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Site History

Site History - 1999

28th December 1999
Changed the navigation on the Gradius Home World Selection again and added text form menus to this page too, Also added information to the Arcade Gradius III page and three tunes to the Gradius III in the Music World Selection.

24th December 1999
Added Gradius III to the arcade Selection of Gradius Home World and tweaked the layout of the main Gradius Home World navigation. Also some new picture here and there.

5th December 1999
Changed the Gradius IV Fukkatsu tune for some new ones.

26th November 1999
Updated the Apex page for better navigation and look (in line with the rest of the site) and added some Up and Down buttons to Gradius Home World

21st November 1999
Tweaked the Gradius Home World page a bit for the 800x600 viewers out there

19th November 1999
Changed this page for the 'LEAN' approach (no rubbish, just the bare essentials for speed and scaleable(Looks OK at 800x600 now))

18th November 1999
Changed the colours and layout of Gradius Music World Selection of Gradius Home World and it looks so much better now

12th November 1999
Some new pictures in the Gradius Home World Selection (scans of the adverts for the C64) and changed some colours on this page (my brother was moaning that it was not
colourful enough), plus I might be changing this page (it does not resize) so unless you are in 1024x768 it looks a bit crap)

24th October 1999
Added random gif anims to a few gradius pages as well as more link changes, plus a photo scan of my Dragon's Lair arcade machine in the Jamma Board Information Selection and 167 image grabs from the Laser Disc

21st October 1999
Sorted out the broken links on the Gradius Home World Selection and added pictures of the New Gradius game for the NGPS, And I am thinking of adding a Thalamus Selection (C64 games Sanxion, Delta, Armalyte etc…)

17th October 1999
Moved the Gradius Home World page around for better navigation and there a new Gradius on the way on the NGPS (PlayStation2). I believe it’s the Gradius III/Gradius IV Fukkatsu pack but with a new 3D game on the pack as well. (Pictures coming in a few days)

28th September 1999
Moved the Zzap!64 page around a lot and made it work so much better.

20th September 1999
Change the JAMMA Board Information page around a bit (more tweaking)

17th September 1999
I have changed this page around a bit (Hope you like it). Also added a list of computers I own/have owned (About Me page) and changed the colours on most of the site so the pages are much easier to read and look much better too

15th September 1999
The Demon site will be a dead link on the 1st October 1999 Thank You

12th September 1999
The Demon site is now gone so that's that. I have moved some most of the Geocities site onto this server now (they give me 100meg web space) so it seamed pointless to have everything all over the place (update nightmare). The Geocities site is now Gradius Music World, Changed the Datahits tape Selection and the mp3's are now back online

6th September 1999
The Demon site ( will no longer be updated and will be off line within the month, this site will now take over.

5th September 1999
I have changed my ISP so this page will move to Give this a few weeks and this page will have moved. Please update your links to this site
accordingly, The reason I am changing is that Demon has slowed down so much these days and I am not getting what I am paying for. I have been with Demon for 2 and a half good years. RIP Demon

29th August 1999
Sorry there has been no updates for a long time, I have been playing a new game 'Outcast' (a very good game indeed) and I have only just completed it. I have started editing some more Zzaps but I got very bored so I stopped (for now anyway). The bloody JAVA on this page is now gone (for good)

17th August 1999
Added new logo and change some Zzap! Stuff (added Commodore Force information) I will not be scanning the issues until the Zzap's have been done

8th August 1999
I don't like those pop up description much (they run quite slow) so I might get rid of them (Bloody Java), Edited One more Zzap!64 (issue 45) Yes my favourite number 13!!! To go

7th August 1999
Added some pop up description stuff (Java) to the main buttons on the left (this is just experimental, tell me if you don't like it), Also edited Four more Zzap!64's (31, 40, 46 and 47) Only 14 more to edit

2nd August 1999
Moved this page about (it now uses Layers for layout) and put your cursor over this Game Stone title above

1st August 1999
Sorted out a few bad links and added an about me page and added two more Zzap!64's (52 and 53) that leaves just 18 Issue to edit.)

17th July 1999
Added Atari ST and C64 box scans to The Great Giana Sister page

15th July 1999
Added two Thunder Cross midi's and cleaned up the page layout a bit, Change the Thunder Force layout and navigation, Added a Thank You page

9th July 1999
Tweak most all the site with new display colours and clean the html on most of the page so they all should look much better now, Also added new smaller buttons on the left of this page

3rd July 1999
dded all the Psychic 5 tunes in mp3 format, Also added a new Selection 'Thunder Cross' with some mp3 music and pictures

29th June 1999 Finally named the main site and changed this page layout

27th June 1999
One issue of Zzap!64 done (issues 33) 70/90 done, And added a 'before and after' edit Selection to show how much the issues are cleaned up after editing

24th June 1999
Changed some of the Thunder Force zone, Also another two more Zzap!64's done (issues 14 and 57) only 21 issues togo

23rd June 1999
All the Zzap!64 are on-line now on (I'm already using 15meg of the 20meg web space just on Zzap!'s alone)

22nd June 1999
Two more Zzap!64's done (issues 12 and 82)

16th June 1999
Changed the 'Girl From Tomorrow' page around a bit

15th June 1999
Note: the seven issues below are not online because I now have run out of web space, so if anyone has lots of space on a server somewhere (Only for the Zzap! 64's). The problem I
have is they will take over 20 meg when all have been edited. Thanks in advance, Seven YES SEVEN!!!! More Zzap!64's done (issues 10, 58, 64, 83, 86, 87 and 88)
14th June 1999
Five!!! More Zzap!64 issues done (issues 44, 72, 73, 80 and 89) 65% complete,

13th June 1999
Added some Gradius IV and Gradius Gaiden mp3's to the Gradius Music World Selection (get them while you can because they will not be up for long),The Girl From Tomorrow is my
latest page (not much yet but hey I have only just started it) I intend on updating more arcade board stuff (in the end), Program-Project page (game programming)

11th June 1999
Three Zzap!64 issues done (issues 09,74, 76) Both exam's finished (finally), I will be working on the site more now (after my holiday next week that is)

2nd June 1999
Four Zzap!64 issues done (issues 51, 63, 64, 65) and only two exam's (next Monday and Friday) to go for the end of the year. Second piece of course work completed too. I have also completed my first programming game project (I will put it online soon)

9th May 1999
One more Zzap!64 issue done (issues 61) and one nearly done (up in a few days) I think I've done quite well, I have finished one piece of course work and passed two exams. Just two more exam's to go (2nd week in June) and one more piece of course work (to be in on 28th May)

3rd May 1999
I know, so much for studying (it gets very boring doing something you're not that interested in), anyway bfn. I would like to make better background pictures for most of the site (the stars in Gradius Home World are quite boring) well I will get around to doing it sooner than later (and I want to make a banner for this site too). I still have to get round to scanning lots of other stuff too (lots of good stuff to put up) but that's another day. Change the Apex Selection a little bit (change layout and colours too)
Updated the Jamma Board Selection (made font bigger and made it look better in general)
Added a few more link to the Links Selection

2nd May 1999
Apex is now known as Digital Graffiti (thanks for the encouragement boys) Large update to the Apex Selection (box scans and Manual OCRs and gif anims)

28th April 1999
Moved 'Gradius Music World' to my main server (all the mp3 are now off line until further notice)

27th April 1999
The site will not be updated for the next two months, I have two exams and two pieces of course work to do for my degree. So bye for now and see you in two months. My 'Gradius Music World' Selection is on Geocities (which I'm not happy with). The site uses Java for there logo on every page and it's messing with the Japanese text (and the second pop up window is very annoying). So I might be moving it to another location. I might be even put it in a new Selection (not in the Gradius Home World frame) One more Zzap!64 done (issues 59)
Yes I am now half way through the collection (45/90)

26th April 1999
Added to Gradius Music World (This CD's very nice). It also includes music from the over three Gradius games (and a speech, weapon noise track too), a CD well worth getting,
After looking at my site on my brother's computer I have changed some of the font sizes on the site (they were a bit too small. Also edited one more Zzap!64 (issues 85) 44 out of 90 done. I have the Gradius IV music CD now so scans will be up later in the week and I might put up one or two mp3's (If I have space)

20th April 1999
Three more issues of Zzap!64 done (issues 34, 41, 42), 43 out of 90 done (nearly half way)

18th April 1999
Added lots of scans to the Apex Computer Productions Selection and sorted out better navigation for PC Engine Gradius etc…

9th April 1999
Moved the Super Famicom and PlayStation Selection around so navigation is easier now. My brother decided to start updating his Monster World page again (makes a change)

6th April 1999
More gif character animation's for the Psychic 5 Selection

5th April 1999
Large update to the Psychic 5 Selection and general tweaks to most of the Gradius Selection (sorting out the Japanese font and more image buttons etc…)

2st April 1999
I have just got a new web page production tool so the site will be converted to this new standard (its much better for doing site maintenance) The program's 'Dreamweaver 2' (I use to use Frontpage 98 but the program can be very stressful)

31st March 1999
Yes FOUR issue's of Zzap!64 done (issue's 18, 38, 77, 84)
As you can see I have changed the layout of this page (and a few others) hope you like it, its taken along time to do (this page that is), I have messed around with lots of table etc…

30th March 1999
I cannot believe it FOUR issue's of  Zzap!64 done (issue's 19, 67, 69, 79), I am finding the older issues take quite a bit longer to edit when compared to the later issues (from 50 or 60 onward you can edit 2-3 in an hour), but its now 40% complete so its getting there.

21st March 1999
Two more issues of Zzap!64 done (issue 55 and 56)

25th March 1999
Finally updated the Gradius Music World Selection (Much easier to navigate now) and I should be getting Gradius IV Fukkatsu and Gradius Remix CD's within the next two weeks (I will put up some mp3's when I get them).

21st March 1999
One more issue of Zzap!64 done (issue 68), I am now 1/3 of the way through the Zzap! 64 Issue edits.

19th March 1999
One Issue Zzap!64 done (49)

19th March 1999
Added information about the Gradius IV Fukkatsu CD (I should have this CD within a few weeks), I will put up some mp3's when I get it, I would like to change the layout of the 'Gradius Music World' Selection of this site, but I have too much college work to do at the moment (I will sort it out in the future)

18th March 1999
One Issue Zzap!64 done (48)

10th March 1999
Added the Apex page (don't bother its just a list of the games they made at the moment, Change this start page layout (still not quite happy with it though, its looks to cramped).  You don't have to scroll up and down no more (much better)

5th March 1999
Three more on the ready (Zzap! 64 issue 35, 50 and 75)

3rd March 1999
One more done (Zzap! 64 issue 60), My ISP (demon) has increased my web space from 15 to 20 meg, so I might put up some more mp3's. (I have calculated it will take 18meg for the Zzap! Scans alone)

3rd March 1999
I am editing Zzap!64 at one, maybe two issue per day (week days only), so just a few months to go, Yeah Three issue's done (Zzap! 64, issue's 13, 62 and 66)

2nd March 1999
Yet another issue of Zzap! 64 edited (issue 11)

1st March 1999
Yep One more issue of Zzap! 64 (issue 7) done

26th February 1999
Edited two more issues of Zzap! 64 (20% complete)

24th February 1999
Edited two more issues of Zzap! 64 (74 issues to go)

23rd February 1999
Edited three more issues of Zzap! 64 (76 issues to go), The page seems to be coming along quite nicely now, it shouldn't take more than a few months to get it finished.

16th February 1999
Change the Zzap! Navigation (again) the pages look much better (you don't have to scroll up and down now) (if you run at 1024x768 that is), Edited three more issues of Zzap! (11/90 Completed) only 79 issues to go…… Take a look!

14th February 1999
Moved the Zzap! 64 pages around (navigation is much better now) and edited one more issue.

7th February 1999
New Salamander and other animations, New Gradius Home world navigation buttons, Get this program it's excellent (It make web page style button and tile backgrounds) and its totally FREE

31st January 1999
Edited three more issue of Zzap!64

30th January 1999
Updated the site navigation (should be much better now)

25th January 1999
Started a 'Great Giana Sisters' page (not much yet)

18th January 1999
Re-edited some Gradius pictures (they look much better now)

17th January 1999
Nice ship animations for Gradius Gaiden, Edited two more issues of Zzap! 64, Added some information about Psychic 5

14th January 1999
Move a few bits around and made the navigation better. (still learning this html stuff)

3rd January 1999
More Thunder Force updates

1st January 1999
Happy New Year Updated the Thunder Force page with ship and title screen shots. (not much else), I know people are thinking 'what about Gradius Home World' well there's not much happening on the Gradius front so I thought about a change of direction and the Thunder Force series of games are another great set of shoot'em-ups.