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Site History

Site History - 2002

28th December 2002
Arcade TwinBee Yahho-! Rom added (no emulator at the moment), Super Famicom Pop 'n TwinBee and TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventure Roms added. Some more screen shot of the new Konami J-APPLI I Mode Gradius game (Misc Gradius Games Section)

27th December 2002
Added Japanese translations of Gradius, Salamander, Parodius and TwinBee to the History section, also Japanese translation to Arcade Parodius. Level and weapon guide for Arcade Detana TwinBee. All text in now encoded with UTF-8 Unicode (Internet Explorer will display the Japanese text fine)

26th December 2002
Arcade Rom Image of Detana TwinBee/Bells and Whistles, also lots of pictures to the same page. One more music CD scan added to Music World.

25th December 2002
Some more CD front covers added. Added some extra screen shots to the Arcade Parodius, Gokujou Parodius and Sexy Parodius

24th December 2002
Arcade Rom Image of TwinBee has been added and updated the History section with the correct names and original prices for the TwinBee games, added a few more CD covers. Also added some very nice art work to the Arcade Sexy Parodius page.

23rd December 2002
Even more Music CD cover scans added.

22nd December 2002
A few more Music CD cover scans have been added.

21st December 2002
Changed the poster and cover scans in Gradius III AND IV for the PlayStation 2, added seven pages from the Gradius II GOFER no yabou Art Book for the X68000.

20th December 2002
Lots of cover images of the music CDs added to the Music World.

15th December 2002
Added three more games to the Buying and Selling section and reduced all of the prices for the other games, I also now except PayPal payments in £UK for United Kingdom buyers.

14th December 2002
Removed all the mp3s from the CD section, I am planning of adding (at a later date) one track from each CD.

13th December 2002
Some art picture to the X68000 Gradius II GOFER no yabou page and the second instruction sheet for the Arcade Salamander 2. Changed the music World section into two sections to speed up loading times.

25th November 2002
Lots of Track listings have been added to the Music World section

24th November 2002
Updated and added lots of new links to the Links section, also updated all the Bablefish Translation links so they should work OK now.

23rd November 2002
Added a Salamander Video Cassette and Pencil case to the Misc Games Section

22nd November 2002
Salamander 2 Arcade version instruction scans are now up and Spectrum cover scans complete, also updated the Music World section navigation and layout.

21st November 2002
More scans added, all the boxes, instructions, cartridges for the Famicom games.

20th November 2002 Added box scans of Salamander for the C64 and Spectrum. Also box scans of Gradius II GOFER no yabou for the X68000. I have scanned lots of images I am just retouching and resizing them for the site.

18th November 2002
I've just bought a new scanner so there will be lots of scanned images over the next month or two

10th November 2002
Update the Misc Gradius Section to contain cameo appearances of Gradius characters and game downloads so you can take a look.

9th November 2002
Cleaned up the Music World Section and went through my entire collection of games and music CDs checking original prices, code numbers and game names.

8th November 2002
Moved the GHW updates to this page from the main page, made all the font on most of the pages larger (I viewed the site on a system at work and the whole site text looked quite small).

7th November 2002
Added a 'Site Index' to Gradius Home World section and one more site added to the Links section.

3rd November 2002
Changed to look of Gradius Home World and updated the Forum and Guestbook. Added NOCHEX payment buttons in the Gradius - Buying & Selling section (only for UK buyers).

2nd November 2002
Change the Gradius - Buying & Selling section so you can now click on a PayPal logo to buy the items. Move all the Gradius game layouts around to display better.

27th October 2002
Today I updated the Guestbook so its now my own php version (much faster), I also transferred over all the messages from the old one.

26th October 2002
Added my first Gradius forum to the Gradius Home World section.

22nd October 2002
Rom images and screen shots for all the MSX games. Information and screen shots for Wai Wai World SOS Parsley Castle in the Misc section.

21st October 2002
Lots of screen shots for PC Engine games (Parodius da!, Gradius II GOFER no yabou and Salamander) and the arcade game Parodius da!. Change the History section about to make it more readable, also added quite a few images to that section too and added a very basic Saturn section.

20th October 2002
I found the Windows version of Gradius Deluxe Pack and have added a rom image of it to the W9x section

19th October 2002
More broken links sorted, added a few games to the Misc Gradius section and added lots of information to Solar Assault in the arcade section of Gradius Home World

16th October 2002
Simplified the Gradius Home World navigation slightly and cured a few other small problems.

15th October 2002
Adjusted some of the prices in the Gradius - Buying & Selling section and you now get FREE postage to the UK and a fixed price for postage to the US (other locations will be worked out when I know your location ) take a look. Also added four Silk tunes to the SILK music section.

13th October 2002
Added Gokujou Parodius da! And Sexy Parodius da! Arcade rom images to the arcade section, again you can play the music from the roms with the GX music player also on the same page, but there are no emulators for these games yet (I'm sure MAME will emulate them soon).

7th September 2002
I have added the Salamander 2 rom image to the arcade section, you can play the music from the rom with the GX music player also on the same page.

27th August 2002
There seems to be some more Gradius games on Japanese I Mode J-Sky mobile phones, here's the links to Konami's homepage ONE | TWO Gradius, Gradius B, Gradius C and Salamander, there is also movie of Salamander which I will put on this site in a few days and the games look virtually the same as the arcade version.

26th August 2002
Changed the navigation around a bit on Gradius Home World

23rd August 2002
Added the excellent music CD MidiPower Pro 7 to the Music World section of Gradius Home World in mp3 format, this CD has some of the best arranged versions of Gradius tunes, reduced some of the prices on the Gradius - Buying & Selling section.

10th August 2002
A new section added, Gradius - Buying & Selling of Gradius related material. I have quite a list of games for sale in this section for the Arcade, PSX, Saturn and lots more rare items. See this section if you have been looking for a certain game or music CD for a long time because I may well have it for sale.
Gradius Home World is now over FIVE years old, a big THANK YOU to everybody who has emailed me and gave their support.

8th July 2002
Added better screen shots to the Game Boy Advance section of Gradius Generations.
Nemesis is the Japanese name for the Game Boy games (not Gradius) also added the Nemesis and Nemesis II ROM IMAGES for the Game Boy.

18th June 2002
Added a site search facility from Google (see bottom of the page). You can now search the whole of the site or the rest of the Internet.

5th June 2002
Playchoice 10 section and added a few pictures of Gradius including the Vs Gradius ROM. Other ROMS added MSX Parodius da!, Game Boy Parodius da!, Arcade Parodius da!, moved the Arcade roms about a bit and added all the clone versions.

4th June 2002
Added the ROM IMAGES for the Amstrad CPC 464 version of Nemesis and Salamander as well as some screen shots.
I have also removed the NeoGeo section because I cannot find any reference to these games on the net or on Konami's web site, I only added them because I thought I saw Salamander running on the NeoGeo way back in 1992/3.

26th May 2002
Added ROM IMAGE for Gradius on the C64 (very hard to find online and quite rare)

23rd May 2002
Moved the Gradius Links from the Links page above into Gradius Home World (much better navigation).
I have also decided to re-scan all the game boxes, manual inserts and images for Gradius Home World at 300dpi (they are 72dpi at the moment), when the site first went live on the 26th July 1997 web space was expensive (I only had 5meg from Demon Internet) I now have much more and I think it is time for even better quality.

22nd May 2002
Finally found the ROM IMAGE for the PC88 version of Gradius, this version is almost identical to the X1 version.

21st May 2002
Added a PC88 Gradius section, no screen shots or information yet.

19th May 2002
Two screen shots and the very hard to find ROM IMAGE for the Sharp X1 Gradius, see the X1 section for information

16th May 2002
Added a language translator from AltaVista's Babel Fish so you can have the site in your local language.
Thank you to David Lowenstein some Gradius Links and I have added even more Gradius links (10 in total). I have also added translated links to all the Japanese links.

11th May 2002
Another version of Gradius I have never seen before, Gradius for the Sharp X-1 computer (I will be putting up some picture in the next few weeks).
Made the navigation of Gradius Home World much better and also sorted out some bad link in the Apex Computer Productions section of Zzap! World 64

3rd May 2002
Added two more tunes from the Gradius Deluxe Pack, Gradius Piano Tune (the track when you complete Gradius On the PSX/Saturn) and reorganised Gradius Music World section (better navigation)

1st May 2002
Lots of mp3 Gradius music added, way to many to list so take a look. Also there is a new Gradius CD out in Japan with called GRADIUS - ARCADE SOUNTRACK. It’s a 2 CDs set containing: Original Game Soundtracks from Gradius, Gradius II, Gradius III & Gradius IV. Plus 6 music tracks from the PSX, Saturn and PS2 versions plus 7 arranged tracks. I will try to get hold of some of these CDs and put up some mp3s from it.
Gradius - Arcade Soundtrack KMCA-155-156, ¥3800 in Japan.

30th April 2002
I have upgraded my ISP (no more pop-up windows) and I now have three times more web space, so I have now added quite a few mp3s to the music section of Gradius Home World.

31st March 2002
New better pictures of the various machines (computer and console) that run Gradius Games

30th March 2002
Added a page counter and Super Famicom Rom Images and one Game Boy game. New background picture for Gradius Home World. Plus a new Misc Gradius section showing unusual Gradius related stuff.

24th March 2002
Added lots of box scans and images for the Famicom and X68000 games. Also added disk images for the X68000 and Arcade games.
Whenever you see Floppy Image means the game can be download for evaluation (you will require an emulator to play these games, please do not ask me about them because I don't have time to sort that out.

12th March 2002
My 3rd Winamp skin 'Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius da!' is now complete, take a look Gradius Winamp skin

9th March 2002
I have made a new Gradius Winamp skin and added two others I found on the web, all the games below have now been sold ^_^

26th February 2002
I have now decided to sell the Vulcan Venture arcade JAMMA board I own and a few other games on eBay
Arcade JAMMA Vulcan Venture | PSX Parodius da! PAL Version | PSX Gradius Deluxe Pack Japanese Version, all of these auctions have finish.
8th February 2002
My Lunar Rescue arcade machine is now for sale on eBay, ends 17-Feb-02 13:04:38 GMT (only for the UK). This machine is now sold and has been removed from this site.

1st February 2002
Added rom images for Gradius, Parodius da! And Salamander to the PC Engine section of Gradius Home World section
Gradius Tunes added to Mid's, Sid's & Other Tune section of Gradius Home World
Four tunes added to the Silk (Oomori Kinuku the voice of Priss from Bubblegum Crisis) music page,

25th January 2002
Big update, this site is now hosted by 1&1 Hosting, I'm sorry the site was down for a few days, domain name transfers are not as easy as they should be.
A few updates to the Gradius Home World section, removed the cross linking between versions of the games (makes navigation less confusing).
More information added to the Silk music page.
Merged the Arcade section with Lunar Rescue (I don't have many boards left anyway)
Datahits tunes are now back including Sanxion 'Thalamusic' from the Zzap! 64 Sampler cassette
I will be putting up some more mp3s of Gradius and Silk, if you want a particular tune, please email and I will put up the most requested and then rotate then once a month or fortnightly maybe.