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Site History

Site History - 2005

31st December 2005
Mame has been updated again to 0.103, Gradius IV Fukkatsu now has sound, see the Emulation watch on the left if this page for other details.

4th December 2005
Another Emulation Guide has been added, this time it's for the arcade emulator MAME Command Line, see the Emulation section for details.

Re added Fan Based games but instead of it being a section in itself, it's now just under the Games section.

Also added a Gradius IV Fukkatsu Emulation Watch to the right of this page at the request of lastsamurai0.

Added Monadius to the Fan Based games as I forgot to add this months back, this is a Gradius game in Mono that came out earlier in the year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Gradius, thanks to Chris for reminding me.

I found a Vic Viper King animation in my 'Gradius To Sort' directory and I just had to put it on the site.

26th November 2005
Changed the two tape images for Commodore 64 Nemesis and Salamander to non cracked and trained versions.

15th November 2005
Gradius IV Fukkatsu is now in Mame 0.102

But even on my Athlon 64 3200 with 1GB of Ram it runs soooo slow its unplayable, also the sound is not yet emulated, but its looking good.

Moved the Gradius Portable on the PSP section around a bit.

I must add that this pack looks very interesting and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

The biggest question is will it get an overseas release?

I would like to see this because it's not that much work to translate the Japanese (it's not an adventure game is it!!!), Gradius Generations was released for the Game Boy.

So please Konami make a western release of this pack and finally gamers can play the best ever Gradius game 'Gradius Gaiden' and see what I have been banging on about for all these years.

14th November 2005
Some new stuff added for Gradius Portable on the PSP.

12th November 2005
Multimedia section is now up, I'm not quite happy with the navigation but it works ok for now.

10th November 2005
Art Work should be working again now.

9th November 2005
Yet even more Gradius IV Fukkatsu Mame stuff, this time the graphics are now displaying correctly, maybe it will be in the next release of Mame.


8th November 2005
Even more Gradius IV Fukkatsu Mame stuff, this time it's actually displaying some of the in game graphics.

Thanks again to Inter981 for the update.

7th November 2005
Yet another countdown added, this time it's for the Gradius Collection on the PSP.

Sorry I changed something and the Art Work section is no longer working online at the moment (works fine on my test system), I cannot upload the latest version of the database as it would break the Games section, so Art Work will be offline until the weekend.

6th November 2005 The Games section is up, you can now list the games by System or Genre, I'm working on the other methods and they will up up as soon I have coded them.

The Art Work section is also up and running.

Moved the Guide section about a bit and implemented some new coding techniques.

5th November 2005
More great news Ville Linde (part of the Mame Team) has got some Gradius IV Fukkatsu graphics working in Mame, maybe it will be working sooner than I thought it would be, thanks to Inter981 in the forum for the link

Change more of my scripts and made my life much easier to update, added a Sony PSP and PS3 sections to the Games section.

More to come soon….

3rd November 2005
Swapped the two pages around now so to see the old Gradius Home World use the link above.

In other news there would seem to be a new Gradius Collection coming out for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) on 9th February 2006.

The collection will contain Gradius I, II, III, IV and Gradius Gaiden. There will be lots of extras like art and movies to watch, more news soon.

28th October 2005
Change a few bits around again and cleaned up some of my code (I'm still learning this stuff).

Added two new ways to search for the games, the actual games section are not up yet as I am still testing the way they work.

21st October 2005
Changed the layout around a bit for the Emulation section so that the main site navigation is still shown when in the various section.

Added Systems to the left main navigation.

Also sorted out a silly typo in the code that stopped all the downloads from working in the Downloads section.

No actual game information yet but I am working on that and it just needs some more testing.

15th October 2005
Updated the Emulation Guide navigation so when you are on a guide it lists all the other guides available on the left hand navigation.

Added an X68000 emulator help guide and SmartJoy Plus Adapter guide

When you see this book icon in the Emulation section, this means there is a guide for that emulator.

14th October 2005
I have decided to open the new site much earlier than I originally planned.

Java DHTML menus are now gone (the menu that was on the left) as they are a hassle to keep updated.

The Gradius Home World site rebirth is now (mostly) generated dynamically using MySQL and PHP scripting.

There are lots of problems and not all the sections are online yet but it will get better.

The old site is still online while the transition takes place, all new Gradius information will be added to this page ONLY.

This means the old pages will no longer be updated.

13th October 2005
This will be the last update to this page as the new Gradius Home World is now online (mostly) and all new information will be posted there.

As the sections are added to the new site they will be removed from this site.

30th September 2005
Made a better decription of how to install the excellent Gstyle, added some small bits to the PSX Gradius Gaiden.

25th September 2005
I've had a break from php/mysql coding and put together a guide on how to get the ePSXe emulator running, it's quite a basic guide at the moment (but it has images), this will expand when I get more time to do so.

18th September 2005
Gradius for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been talked about at the Tokyo game show in Japan, more news when I find some.

17th September 2005
Arcade Gradius IV Fukkatsu Mame 0.100 screen shots added, the game is still not working but its getting closer.

Also due to the release of Mame 0.100 some roms stopped working, these have been rename and redumped.
I've also decided to stop putting 'Merged Sets' for the arcade games as it's to much hassle when things get changed in the future, see my download page for details and the new files.

16th September 2005
Even more search scripts and ideas added to the test page, reorganized the test page as it was getting a bit long. Take a look….(it's the link on the left that says GHW php Test page)

5th September 2005
More search scripts ideas added and a test page link has been added on the left hand side of this page.

2nd September 2005
I have been making a list of all the games on every machine and have been making a database with this information.
There are now a few different types of search scripts on my test page now so why not take a look and see what you think.
I known the layout of the forms on the search page is a little basic but it's only a prototype test page and will change over time, hopefully into a full blown search feature. I am learning this stuff as I go.

31st July 2005
My first search script has been made but not for the main Gradius Home World but for the Konami Game Music CD's, take a look, you may find it useful.

9th July 2005
Over the last few months I have been working on upgrading the site to a database, see this section of the forum for my updates.
This will not be a fast change over because I am learning this stuff as I go, it will proberly take years but that's the only development on the site at the moment.

2nd July 2005
MSX Parodius cheats and bell information added.

29th May 2005
Added a few screen shots to the PlayStation Gradius Gaiden section.
Wallpaper background pictures taken from the official Konami Gradius V page as that page no longer exists.
More Arcade Parodius Pachinko pictures and four short Quicktime movies.
Added two SHUZILOW.HA pictures scan from the Gokujou Parodius art book.

15th May 2005
Another great Gradius inspired game called ヴァー STYLE ゼロフォースの反乱 (Va-Style Zero Force no Hanran) Translated Name: Va-Style Zero Force Rebellion.
This is from the makers of Gstyle, Only this time, you play as Zelos force, which is hard because it's so big and so slow……. . Thanks to Postman for the information and

Sasamisa for the translations.
Bablefish English Translation

7th May 2005
Moved Nemesis 94 Gradius 2 from the X68000 section to the fan section as this is a fan based game, also added a new X68000 fan game called

Gradius Spacial
Aa very interesting game with spites from other game like Pac Man and Fantasy zone.
I have split the Emulation section into two, the new sections are Emulation and Downloads.
Emulation will contain information on my Emulators to use and guides on how to use them (including screen shots!!!), I may need some help with this as there are a lot of machines to do this for.
Downloads will contain all the site downloads (Games, Movies etc…)
Updated the Site Map page as it was a bit out of date.

29th April 2005
The new vertical space shoot'em-up Cavadius is now hosted on GameStone so go take a look at this very good game.
Also today there is a tribute article by Kadosho to the wonderful 20th Anniversary of Gradius.
Happy birthday Gradius ^_^

4th April 2005
A new fan based game Zexseed, this game looks excellent combining Gradius and Salamander. There is a gameplay movie and opening theme tune to download but no game as yet, but the movie makes it look very good.
Http:// | Bablefish English Version
Chat about it in the Fan Based section of the forum.

28th March 2005
I've just gone and bought one of those new Mac Mini computers (so far I am very pleased). I have tried the Gradius type game 'Spacestrike' on it and the game is very well presented, thanks to aleksael for the information and link

23rd March 2005
Added Speed and Temple stages to Famicom Salamander, thanks go to Jeremy again for the images.

22nd March 2005
Added secret stage images of Gradius III Super Famicom to the cheats section, thanks to Jeremy for the images and there is more to come…

17th March 2005
Sorry the Gradius Home World Forum was offline today as I was doing a backup and upgrading it to the latest version, the Forum is now working again.

28th February 2005
New Fan Based games 'Biomix', it's a mix between Bio-Miracle and TwinBee.

21st February 2005
The Gradius II GOFER no yabou arcade JAMMA pcb has now sold and has a new home in Germany.

11th February 2005
My Gradius II GOFER no yabou arcade JAMMA pcb is for sale again on eBay, check it out, auction ends on 11th February 2005 15:53:35 GMT.

6th February 2005
Changed the Game Boy Color and Sinclair Spectrum logo's to higher res versions.
Added an Art Work page for Shaun and an unknown Win2000 boot screen.
Moved the outdated Art Work pages about quite a bit, also added some other bits of art work I had lying around.

1st February 2005
Cleaned up the Emulation section a bit and updated the broken links on that page. Also increased the font size from 10px to 12px across the site (much easier to read now).

14th January 2005
Added a short guide on how to get GSTYLE installed on non Japanese Windows.

12th January 2005
Another Gradius clone, and this one's pretty sweet. Looks to be 7 levels, a full game, I played up to 3 and it's fun. Most like Gradius 2 in playstyle and look I'd say, with remixed graphics and enemies. Thanks to Postman for the information
Bablefish English Translation