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Site History

Site History - 2004

22nd December 2004
The Forum went down today, this was due to an upgrade to the latest version of phpBB (as recommended by by hosting company as the older version had a serious flaw). That's when the problems started and a corrupted the SQL database, obviously I done a backup before the upgrade but SQL did not restore that easily as it should do but it should all be up again.
The only problem is if you uploaded an Avatar (the little images next to your name) they have been lost (sorry) apart from the list of the ones I had.

11th December 2004
Changed the C64 and Game Boy logos, added a placeholder page for Detana TwinBee on I-mode.

24th November 2004
Only Gradius III JAMMA sold on eBay, I still have Gradius II GOFER no yabou available if anyone is interested.

5th November 2004
Changed the layout (again) new layout is much better (CSS is not as easy as it should be), this site is mostly done without 'tables' now which should make future updates much easier.
Moved the Cheats section about for better readability.
Changed the Old Gradius Polls section for a better layout.
My two Gradius arcade boards on eBay finish in the next two days so I would say take a look if you are interested in acquiring some excellent arcade action.

31st October 2004
I have listed Gradius II GOFER no Yabou and Gradius III arcade boards for sale on eBay, take a look. Both end 7th November 2004 14:33:14 GMT (next Sunday)
Gradius II GOFER no Yabou on eBay
Gradius III on eBay

28th October 2004
Sorry about the lack of updates as I have been very busy, I should be adding some new bit at the weekend.

5th October 2004
Added Gradius V to the cheats section.

29th September 2004
I have Gradius and Salamander items for sale on eBay at the moment, auctions finish this Sunday (All now sold)

25th September 2004
Emulation section has been changed to include local files as well as eMule link files, but if the bandwidth goes up to much the files will be pulled again as excess bandwidth costs me money!!! So please donate in the Emulation section.

17th September 2004
Finally got around to installing a testing server on my own system (lots of stress getting it working but well worth the effort), this means I can do more 'offline' testing. Gradius V is out in the US and is getting a DVD called 'Breakdown' which it more or less the Options DVD, see the official Konami US Press Release for details. Also Gamers can enter the contest on Konami’s website at from September 17th to October 1st 2004, don't forget to view the crazy rules (pdf file) first!!

12th September 2004
Completely changed the layout of the site and sorted out many new problems, layouts are easier to read and colour's are more harmonized.

31st August 2004
Added two images taken from Anubis Zone of the Enders Zoradius game. Temporary Gradius V soundtrack image also added.

30th August 2004
After reading a few official sites (Amazon and Game) it would seam Gradius V UK release date has been put back to 15th October 2004, the US release as for as I can find remains the same.

29th August 2004
Gradius IV Fukkatsu rom emule link added to the emulation section (please keep it shared etc… as it is quite hard to find and when it is fully playable it will be mayhem trying to get it).

28th August 2004
Updated the Emulator section with new links and emu versions, also added a Classified Buy, Sell and Wanted section to the Forum.

21st August 2004
I've finally got around to making a linking banner for this site.

15th August 2004
hanged the layout of this page and added a new countdown to the 20th Anniversary of Gradius.

9th August 2004
Forum scrolling problems have been sorted out and tested with IE6 and Mozilla Firefox (my browser of choice), thanks to Dynamic Drive for the resize javascript and Graham (<b>GOGS</b>) for pointing the problem out in the first place.
But this iframe resizer was causing to many problems and have returned to the old layout of the Forum opening a second window.

7th August 2004
Moved the countdown to the left hand side, not much else.

26th July 2004 After playing Gradius V for the last few days I have updated my review and made the game sound a lot better than the first version of the review, moved the Gradius V section about a bit, now has the correct stages.

25th July 2004
Added some Game Simulation Video cover scan and Gradius V 'Options' DVD Cover scan, thanks to Natori

22nd July 2004
I have been playing Gradius V for the last few hours and have wrote quite a damning review, go and read it, see the forum for other peoples comments.

21st July 2004
Gradius V Japanese version is out today, it will be over a week until I get my copy from a friend in Japan, if anybody wants to do a small review please post it in the forum, thanks ^_^

15th July 2004
I just could not wait with this information - TWO new Fan Based games added, G-GR andamp; Solar Falcon, both games are just excellent, these should keep you going until Gradius V comes out next week, thanks to Atomita for the information and links. Also put the Cameo and Fan Based Games menu in alphabetical order on the left hand menu.
The countdown has begun and time is getting short under 6 Days to go.

14th July 2004
Trial Version and Sample covers added to the Game Pack Scans section of Gradius V - thanks to Natori for the information and scans.
Well its been 18 months since Gradius V was announced at the E3 2003 show and its now only one week until the Japanese launch, lets hope its worth the wait.

11th July 2004
I've activated avatars in the Forum so all the people who are joined or not yet to join can choose an image from the gallery's or upload your own.

10th July 2004
Gradius V Music CD information added, thanks to Natori for the information and links.
Konami Style lists the ""Gradius V Original Soundtrackandquot; music CD

Also the composer of Gradius V is Sakimoto Hitoshi (Radiant Silvergun music)
To be honest I thought the Radiant Silvergun music was quite poor or even crap, it was like just a noise in the background. Lets hope Gradius V is much better, but so far the two tunes you can download from the Official site do not sound that good at all, lets just say at the moment its no Gradius Gaiden or even Gradius IV Fukkatsu.

3rd July 2004
Added some advertisement movies for Gradius II GOFER no yabou game play video, Salamander and Salamander Basic Saga Anime, Gradius III and IV Fukkatsu no Shinwa intros and a much better version of the Gradius V movie.
Konami Style lists a DVD called 'GRADIUS V OFFICIAL DVD THE PERFECT' this has play guides, weapon information and lots more, it costs andyen;3150 and comes out the same time as the game. The only thing that's a bit odd is that this sort of extra information came as standard on R Type Final (PS2) when with this game you have to spend more cash, no news if this DVD will come out in the west but I would not hold your breath.
Http:// (Japanese site) Babelfish English Translation

30th June 2004
GRADIUS V package designer interview: Hidetaka Tenjin (Japanese site) Babelfish English Translation
I'm not sure how good the translation is but you will get the idea, thanks JUN for the link.

24th June 2004
The bandwidth traffic problem was causing some more problems so I have now moved all the movies, rom images including the fan based games to eMule
My broadband is flat rate so this will save me cash when my server costs me when I go over my 10gig per month limit.
The files will be slow to download at the start as only myself will be sharing them, this should speed up as more and more as more people download (please leave the files sharing).
I have added a few clones to some sections ie.. Gradius Galaxies and Gradius Advance. Please share.

21st June 2004
Only one month to go before Gradius V comes out in Japan.
Due to the extra interest of Gradius V this site is getting 150% more hits per day so as a bandwidth saver all rom images are offline until next month (extra bandwidth costs come out of my pocket and I have empty pockets).

17th June 2004
Change the other Gradius V movies to eMule links also, I will be adding some more maybe this or next weekend. I will also be changing the most downloaded files into eMule links as I'm on unmetered broadband and that costs nothing for the extra bandwidth. If you do download any of the eMule linked files please keep them shared so they download faster for everybody else, Thanks.
Just to make it easy for all of you, if you search for GSGHW on emule you will find all the files I'm sharing (the acronym means GameStone Gradius Home World before you ask).

12th June 2004
The Gradius Generations Movie has been added but as an eMule link Gradius Generation Final Challenge the is just a test which if successful I will put some more large movie files and maybe some music on the eMule as well.

11th June 2004
The Gradius V Promotion movie below has some Japanese text and information that has now been translated for this site by SasaMisa, see the Gradius V section for the information.
Gradius Generations tips added for the two, I mean THREE challenges from ForteMP3, I have a DivX video of the Final Challenge but bandwidth is hitting the roof with Gradius V coming out soon I'm getting 3000 hits a day (usually only 2000), I will have to see about this at the end of the month. If I go over my 10gig limit it costs me more cash :(

9th June 2004
A very nice Gradius V Promotion movie from Japanese video game shop version. This shows lots of new bits and information.
Format: wmv9 (Windows Media Video / Windows Media Player), Duration: 2m 10s
Thanks to JUN from Japan

6th June 2004
Azuco's Hornet emulator has had a small update 13th May 2004 (Gradius IV Fukkatsu), he's added a tile map memory viewer. Please note the game is not playable and I don't know of anywhere that has the roms even if it was.
Moved the Emulation section about and redone the links in that section.

5th June 2004
Thanks to Dmitriy D for the TwinBee Taisen Pazuru-dama images for the PSX, also to my brother for the Gradius V Bonus DVD OPTIONS translation
Just under 46 days to go for the Japanese release.

31st May 2004
Cleaned up the Links section of broken and double links. Small bits added to the Cameo section.

29th May 2004
The Konami Style site has information on Gradius V (Japanese).

28th May 2004
Excellent new movie from JUN, Vic Viper Weapons and Option Lock information added to the Gradius V section.
Cleaned up the Gradius III Densetsu no Shinwa and Gradius IV Fukkatsu logo on the Arcade, also in the Arcade section I have added an image of the Konami 'Windy' Candy arcade machine (I want one ^_^ ).
Promoted the Fan Based Games to their own section and renamed the Fan Material to Art Work, rolled out the new DHTML left hand menu across the whole site, should make finding what you want a lot easier.

27th May 2004
I decided to do a bit of Programming and added a Dynamic html (DHTML) menu on the left, it's only on this page at the moment because I'm still testing it for speed etc… If it does work for you use the drop down menu on the top left.

22nd May 2004
Added some images and information for my Gradius IV Fukkatsu arcade board I just recently purchased from Japan, I was looking at the Operator's Manual that came with the board and it mentioned the Low and Med Res versions (selectable by Dip Switch), it also shows the wiring diagram for all the ports, one of them was called VGA out so I selected the 24kHz Medium Resolution option, plugged the board into my old 17' iiyama monitor and the game booted, the picture was so good it make the flickery PS2 version look a bit crap. The game also has no lag between levels (the PS2 version stops for a split second while the next level loads).

21st May 2004
Just a small Icon Power Up animation added to Gradius V
Also on the Official KCET site you can download the Stage 1 music for the game Gradius V.
20th May 2004 Twelve new Gradius V screen shots added to the screen shot section, I must say the game is just looking better and better, ONLY 62 days till the Japanese release ^_^

19th May 2004
I just this morning received my large order of arcade games straight from Japan including - Gradius (bubble version), Gradius II GOFER no yabou, Gradius III ~ Densetsu kara Shinwa ~, Gradius IV Fukkatsu, Salamander and a small Parodius Pachinko machine all with their original stickers and instructions that I will be scanning over the next few weeks, I will also be updating the Arcade section with the new information and images.
Added character and weapon animations to the Super Famicom Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

17th May 2004
The site GameStone has been going for nearly seven years and the code and layout of the pages have become clogged with obsolete code and html, the site first started with Notepad and then quickly moved onto Adobe Pagemill, then Microsoft FrontPage 98/99 and then I started with the excellent Macromedia Dreamweaver 2, 3, MX and now MX 2004. I have been going over the pages for the last week (boring) and removing all the rubbish and sorting out the Style Sheets (instead of Font's) etc… I still have lots to do but it should make page loading faster and layouts better for you.

13th May 2004
Some more images added to the Gradius V section from the E3 2004 show, Gamespot has some movies on their site but I don't have access to these (Ahhhh I hate password sites).
For all you people in Japan you can pre order the game on the internet from Sofmap | Sofmap Babelfish English Translation for andyen;6,279 and you get the bonus 'OPTIONS' DVD also, if only I lived in Japan ^_^
Also adjusted the Contact page to use CGI instead of an email link, hopefully this will stop the spam bots collecting my email address.

10th May 2004
Moved a few bits around and organize the PS2 section with a new layout.

9th May 2004
The Core, you may notice the Core gets more detailed as the series progresses.

6th May 2004
Thanks to Federico Mazza for the HDI image of Garudius 95, I have updated the HDI image he sent me to make it boot without a floppy disk boot image and command prompt typing (much easier to run and a very good game). Now I just need somebody to write some reviews/guides for all the fan games ^_^

5th May 2004
Added two links above to Konami's Official E3 2004 web site (US and Japanese Versions), the E3 show starts May 12th - 14th 2004, the site should have some very interesting Gradius V information taken from the show.

3rd May 2004
More Gradius artwork added from the Japanese CG group 'Konaken' nice stuff.
Gradius V Shop front experience and Sticker images added. I'm sure everybody knows by now but I will say it anyway, if you preorder the game Gradius V in Japan you get a bonus DVD called OPTIONS, this DVD has behind the scenes 'making of the game' and play videos. I will have to see if I can get hold of one of these.
Some excellent Fan Games added - G-Phantom ~Xerdotos Phantom~ (best fan game), GR3EX, Naradius, Haradius, Fatalcraft, GikoParo andamp; GikoParoNeo, also move and reorganized the Fan Based Games section so each game has it's own page as the original section was getting a bit messy.
Three image from the upright version of Solar Assault Gradius have been added (I want one of these ^_^ )

2nd May 2004
Small scans of PSOne Books games Detana!! TwinBee and Gokujou Parodius Deluxe Pack for the PlayStation, a better image of Gradius V box. Dream Mix TV World Fighters scan added to the Cameo section.

1st May 2004
CG Intro images for Gradius III AND IV pack on PS2, Cameo of TwinBee characters in the Arcade game Battle Tryst added. Also moved the Fan Based games section about.
Added Gradius V UK release date, still no news on the US release date at the moment.

25th April 2004
Moved the Konami logo history to its own section under History, organized the Arcade and Game Boy Advance sections, I'm going through the site and sorting out most of the layout problems and reorganising the layout so they load faster, its going to take quite a bit of time but there's not much else to do until Gradius V come out in 87 days.
Moved the Cameo section about quite a bit, I would like some help with some image grabs for the Cameo games section that have no images at the moment (just about 3/4 of them).

24th April 2004
Added a Gradius V count down to the Japanese release, also back is the Piano tune from Gradius Deluxe Pack, moved the Multimedia section about a bit. Added a few image rollovers to the various sections on the left.

18th April 2004
Three more excellent pieces of Gradius art work from Cliff Campbell added, Organised Nemesis '90 Kai, Gradius III AND IV andamp; Gradius V sections for better viewing. Also added some Trial version screen shots to Gradius III AND IV (thanks JUN). Resized all the fonts on the site so I can try a few different layouts again.
A formal announcement from KCET is that Gradius V will be release on 22nd July 2004 (thanks JUN for the updated information)
IRC has now change (see left below), I don't use IRC but I know a few people do.

17th April 2004
Box scan of Gradius V added (low res version, sorry) thanks to JUN.

12th April 2004
Japanese Konami fan JUN has confirmed the Japanese release date of Gradius V is the 29th July 2004, price andyen;7,329.
I was bored so I decided to make a Vic Viper Formation tribute, there are a few of Lord British as well, you can see how Vic Viper has changed over the years with each game. I would like to do more with Moai, Cores etc… I will see what I can do.

11th April 2004
Added 'Airforce Delta: Blue Wing Knights' to the Cameo Section as this game has lots of ships and planes from just about every Konami game you can think of.

10th April 2004
The Excellent MSX/PC Fan Based Gradius game Manesis has been added thanks to Eric, lots more fan based games to come over the next few months.
Cliff Cambell has sent one more excellent piece of Fan Art. Also all new artist section added for the artist of many talents - Alteka - very nice desktop wallpaper andamp; Vic Viper scratch build model, she is also working on a huge plush Vic Viper, more images soon.

8th April 2004
Moved the Fan Art section about a bit and added lots of new art work, updated the I-Mode games section, added Arcade Solar Assault PCB photo and lots of new screen shots for most of the arcade games. PlayChoice 10 Gradius rom added.

3rd April 2004
New Gradius V information, screen shots and lots more added. I decided to move the Cheats about and created a new cheats section to make it easier to find the games cheats.

28th March 2004
Konami TYO's site has been updated with some new stuff including background wallpaper to download and Internet Rankings for the game Gradius V (same as Gradius IV Fukkatsu) but not working until the game is out.

23rd March 2004
Added rankings to the Forum (they vary depending on how many post you have made), also moved a few bits about and created some new sections.

21st March 2004
Updated the Fan Based games section with G TYPE and lots of images for the other games, I'm still working on a better layout for this section but it usable at the moment

18th March 2004
Added a few images to the History section and to the Games/I-Mode Gradius section

17th March 2004
Konami TYO now has an official Gradius V web page, not much information yet but it shows the game is coming soon.

14th March 2004
Added a poster scan of the Japanese version of Gradius V, thanks Jun

6th March 2004
Fixed some broken external links on the Emulation page, I've also got around to making the Fan Art section a bit better as well as adding some very good pencil art work from Cliff Campbell. I've gone through the site and removed lots of the thumbnails, I decided to just have the images on the pages instead, loading times are a bit longer but it does make some the pages look better.

2nd March 2004
Even more Gradius for the Japanese mobiles 'Gradius Neo -IMPERIAL-' this game look like you play the Core instead of Vic Viper. Also added a fan based game Maridius, sort of Mario and Gradius rolled together in one game, very interesting, thanks to Eric for the information.

28th February 2004
Added a magazine scan for PC Engine Parodius Da! And I've also sorted out the Internet Explorer problems. Changed all the gif's to png's across the whole site (smaller file sizes means faster loading) except the animation gif's as you cannot animate a png (as far as I know).
Finally update the Fan Based games section with links and information, you just have to play GR-S as it is the best PC based fan Gradius game available, very professional.

18th February 2004
Well the 18th February has been and gone so I guess with their release date for the US version of Gradius V must have been wrong.

8th February 2004
Updated the Emulation section with the latest emulators available, also added Bubble System BIOS rom that can be played in the M1 music player (warming up tune from Gradius and TwinBee).
There are problems with the Emulation section if you have the latest patches from Microsoft installed for IE6, I will see if there is a way around it over the next week or so, Mozillia Firefox 0.8 web browser works fine. Out of the 6782 accesses last week, 978 were Netscape, the rest were Internet Explorer 6.0 (1252 were Internet Explorer 5.0). I will check at work tomorrow to see if it has the same problem.

6th February 2004
Another Gradius game has appeared from nowhere called Gradius Neo for the NTT DoCoMo phone system in Japan, hopefully they will bring this game out in the west as it looks very good.

1st February2004
Changed the Gradius V logo to a much better resolution version, also changed a few images on the Gradius V page and added one more divx movie from the game.
According to the Tokyo Game Show 2003 (Titles on Exhibit) pdf document I found online, it says the Japanese version of Gradius V has a release date of Winter 2004, I've read elsewhere that the UK andamp; US release are next month, this seems kind of strange.

29th January 2004
Some pictures of the intro and more in-game images from Gradius V, the game does look very cool, I can't wait.

25th January 2004
Added three short DivX movies of Gradius V recorded last year at E3 to the PS2 section. Still no definite release date, it's been over a year and I hope it's worth the wait.

11th January 2004
Updated all the arcade roms to the correct names and check all 24 games.

3rd January 2004
M1 v0.7.4b - Arcade Rom Music Player, sorted out a few bugs, Emu Hype's News Page for the latest version, don't forget to get the BridgeM1 has also been updated to v0.5.1a.

2nd January 2004
M1 v0.7.4 - Arcade Rom Music Player has been updated, see R. Belmont's WIP Emporium or Emu Hype's News Page for the latest version, don't forget to get the BridgeM1 v0.5.1 front end and track listing. Also updated the Emulation page to included the M1 player, updated all the latest links and information. Gradius and Salamander PC Engine Magazine scan added to the PC Engine Gradius section, (thanks JUN).
Gradius V release date listed on on is 5th March 2004.