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Site History

Site History - 1998

29th December 1998
Added a Zzap! 64 magazine page, updated the Datahits page with Zzap! Sampler tape cover scans.

25th December 1998
Very Merry Christmas Thunder Force page online (quick version), Psychic 5 homepage online, a very nice arcade game (not much at the moment apart from the title tune in mp3 format) Go to the Main Site Index (top left of screen) for the Site Index, Thunder Force page (another very good set of shoot'em-up's any help on this would be very appreciated.

20th December 1998
Removed all the Gradius Gaiden mp3's (run out of web space again) and I might be adding some Salamander arcade mp3 tunes (there a lot smaller).  Updated the Gradius all logo below with Gradius IV Fukkatsu.

19th December 1998
Added a C=64 Data Hits page (nothing to do with Gradius mind you) this page has scans of the tape inlay and the much credited Sanxion tune from the Zzap! Sampler tape in mp3 format.

23rd November 1998
Finally an update for a change, Well not much but some screen shots and all the weapon lists for Gradius IV Fukkatsu

13th October 1998
Gradius IV Fukkatsu has been released in the arcades (Japan Only), I will have one screen shot and I will try to get more information as it becomes available.

3rd June 1998
Sorted out some html errors etc…. And updated the Main Versions page, More box scans for the PC Engine versions of Gradius, Salamander and Parodius da!, Added 'Jikkyo Oshaberi
Parodius da! ~forever with me~' on the PSX, Nice poster of Parodius da! For PSX, More pictures on PSX Gradius Deluxe Pack, Updated the links page (It has some content now), New fan pictures, Gradius Music MP3's online (Thanks to Robin Burrows for the donated Web space)

23rd February 1998
Added Fan pictures page, Re-organised the Super Famicom and PlayStation Selections, Added pictures for Parodius da! (Super Famicom), Yes lots more pictures and a review for Solar Assault Gradius and its been worth the wait, Box and manual scans of Gradius III Super Famicom (and some screen shots for the bonus levels).