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Site History

Site History - 2003

28th December 2003
Famicom TwinBee Disc System images added, Gradius and Salamander Audio Cassette and CD Single information, Salamander Video and Laser Disc images (

courtesy of JUN), some book scans , TwinBee I-mode images. Lots of other little tweaks here and there. Puzzle game called 'Cue Brick' contain some cameo appearances by some Gradius


24th December 2003
Some new images and information straight from a Konami fan 'JUN' in Japan added to the Gradius V section. Also added some more I-appli, I-mode
information to the TwinBee section.

23th December 2003
The game is now two years old and as a holiday bonus I have added Gradius Generation to the Emulation section. As this is the Japanese version of the

game its also good to see if there where differences from Gradius Advance (UK) and Gradius Galaxies (US) that you have probably played on the actual handheld console.

13th December 2003
Konami are bringing the mobile gaming to the west including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA on Vodaphone Live and Verizon - Get it Now, the

only games listed are Gradius, Frogger and Castlevania.

11th November 2003
New Gradius V logo added to the PS2 section and a link to the Tokyo Game Show 2003 where Gradius V was shown.

7th November 2003
PSX TwinBee RPG character pictures and box scans, Kukeiha logo's to the Music CD section, History of the Konami Logo in the History section, Game Boy

Advance Gradius Generations hidden 5000 bonuses and some more tips (the game is two years old now), Famicom 'Gradius ArchiMENdes Hen' Rom Image added to the Emulation section.
Still no more news on Gradius V yet but it will probably be out February 2004 (or so I have read elsewhere)

26th October 2003
Updated the emulation page with the latest emulators and sorted out a few dead links, also tested the games with the new version of some of the


11th October 2003
Konami are re-releasing some of their back catalog on the PlayStation.
Gradius Gaiden | Detana TwinBee Deluxe Pack | Gokujou Parodius Deluxe Pack

28th September 2003
Added some hints and cheats to Detana!! TwinBee on the PSX and Saturn, move around Nemesis 90' Kai and added a few other bit here and there, mainly

just clearing my 'Gradius To Sort' folder.

27th September 2003
Sort some of the site code out (CSS etc…) and changed the navigation button in the Games section.
No new news on Gradius V yet.

29th August 2003
Four new Gradius Home World logos added (you will get a random when you load this page).

18th August 2003
Added some pictures and information for Parodius and TwinBee for the J-Appli I-Mode phone

17th August 2003
I have added a small ring tone section, when I understand WML better I will make a little Ring Tones and Graphics page, but in the mean time you can play

with these two tunes. They work with my Nokia 3510i, they are standard midi files so should work with any polyphonic phone, just type those URL's into the WAP browser on your mobile and it

will say tone received, you will only be charged only for the connection time (depends on your operator but T-Mobile for me was about 15 pence each). This was only tested in the UK as I

can't test overseas but I see no reason why it shouldn't work.
Congratulations from Gradius III
1st Level tune from ThunderCross II

31st July 2003
Added some new images and information to the Gradius V section, also I have ordered R Type Final for the PS2, hopefully it will be here by tomorrow and it

will tide me over until Gradius V comes out next year. I have also tested all the PSX games with the ePSXe Emulator and they all play except Parowars and Gradius, see the Emulation section

for details.

23rd July 2003
Move the Site History into the Gradius Home World section of the site. R Type Final is out on PS2 but I don't have a copy of it yet but it looks very good.

18th July 2003
I was getting a bit bored with the black stars background and fancied a change to a much lighter background, sorted out quite a few animated gif's and some

problem graphics because of the new background.

7th July 2003
Added a new Japanese Gradius game to the Fan Material section (under games) here is the link to this wonderful Windows based game GR-S

5th July 2003
New small icons on the Fan Material and Multimedia sections, also added the last two sets of arcade roms to the emulation section, Sexy Parodius and

Salamander 2.

29th June 2003
Added TwinBee Yahho-! Arcade rom to the emulation section

24th June 2003
Updated the emulation section with some nice pictures and sorted out some bad links.

21st June 2003
Is Gradius V being developed by Treasure or KCET?, You Decide, take a look at my updated Gradius V page.

20th June 2003
The bandwidth Anti leeching is working, I now have some spare bandwidth, so I have added Gokujou Parodius arcade ROM image to the emulation section, moved

the Cameo Appearances section around a bit so its easier to read.

13th June 2003
Sorted out the bad links in the emulation section

10th June 2003
More Anti leechingmeasures put into effect on the emulation section.

7th June 2003
Finally got around to making some small navigation buttons for the games page.

2nd June 2003
I've protected all the rom images with an Anti leechscript because of other sites cross linking and stealing my band width.

25th May 2003
Added three pictures to the Konami Official Art section under Fan Material taken from the PSX games CD Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius ~ forever with me ~, Mame 0

.69 has been released, mainly bug fixes but some new game added also, no effect to the few Salamander 2 problems. Changed the background picture on this page and the other pages also,

finally made some new main navigation buttons on the left.

16th May 2003
Arcade Salamander 2 is now fully playable in the latest release of Mame 0.68, Moved the music section about so its much easier for me to update and hopefully

easier for you to view.

14th May 2003
Added some PS2 Gradius V screen shots taken from the E3 show, moved the Konami CD section under Multimedia about quite a a bit and merged the two CD sections

into one.

13th May 2003
Famicom Parodius da! Added, thanks go to ckain, I would say it nearly a complete list apart from the Game Boy Advance and some of the Arcade roms (I have

them but am choosing not to put them up at this time)

9th May 2003
Famicom TwinBee, Gradius II, Gradius and Salamander screen shots and rom images added.

4th May 2003
Added Hints, Tips and Cheats information to MSX, PC8801, X68000, PSX and Saturn game sections, Also added Game Boy Advance Gradius Generations cheats. Moved

the rom image links from inside each game section to just the emulation section, also added file sizes. Added some pictures to PSX ParoWars.

3rd May 2003
Arcade Gradius II GOFER no yabou and Gradius III operator manual and control scans, pictures of the real Easter Island Moai in the Fan Material section.

2nd May 2003
PS2 Gradius III and IV The Best Release box scan, Famicom Moero TwinBee Cartridge Version scan, Famicom TwinBee 3 Guide Book scan, lots of CD scans and

information on some of the Kukeiha Club music CDs also, TwinBee RPG pictures all supplied by JUN.
Famicom Moero TwinBee - Cinnamon Hakase wo Sukue!, Yume Penguin Monogatari, TwinBee 3 Poko-Poko Daimaou rom images added.
Added one new fan picture to the Fan Material section
Made the navigation border on the left (only on this page) black until I get time to make some new navigation button (the text only was had to read with the planet background)

29th April 2003
Arcade Salamander 2 screen shots added and some weapon pictures for Java I-mode Gradius and Salamander. Operator Manual scan for Arcade Gradius and lots of

other screen shots added to the arcade sections

28th April 2003
Added some pictures and information about the Game Simulation Videos of Gradius and Salamander and a magazine scan of the Gradius III and IV Fukkastu no

Shinwa for the PS2 but supplied by JUN. Also added an Old Gradius Polls page for the previous voting's.

22nd April 2003
Just a small update of every section to make the tables more constant across the site and make the pages have no sideway scroll bars at 1024 x 768 at this

is the resolution most people use (17inch monitors), its just my TFT runs at 1280 x 1024, I'll have to remember to check page as I make them in future.

21st April 2003
Updated the Emulators section to include links to the various emulators I use.

20th April 2003
PSX Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius Guide and Cheats section added (also contains some Saturn version cheats), a few images added to the Games/Cameo section.

19th April 2003
Added TwinBee da! (Game Boy) info, rom etc… to the Emulation and History Sections.

10th April 2003
Gokujou Parodius, Sexy Parodius and TwinBee Yahho-! Are now supported by Mame 0.67 , Salamander 2 missed out on this release of Mame.

6th April 2003
Made a new Japanese GHW logo and made it cycle between the two (Japanese - English GHW Logo), added a game rom list to the Emulation section

1st April 2003
Changed the complete layout of the site, added Japanese game text to each page, made navigation much easier, checked every rom image to see if any where

damaged zip files, sorted out tons of broken links and so much more its too much to list. Also this is the first time I've spent a week testing the site instead of just uploading it and

changing bits as I go. I hope you like the new layout, talk about it in the Forums
The Emulation section is a bit empty at the moment, this will have guides on which emulators the rom images have been tested with, as well as links to the emulator web sites &

hopefully some guides on how to get the harder emulators (X68000 etc..) to work.
Mame TwinBee Yahoo-! Is looking good and may be in the next release.

28th March 2003
Changed a few bit here and there (bad links, typos etc..), updated the History sections to make them easier to read. Still no news or extra screen shots of

Gradius V yet :(

27th March 2003
ANUBIS Zone of the Enders and some other Salamander/Gradius references in the Cameo Appearance section including a fighting game Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn.
Also added some TV Commercial screen shots to the Famicom games, thanks to JUN

15th March 2003
Added information on the new CD Salamander Arcade Soundtrack

13th March 2003
Added some more CD listings to Music World (thanks to JUN again ^_^).
New poll added (I would like to see what comes out top).

12th March 2003
Mame WIP page list that work on the Konami GX driver (Gokujou Parodius, Sexy Parodius) are looking good and may be in the next Mame release.

28th February 2003
Sorted out a few bad links and moved a few little bits about.

26th February 2003
All the arcade rom images have been removed as my bandwidth is maxing out for the second month running (I only get 10GB transfer per month). Changed the

Forum from Phorum to the excellent (and much better to use) phpBB forum.

25th February 2003
Added the release date and code numbers for Gradius III and IV best pack from Japan, also Salamander 2 CD track listings both thanks to JUN.

23rd February 2003
More CD track listings from JUN, also a information on a remix Techno Gradius tune from Germany, thank to Gruß Gernot for the info.

22nd February 2003
Gradius game on eBay started today on a 10 day auction finishing on 04th March 17:28. Lots of games for the PSX, Saturn. Music CDs and lots more - go

take a look.

21st February 2003
Removed the Buying and Selling section as no games were being sold, I will list the games on eBay probably next week. Also thanks go to a Japanese

Konami fan "JUN" for some track listing and CD cover scans (images not up yet).

20th February 2003
More Voting Polls added. Not much else as I don't have the time at the moment.

15th February 2003
Change the Voting Poll to php (could not mix SSI and PHP).

14th February 2003
Added the first of many short Voting Polls. Change the Poll to server side include instead of php. If you can think up a Poll send me a question and the

list of answers and I will add it to the list on the right.

10th February 2003
Updated the Forum code to the latest version, now loads much faster, also changed the colours to make it easier on the eyes. Not much else added apart

from a few tweaks to some pages.

30th January 2003
I've split the History section into four pages so they load much faster now, also added some more TwinBee pages but not much added to each page yet (I

still have lots of scanning and retouching to do). No more Gradius V news yet but I will keep my eyes open.

24th January 2003
Moved lots about and change the main navigation again, sorted out bad links, table widths etc… (very boring stuff)

20th January 2003
One image added to the fan art section.

18th January 2003
Added some TwinBee RPG picture to the PSX section, also in other news a GREAT NEW game called GRADIUS V is coming out for the PlayStation 2 (should be

out in the autumn), I wonder if this will also get a western release.

11th January 2003
Changed the Main GameStone page about slightly (no more banners) and also changed a few colours here and there, sorted out the page layout so the site is

optimised for 1024x768, this seems to be the default size for desktops these days (nearly all computers sold come with a 17" monitor which runs nicely at this resolution). Change the

PayPal donation buttons so you can leave a short message when you make a small donation.

5th January 2003
Split Gradius and Salamander in the History Section, change the PSX ParoWars and Sexy Parodius logos and added one extra screen shot to each section.

4th January 2003
Split the misc game section into three sections, Merchandise, Cameo Appearances and Other Gradius Games, this speeds up loading and make viewing easier.

Also added cross linking to all the game sections, ie 'Sexy Parodius is also available on Arcade, PSX, Saturn' etc… Removed PlayChoice10 Gradius II & Salamander and Arcade Jikkyou

Oshaberi Parodius ~forever with me~ because the games do not exist. Added the very hard to find roms of X68000 TwinBee and Detana!! TwinBee, also PC Engine Detana!! TwinBee rom added and

updated the History and Site Index sections too.

3rd January 2003
Thanks go to Federico Mazza for the first small donation, excellent and thanks again. I've scanned some of the Gokujou Parodius Art Book and they are

large and in Japanese so what I am going to do is crop the images just to show the original art work, sketches etc…