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Site History

Site History - 2001

30th December 2001
Well another year and another update, because I now have broadband ADSL fitted (very fast!!!!) I can no longer upload to Freeola (unless I dial into them with a modem (too slow) and I don't have a modem because I used to have ISDN) I am going to have to cut down this site and move it to a new hosting service (this will not effect the site because of the domain name transfer). The site used to be other 102MB but now I have cut it down to just over 58.8MB (I only get 100MBs with my new hosting company)
Sections removed are from the Arcade section: Dragon's Lair (I have sold my machine so this seams appropriate), Thunder Force, Thunder Cross, Psychic 5 (I still have this board for sale)

24th December 2001
The Datahits and Sanxion mp3 tunes will not be back for a quite a bit of time now (no server space), sorry

16th December 2001
Added lots of information to GBA Gradius Generations page, and Game Boy Advance Logo. Added a few more pictures to the Dragon's Lair page

15th December 2001
Removed all the dead links from the Links section

14th December 2001
Sorted out loads of bad links (again), when I upgraded to Win 2000, it changed some of the files names and directories to uppercase. Then Dreamweaver decided to update the links to uppercase too, I went back to Win 98SE and the site worked OK on a Windows machine but on a web server (case sensitive) some pages had no pictures and some link where dead. They should all be OK now (I hope ^_^ )

10th December 2001
Change the navigation on Gradius Home World and added some more pictures to Gradius Generations, quite a few people ask me where to get Gradius/Salamander/Parodius da! Games from…. I get most of mine from eBay (see link on top right). Just search for 'Gradius' or 'Salamander' or 'Parodius da!' and make sure you search Available to your location (world search). There is usually lots of excellent games and systems on there.

28th November 2001
Added level information and more screen shots to GBA Gradius Generation page (that's the name of the Japanese version of the game)

27th November 2001
I have decided the C64 and Spectrum version of Nemesis and Salamander are old enough for rom images to be added to their relative sections, I am still looking for the US C64 version Gradius rom image to add to the C64 page.

24th November 2001
Game Boy Advance game 'Gradius Advanced' (UK version at the over inflated price of £35!!!! That is a bit steep don't you think) has been released on 8th November 2001 (The US version is called Gradius Galaxies), also the Japanese version is coming out next year in 17th January 2002, a bit strange that the Japanese version comes out 'after' the western release, unless it is going to be different maybe.

16th November 2001
Sorry about all the broken link etc, I have now sorted most of them out.

17th September 2001
I have added more screen shots to the GBA Gradius Galaxies page and some more pictures to the Music World section

22nd July 2001
Added four screen shots for the Game Boy Advance game 'Gradius Galaxies'

20th June 2001
Hugh change made the Gradius Home World, totally redesigned the site navigation and sorted out lots of problems. Added so much (box scans, game endings, screen shots) the list is endless, take a look!!!, I have now added cross navigation in Gradius Home World. I.e… If you choose Gradius III on the Super Famicom you can jump straight to other versions of the games (Arcade, PlayStation 2), Also have Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius da! ~forever with me~ & Parodius da! Original Soundtrack on CD, so box scans will be in Music World

29th May 2001
Box scans of Gokujou Parodius da! For the Super Famicom added to Gradius Home World

28th May 2001
Box scans of Parowars added to PSX Selection of Gradius Home World

19th May 2001
Added some scans from the Philips Programming manual for the VP380 (I believe it’s the same for all Philips players) thanks go to Marioni Matteo for the scans, I have just acquired Gokujou Parodius da! For the Super Famicom, so box scans will be up soon.

5th May 2001
My Suzuki motorbike has now been sold :)

5th May 2001
I am selling my Suzuki SV650SY motorbike (UK only).

26th April 2001
Changed around the Dragon's Lair and Lunar Rescue pages and added more information, A major update to how Gradius Home World looks and feels, also new logos and links. I hope you like the new look.

22nd April 2001
Added some pictures of my Table Top arcade game Lunar Rescue ARCADE, I have also bought Parowars for the PSX, box scans will be online soon, I may be selling my Vulcan Venture arcade JAMMA PCB on Ebay in a few weeks, I will put a link on here when it is online, it will be a 10 day auction and will be international too, more when I get around to it. (If I decide to sell it that is), I also have Gradius III Super Famicom (SOLD) in very good condition on Ebay right now (Auction Ends on: Sunday, 29 Apr, 2001 at 13:45:00 BST),And some arcade PCB's (Thunder Cross, Sky Kid, Psychic 5) (ALL THREE SOLD) on there too. See are Jamma Board Arcade Selection

16th April 2001
Change some of Zzap! World 64/Zzap!64 Magazine Selection (still not edited the last 10 issue though, but I will get around to it). That's about it really

21st March 2001
I have sorted out (most) some bad links and the navigation should be better again. I hope you like the new look. (No people have signed my guestbook yet though), Added some very nice 3D Vic Viper fan art to the Fan Art of Gradius Selection of Gradius Home World, these are very nice 3D pictures indeed, Also added some pictures of my Dragon's Lair arcade machine, I will add some pictures to the Lunar Rescue page when I get time, My complete site is now one one server (Geocities and Fortune City are still there at the moment but I will be deleting them soon). It makes site maintenance so much easier.

7th March 2001
Added information about the Game Boy Color games by the Roland Brothers 'Infinite Lives Ltd' have worked on (formally Digital Graffiti, formally Apex Computer Productions), They have got a site in the workings but its not online yet.

3rd March 2001
Gradius Home World Added scans (finally) for Super Famicom Parodius da! Front and back of the box and front page manual scan, ARCADE I have also scanned some photographs of my three arcade machines, When I have edited and resize them I will added them to the arcade Selection, Also added my first guestbook.

28th February 2001
Changed the main site view (this page) and moved Zzap! World 64 off of the Fortune City web server and onto my own site (no more banners at the top of every page and the pages should load faster) It also make site maintenance easier too, I am trying a new look for this site and it will take a few weeks/months to sort out but its getting there, Also my copy of Parodius da! For the Super Famicom has arrived, I will add the scans and information when I get around to it.

14th January 2001
I decided to add pictures of the consoles and computers to the various Selection of Gradius Home World. The site is starting to look a lot more slick now I think. Also added a few more pictures to some of the Gradius pages.

13th January 2001
I have just spent all morning grabbing and editing images for Sharps X68000 personnel computer version of Gradius, Gradius II GOFER no yabou, Salamander and Parodius da!. Also added an SNK NeoGeo Selection to Gradius Home World (I forgot all about these versions). Added game endings to the PC Engine, Super Famicom and Gameboy, Still waiting for my copy of Parodius da! For the Super Famicom to arrive (the cheque got lost in the post).

11th January 2001
I have just been through my own Gradius pictures directory and dug out some pictures and animations that I planed to add (and never got around to) but I've off work ill, so I thought I would be a bit productive and sort these orphans pictures out. I have added so many there are too many to list so you will just have to check out the site.

8th January 2001
Added lots of pictures to most of the Selections of Gradius Home World. Company logos, game titles and screen shots for most of the games.

6th January 2001
I just acquired the video 'Salamander 1' on eBay. It’s the story of Gradius and the attack of Bacterian which originally came out in 1989 in Japan by Konami and was subtitled in 1995 by Western Connections. Its not a bad piece of anime (crap subtitling though). I will be adding some small mpg video's, pictures and information soon, Added back cover scan for Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius da! To the Super Famicom Selection of Gradius Home World

1st January 2001
Added some pictures and animations to the Gameboy version of Parodius da!. Also added pictures to Gameboy Gradius The Interstellar Assault.