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Site History

Site History - 2000

30th December 2000
The front box scan is now online for Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius da!, I also found some screen shots for the game, Also added today are the Character pictures for this game (they took me ages to sort out). And weapon animations are coming soon too!!!. And changed the main 'stars' background image (the one on every page of Gradius Home World) it looks much nicer now.

28th December 2000
I have now received Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius da! For the Super Famicom and the box scan should be up in a few days. My first impressions of the game is that it has lots of speech, it saves your high scores, Joypad configuration (just like the PSX version), very nice music and the graphics. The wacky end of level bosses are amazing (on one stage it’s a very large girl with bunny ears that meeooohh's when you shot her). Great stuff.

20th December 2000
I have just bought Parodius da! And Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius da! For the Super Famicom, I will add box scans and reviews for these two when I receive them (one of them is coming from the US). I bought both of these games on eBay.

18th December 2000
Finally started the updating again. Sorted out the small text size on some the Gradius Home World page (I viewed my own site at an Internet Café and the text was way to small), I also changed the text colour on most of the pages (a bit to light so I made them darker) It's still not quite there but its getting there.

17th November 2000
Added a few extra buttons and changed the JAMMA arcade boards page (I have sold a few games). And thanks to Chris Hardy (author of the JunoFirst emulator) for some help in fixing some of my JAMMA game boards and Lunar Rescue which had the One Player Thrust/Shoot button that was not working but now works fine.

5th October 2000
Changed a few small parts of Gradius Home World and also changed the site logo again (I have tried to make it very smooth and I think I have finally got it), Also added two Gradius Gaiden tunes to Gradius Music World part of Gradius Home World

24th September 2000
Finished the second half of Part Six for Creature Feature on the Apex page Zzap! World 64

15th September 2000
Change the Silk page logo and change some of that page layout.

9th September 2000
Change the site layout a bit.

6th September 2000
Yes there is one more Parodius da! Games on the Super Famicom that came out in 1995 Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius da!. Gradius Home World, Many thanks to Kay Otto for this information.

5th September 2000
Added half of Part Six of Creature Feature on the Apex page Zzap! World 64

3rd September 2000
I have learnt a few new graphic techniques and have use them in this and Zzap! World 64, Also change the site feel for this page (nice and light now)

16th August 2000
I just spent about three hours going though the whole site to sort out all of the html (I checked it all by hand) I also got to grips with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) so the whole site should now be much more consistent (same font, colours etc), Also sorted out some of the Apex page for better navigation) Zzap! World 64

12th August 2000
Made some new page backgrounds for the Apex page and learnt some new techniques, also had to do over half the gif animations again because of transparency (very boring)

10th August 2000
Updated Gradius Home World completely. The Frames are gone and the navigation is the best yet. Very easy to use and looks good at 800x600 and 1024x768. (about the only annoying thing is that I have to import all the Japanese text again because it's not displaying correctly (ho-hum))

9th August 2000
Part Five of Creature Feature is now done and a total rework of the Zzap! Selection of Zzap! World 64

4th August 2000
Lots of animations of Clyde, some enemy's and Part Four of the Diary Zzap! World 64

3rd August 2000
Added animations of Clyde and Part Two and Three of the Diary (Creatures) Zzap! World 64

28th July 2000
Added a lots and lots of pictures to the Apex Selection and started the Creature Feature Selection (The Diary of a Game from Zzap!64 and Commodore Force) which is taking ages because I have to type them all in by hand (Omnipage don't work to well on coloured backgrounds). So far Part One is completed and the other six parts have all the pictures.

27th July 2000
Large update to Apex Computer Production page part of Zzap! World 64, Added 'You Die Here' mp3 from Gradius Gaiden Gradius Home World

25th July 2000
More information and Hints for Gradius IV Fukkatsu on the Gradius Home World page

8th July 2000
Finished the new Gradius Home World site logo and sorted out a few problems (that's the trouble when you update most of the site at once), Plus now I have got to grips with Dreamweaver Templates I'm thinking of getting rid of the frames, just to get the site working OK in 800x600 resolution

7th July 2000
Sorted out Gradius Music World and got to grips with Dreamweaver's Template system (it really make site navigation production much easier), Also changed the history Selection in Gradius Home World

6th July 2000
Just got back from my holiday in Ibiza and it was the best. Good music and night life, anyway, I have made the Gradius Home World page much easier to navigate and also I have colour coded the different machines versions, I'm also working on a new logo for Gradius Home World because the old one is looking a bit long in the tooth, And I might start scanning some C64 games for the Lemon Site (some of the scans I have seen on there are not that well scanned and I have the games and a good scanner so well.)

18th June 2000
Moved the Silk page about a bit and added two mp3's off the CD 'The Story So Far', Deleted a few links on the Links page, change the GameStone Art Selection a little and deleted lots of orphaned files and dodgy bits of html code here and there.

2nd June 2000
Added front and back cover scans of the Silk CD's

27th May 2000
Edited one more Zzap!64 (issue 32) 10 issue's to go

26th May 2000
This page has now moved to my new domain

20th May 2000
Finally edited one more Zzap!64 (issue 36) 11 issue's left to edit, the last time I edited an issue was the 8th August 1999 :(, Also news on compatibility of PS2 games (Gradius games that is ^_^, And also added a GameStone Art Selection

16th May 2000
Started a new Section SILK (Japanese Music group staring KINUKU)

30th April 2000
Added front cover scans and cheat information to the Gradius III and IV pack for the PS2

26th April 2000
Just got my hands on Gradius III and IV for the PS2 and Gradius III has an easier difficulty option and Gradius IV Fukkatsu is just brilliant, Note:- The PS2 can play PSX games but Gradius II GOFER no yabou on the Gradius Deluxe Pack runs about half speed (The music plays the right speed though) but Gradius runs OK.

12th April 2000
Just sorted out some more bad links.

24th March 2000
I have just updated my main system and I'm playing Final Fantasy VIII and Unreal, so there will be no updates for a while.

8th March 2000
Changed the main layout of the whole site for better navigation and added Gradius III, IV to the PSX2 page, Lots more info and pictures from the 'Gradius III and IV' game on the PS2

4th March 2000
My ISP made this page disappear and my e-mail also stopped working but its back up again on a new ISP and a new web address, I have also move all C64 related item's to the Zzap! 64 page and I have renamed it Zzap! World 64, as well as a full revamp to make the site look much more pleasing, The Gradius on the PlayStation2 is 'Gradius III and IV' with Gradius III and Gradius IV Fukkatsu (and a nice intro too) I have a box scan on the PlayStation2 page in Gradius Home World, The game comes out on the 13th April 2000 for the PS2 (Japanese release), Sorted out lots of bad links and orphan files.

4th February 2000
Change the site logo (I thought it looked a bit naf) and added a links banner for anyone who wants to link to this site, Also tweaked the Zzap!64 Selection with some new graphic effects

28th January 2000
Created a new logo for the site

21st January 2000
Finally edited one more Zzap!64 (issue 37) 12 issue to go

14th January 2000
Change a few Selection in Gradius Home World (Gradius III arcade mainly)

2nd January 2000
Added lots of images to the Thunder Cross Selection, Including Thunder Cross II images.