

Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa e ~
Control Panel Weapons Sticker

Solar Assault Gradius
Information Sheet and Operators Manual

Detana!! TwinBee
Operators Manual

Parodius da! ~ Shinwa kara o-warai e ~
Operators Manual

Gokujou Parodius! ~ Kako no Eikou o Motomete ~
Operators Manual

TwinBee Yahho-! ~ Fushigi no Kuni de Ooabare!! ~
Operators Manual

I forgot to say yesterday about the comical bit on one of the Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa e ~ Instruction cards, one of the weapons is listed as FLEE WAY.

26th August 2006
More Hi-Res 300dpi scans added to the Downloads section:-

Salamander 2
Instructions 1 andamp; 2 and Weapons Sticker

Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa e ~
Information Layout
Instructions 1 andamp; 2
Control Panel Sticker
Operators Manual

More to come over the bank holiday weekend as I have some spare time, I think I will do Gradius II next.
I was inspired to edit more because of the excellent done by Mr.Do and the MAME team.
Using the new Hi Res artwork you can display the instructions cards in MAME at the same time you play the game, this looks excellent on a wide screen monitor.

22nd August 2006
Mame 0.108 is out but still no Solar Assault.

15th August 2006
More Hi-Res 300dpi scans added to the Downloads section, Arcade Gradius Instructions (colour photocopies), Operators Manuals, the very rare Bubble System Manual and Solar Assault Revised installation instructions.
Also changed the countdown to Life Force (forgot about that).

30th July 2006
Mame 0.107 is out but not much has changed on the Gradius front, this is still a very important release though as the graphics engine and the

config file layouts have been changed, Mame now also supports multiple monitors so the PlayChoice 10 games can be displayed on two monitors (rather than shrinking them to one).

22nd June 2006
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Arcade Salamander I have added some Hi-Res 300dpi scans of the Arcade Instructions andamp; Operators
Manuals to the Downloads section.

7th June 2006
The US version of Gradius Collection is out now and the UK release comes out in September (why the delay?).

3rd June 2006 The Official US Konami site states that Gradius Collection should be be out in a week's time, the news was listed on the 30th May 2006 so it should be some time next week.
Still no information on the UK release.

16th May 2006
My host had a Linux server crash and the site was offline for a few hours, so much for Linux never crashing.
UPDATE: This was not a server crash but a connectivity issue inside the hosting company.

4th May 2006
Changed the Amstrad Nemesis rom set to a newer version with the correct colour's, thanks go to edd for noticing the problem.
Also the Gradius series has a section in the latest issue of UK game magazine 'Retro Gamer' (Issue 24), thanks to puzzle_rattrap for the news.
I had a look at Retro Gamer issue 24 while I was at Bluewater shopping centre tonight and while it has all (most) of the Gradius games listed and some nice screen shots it's missing a few things, first a link to the emulators it lists would have been nice.
Also considering this site (Gradius Home World) has been going for nearly nine years, is the largest Gradius site on the internet (and the only one with a dedicated Gradius forum), this site did not even get a mention.

17th April 2006
Changed the Games Packs to display more information, also changed some of the database to list overseas games (UK and US). Fixed a small bug in the Games section.

16th April 2006
You can now list by game packs in the Games section (ie.. Gradius Deluxe Pack), I'm not entirely happy with the layout but will sort it out soon.
I've changed the Emulation Watch on the righthand side because the official WIP for MAME has more information, I have added links.

20th March 2006
Gradius IV Fukkatsu
The first screen shot of Solar Assault Gradius running in MAME.

20th March 2006 Solar Assault Gradius ( added to the download games section.
Also see the Mameworld site for other bits of information, thanks Big Core for the link and info.
Also keep an eye on the Mame development log

3rd March 2006
Parodius da! Game Boy cheats (GB Collection and Original release) added to the cheats section.
MSX TwinBee and UK andamp; Japanese versions of the Konami GB Collections added to the Downloads section.
Changed my choice of MSX emulator to the much better NLMSX for a no install hassle emulator small download (only 1meg) or the very nice looking (but you have to install it and its 9meg download) blueMSX, see Emulation for links.

I have made the default region on the Games section to Japan as this region has the most games.
Also added a new Joystick icon for navigation to Games and a logo navigation for Multimedia..

18th February 2006
I have been sent this link to an excellent Japanese Parodius (????????) fan site, thanks to BHDAA for the link.
Gradius Portable is very good, I hope Konami continue this and bring out a Salamander, TwinBee and Parodius Portable packs as well.
I can confirm (and will write up soon in the tips section) that the standard Konami codes all work in the Gradius Portable games, (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, O).

15th February 2006
My PSP and Gradius Portable arrived this morning, here are a few shots of the unpacking ceremony.

12th February 2006
After messing with the countdowns on where you can fine out when you are 1,000,000,000 seconds old etc, I thought I would try something for Gradius games.

So messing with java and php and I have come up with a countdown page just under the countdown on this page (see the Countdown More link).

Eg. Did you know it's over 4736 days until the 20th Anniversary of Gradius IV Fukkatsu.

Sorted out the look of the countdown so it looks better in IE6, I only test the site in Firefox (on my own PC) and Mozilla (on my work SunOS workstation), I say give Firefox a try. Http://

Added some gradient fills to the navigation boxes, changed the link colour to a bit darker and made it look like the boxes have drop shadows to make them stand out more.

9th February 2006
The Japanese release of Gradius Portable is upon us.

My copy of Gradius Portable and a white Sony PlayStation Portable to go with it should be with me by next week, no more information until then.

Mame 0.104 is out, I cannot see anything different with the Gradius IV Fukkatsu emulation.

3rd February 2006
As its only five days till the next Gradius release I though of doing something special and came up with the idea of photographing all the games included in Gradius Portable.

Just to show you how much Gradius action you get here are some nice photos of the arcade boards on the left shot and the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 collections on the right.

Gradius Portable is the best Gradius Collection you can carry anywhere, play on the bus, train, park, lunch break, just be careful as someone may want to kick you off of the PSP and play these excellent games.

29th January 2006
Change the Games section around, you can now list a game from Japan and change the page to the United States and the information is dynamically changed in that for that section.

Also added new smaller machine logo's to the Games section, larger logo's and region flag logo's to all the sections, I'm quite happy with the way the site works at the moment.

28th January 2006
Split the Downloads section into two sections, Games and Movies and Music.

27th January 2006
All files in the Downloads section are now direct downloads rather than eMule links and yes that does include all the movie files.

26th January 2006
Gradius Portable is coming to the west this Summer 2006 but has been rename Gradius Collection.


I would say the renaming makes sense as it sounds more like a collection of games rather than Gradius Portable that could be mistaken for just a single game.

It's taken nearly nine long years but finally the west can see what all the fuss was about with Gradius Gaiden, anyone who has not played this before are in for a treat.

21st January 2006
M1 is an arcade music sound emulator, when used with the excellent front end BridgeM1 it's an excellent way of listening to the arcade tunes (including unused never heard before tunes).

So I've add the Gradius related sound roms for BridgeM1 to the Downloads section.

Reorganized the Downloads section to contain all the downloads available on the site, I am trying to work a database version so it will be easier to update but that will have to wait for the moment.

Sorted out some bad links here and there, also got around to better error reporting.

16th January 2006
Added Solar Assault Gradius Intro mp3 music track to the Downloads section, this was ripped and converted by GameStone from the 'Konami Best Selection 98 Autumn' CD Track 16.

Out of over 100 Konami CD's I have this is the only track to do with Solar Assault, did Konami even bring out a game music CD?

I forgot to add the Solar Assault Gradius intro movie was taken from the Konaken homepage and converted to xvid using the excellent Virtualdub by GameStone.


15th January 2006
Changed the Style Sheet for the whole site to make it more readable and to add a bit more colour into the mix.

Made the Art work section into just one page thanks to some new php techniques I've learned

Also finally got around to better navigation in the Games section, you can now list by region too (Japan, United Kingdom and United States).

Well if you were asking where the Gradius Gaiden Intro image came from (below), it was grabbed using the excellent PSX Multi Converter (PsxMC??????)

Google Japanese BETA Translated | Altavista Bablefish Translated

This is a player and converter for PlayStation XA (music like mp3) STR (video like mpg).

The player is in Japanese but works fine in XP and the controls are easy enough to work out, well worth a look.

11th January 2006
Well its under a month until Gradius Portable and still no information if there will be a western release.

Added Solar Assault Gradius Intro xvid video to the Downloads section.