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Solar Assault Gradius - Solar Assault Gradius


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Solar Assault Gradius
Solar Assault Gradius (AC) コナミ アーケード
(AC) A-ke-do
(AC) Konami Arcade
PCB Dedicated Upright, Cockpit and Simulator -- Ver 1 -- 3D Shoot'em-up
1997 -- Code? -- $0.00

USA Release FAQ

This is a FAQ I found online and is not by me (I have edited a few sections)



VERSION 2 (Final Version)



Part 1: Introduction
1-2 What's new.

Part 2: Credit
2-1 Konami

Part 3: Game Basics
3-1 3D Perspective
3-2 Controller
3-3 View Button
3-4 Manual Select Button

Part 4: The Star Fighters
4-1 Alpina
4-1-2 Weapons
4-1-3 Mega Laser
4-2 Lord British
4-2-2 Weapons
4-2-3 Mega Laser
4-3 Vic Viper
4-3-2 Weapons
4-3-3 Mega Laser

Part 5: Enemies
5-1 Aircraft
5-2 Ground Vehicles
5-4 Indestructible

Part 6: Stages
6-1 The River Styx
6-1-2 Boss: Rotating Launcher
6-2 Fierce Blaze
6-2-2 Boss: Lava Dragon King
6-3 Curse
6-3-2 Boss: Pharaoh Mask
6-4 Abyssal Forest
6-4-2 Boss: Mega Dino
6-5 Speed Demon
6-5-2 Boss: Telewarp Ship
6-6 Solar Assault
6-6-2 Boss: The Solar Assault

Part 1: Introduction

Solar Assault is a first person perspective shooter similar to the Afterburner series, that has six increasing hard stages. However with many difference, one being the polygon graphics, the other being the
ability to select different Star Fighters and the fact that the Star Fighters have deferent weapons. Believe the game to be a sequel to Gradius III or a cousin of the series.

1-2 What's new.
1. Added stage 6
2. Renamed some enemies
3. Stated the stages that enemies appear in
4. Most enemy values
5. Finished the walkthrough
6. Fixed name of one ship
7. Correct weapon names
8. New e-mail address"" (my old server went under)
9. This will be the last update (the store that I use that has this game got rid of and exchanged it with a MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLEIC COCKSUCKING VITRUA FIGHTER LIKE ONE ON ONE FGHTING GAME)

Part 2: Credit

2-1 Konami
This game is copyrighted to Konami 1997. This FAQ is not endorsed by Konami, so do not write them asking about it. Send mail to if you have questions or suggestions.

Part 3: Game Basics

3-1 3D Perspective
The game has 3D perspective to it like Afterburner, Galaxy Force, etc. Which give the feel that you are flying the Star Fighter. It also puts in effect that items have a length, width, and depth, unlike 2D shooters
that have only a length, and width. Keep that in mind when dodging things so you do not crash into them.

3-2 Controller

The game has a controller that acts like a Star Fighters up is down, and down is up. The control has 2 buttons like the one on Afterburner. The top button fires missiles, the index button fires your lasers. The two
buttons can be held to together to charge the mega laser then release one of the buttons to fire it. The best way to use the controller is with one hand not two. Practice with each hand to find which hand works
best for you. Keep your index finger on the laser button at all times, the game has auto fire, and use your thumb to charge and fire the mega laser.

3-3 View Button

This is the little circle button on left hand side of the machine and toward the front. It changes the view from close to the screen to farther into the screen.

3-4 Manual Select Button

This button is right below the view button. It selects the options that are highlighted on the screen. Is only used if you select manual entry at start up.

Part 4: The Star Fighters

4-1 Alpina

This is a black, blue and orange colored Star Fighter, that has the weakest weapons but an useful mega laser

4-1-2 Weapons

The weapons include a homing missile and a rapid fire laser cannon.

4-1-3 Mega Laser

The mega laser for this Star Fighter is very useful. It fires a bunch of ricochet lasers that damage and destroy all on screen enemies.

4-2-1 Lord British

This Star Fighter is red and white, looks like the one Star Fighter in Life Force probably is. This my personal favorite Star Fighter to use.

4-2-2 Weapons

The Star Fighter has straight missiles and a ripple laser (looks like rings) that has high probability of hitting targets. Must useful of the Star Fighters.

4-2-3 Mega Laser

The mega laser is a contracted sphere of energy that cause massive damage to what ever runs into it.

4-3 Vic Viper

Blue and white probably the same Star Fighter form Gradius.

4-3-2 Weapons

Vic Viper has missiles similar to Lord British and contracted laser blaster.

4-3-3 Mega Laser

This is the most unuseful mega laser of them all. The mega laser is super concentrated laser that fires from the Star Fighter itself. To make use out of it you must stay idol with your target. Not very good idea to do!

Part 5: Enemies

5-1 Aircraft

Floating Cubes- These carry powerups and rotate around the screen and fire bullets at you. Appear in stages 1,4,5, and 6. Value is 100.

Ram Ships- They fly in squadrons and try to crash into you. Appear in stage 1. Value is 400.

Diamond Ships- They are green appear in groups and fire at you the same time. Appear in stage 1. Value is 300.

Eye Ship- A large ship that takes many shots to kill. Appears in stage 1. Value is 5000.

Boxes- Fly in groups and tries to crash into you in they also fire at you. Appear in stages 1,5, and 6. Value is 200.

Firebirds- That act similar to floating cubes accept they fly in different formations. Appear in stage 2. Value is 600.

Horseshoe Crabs- Just like floating cubes. Appear in stage 2. Value is 200.

Tri Jets- These appear red or blue fly in formations similar to floating cubes and fire a lot more then enemies you have encountered. Appear in stages 3,5, and 6. Value is 300.

Floating Masks- Act like ram ships, but also fire. Appear in stage 3. Value is 100.

Egypt Masks- They fire lasers that trap you in a triangle. Appear in stage 3. Value is 500.

Panels- Panels that come lose from the walls. Appear in stage 3. Value is 100.

Scarabs- Red and white, they come off walls and fly at you. Appear in stage 3. Value is 300.

Mini Moai Come out of the 3rd boss's mouth, and fire ripple beams at you. Value is 100.

Bubble fish- They come out of the water fly at you. Appear in stage 4. Value is 200.

Saw Disc- Very fast moving enemies that act like kamikaze Appear in stage 4. Value is 500.

Crabs- Move around the screen and constantly fire at you. Appear in stage 4. Value is 700.

Flying Caterpillar- Long enemies that slowly float around the screen. Appear in stage 4. Value is 2000.

Sphere Ships- They appear in formations. They fires bullets at you, or lasers. Appear in stage 4. Value is 200 or 300.

Laser Ships- They stand at the opposite end of the screen and fire lasers. Appear in stages 5, and 6. Value is 1300.

Fighters- Like ram jets but fire. Appear in stages 5, and 6. Value 200.

Super Ship- It is red and fires a stream of bullets. Appear in stage 5. Value is 10000.

Bombing Ships- Drops bombs that explode in a circle. Appear in stage 5. Value is

Bombs- Dropped from bombing ships. Value is

Advanced Sphere Ships- Act similar to their cousins, but fire in bursts instead of once. Appear in stage 6. Value is

Super Black Ship Trio- They look like super ships but are black instead. They attack with spinning blasts and wave shots. Appear in stage 6. Value is 15000 each or 50000 for all 3.

Dual Diamonds- They are blue and look like two diamonds one inside of the other. They attack by ramming you. Appear in stage 6. Value is

5-2 Ground Vehicles

Spiders- Appear out of the lava and fire bullets. Appear in stage 2. Value is 400.

Moving Magma- Look like mini volcanoes and act like spiders. Appear in stage 2. Value is 500.

Tanks- Roam the ground and ceilings while firing at you. Appear in stages 3, 5, and 6. Value is 200.

Gators- Just like spiders but fires more bullets. Appear in stage 4. Value is 700.

Supply Vehicle Activates laser columns at you while trying to escape. Appear in stages 5, and 6. Value is 500.

5-3 Stationary

Moai Heads- Fire ripple beams at you. Appear in stage 3. Value is 2000.

5-4 Indestructible

Lava Dragons- Appear in stage 2 and fly around the screen.

Laser Traps- Appear in stage 5 these fire straight at you or rotate.

Part 6: Stages

6-1 The River Styx

The stage is a huge asteroid belt even though you never hit any. The first thing that appears are couple formations of floating cubes. Kill them and take the power ups. Next you come up to 3 formations of ram
ships that are flying in threes kill the red ones for powerups. By now you should have your mega laser available. Next a huge formation of ram ships appear, then some floating trees, then another large formation of ram ships. After that more floating trees followed by the eye ship. Next floating boxes appear use you mega laser to destroy them if you are using Alpina or Lord British.

6-1-2 Boss Rotating Launcher

It rotates around and fire lasers at you from its four guns, then fires missiles then finally tries to ram you. Stay centered with it as it fires its laser fire at it weak point. You have to move with it. When it fires missiles just bank away from the boss, the same when it tries to ram you. Eventually you will destroy the red shield and just few more shots into blue haze will destroy this boss. Approximate value is 60000.

6-2 Fierce Blaze

You start by flying straight into a volcano, then you are greeted by fire birds, and horseshoe crabs. Kill them for powerups. The next thing 2 columns shoot out of the lava stay centered between them. This
is followed by another set of columns. Now some lava dragons appear stay near the bottom center to dodge them, do not forget about the other enemies firing at you. You will soon reach a part with 2 lava dragons after that the boss.

6-2-2 Boss Lava Dragon King

Looks like a giant lava dragon. It will appear out of the lava and fire at you then fly through the screen. Then it will repeat this, next it will rotate around the screen firing at you when flies toward the screen. Beware that the loops get larger so after a while it will crash into you. This boss is very easy to beat just keep firing at the head just moving to dodge the bullets. You should easily destroy him before he crashes into you. Approximate value 90000.

6-3 Curse

The stages with flying under some pillar then you are attacked by tanks, and tri jets. After that you will be in an open canyon with more tri jets. Next you fly through a mess of Moai heads, either blast them or dodge around them. Now you will enter the tomb with falling pillar stay in the upper right corner to pass them all safely. Next thing is more tank appear along with flying masks, and also panels will fly at just keep moving. You will bank down another corridor that stones coming out of the walls stay at the bottom of the screen. Another bank and you are introduced to Egypt masks. Soon you will come to an open
area and the boss.

6-3-2 Boss Ancient Mask

Looks like a big Egypt mask. It fires large blurs and Moai from its mouth. It will fire ripple blasts from its mouth when close, it also fires bullets from its eyes and snake head. Fire at its open mouth to damage it but quickly dodge the attacks. Remember after it teleports next to it will vanuarble for a while take advantage of this time to cause some serious hurt. Approximate value 60000.

6-4 Abyassal Forest

Get ready for some major enemy dodging. Remember the trees on the far sides can not be passed by going around the sides closer to the edge. The laser firing Star Fighters fly in a formation before they fire just look at
the formation and move according to their position. Hint try to destroy the crabs as they appear. The end of the stage is singled by huge amount of sphere ships.

6-4-2 Boss Mega Dino

It attacks with balls, a boomerang like tail and a mega laser. Start by firing its head then moving to avoid it from crashing into you. Next it comes from the screen and fire balls it you keep firing and dodging.
Then it fires the mega laser just dodge around it. Keep up the firing and he will go down. Approximate value is 60000.

6-5 Speed Demon

Great job getting this far, either you a great pilot or have a ton of quarters. This is stage is very, very hard and long.. First you are attacked by tanks, fighters and tri Star Fighters, now you will purse the supply vehicle while dodging pillars of light. Next you find more tanks and laser ships, don't forget move under the laser tarps. Now the super ship appears along with more laser ships and laser traps. The tunnels are next the first 2 you will be flying after bombing ships. Next tunnel starts with a center pillar that has 3 spokes on it after
that more fighters, and laser gates the appear vehicle then horizontal and keep repeating, you get less time to dodge between each one. The next tunnel you must dodge around pipes beware the later ones rotate.
The final tunnel is loaded with opening and closing gates. It is also loaded with fighters (a lot of red one through) After that you will slow down and find yourself in large room facing the boss.

6-5-2 Boss Telewarp Ship

Awesome work getting this far you are a great pilot. Remember when you continue you start at the start of the stage. If you though the stage was hard you haven't seen a thing yet. This boss is one major fucking
pain in the ass to beat. It attacks with gatling lasers, by opening and closing itself, it moves by warping there. (Giving you little or no time to react) The boss is surrounded by floating mines that either fire
bullets at you or, fly at you or, become spinning lasers. (The mines can be destroyed, the lasers can't) The boss also fires lasers then spins, stay between the lasers, but dodge on the side of the boss that has the
most screen. (Do not dodge in front of the boss, you will crash) The last thing the boss has is a huge mega laser, the blast takes up 90 percent of the screen. To destroy this boss you need some fancy flying
and some luck. Start by firing at the 3 areas of the boss's center (look like red boxes) there are three boxes per area, then at the blue hazes on the ship don't forget to rotate with the ship when the laser come into play. After you destroy the 3 laser guns the center becomes damagable and the boss final weapons also takes effect. Hopefully you will have enough of lives and power to win this battle. A few tips if you are using the Alpina use the mega laser, if not some fancy flying. Boss's pattern is teleport and fire gatling lasers, rotating lasers, dodge into background and send spinning lasers, teleport with gatling lasers, rotating lasers, gatling lasers, dodge background mega laser, gatling lasers, rotating lasers, teleport with gatling lasers, rotating lasers, and finally another round of gatling lasers. Approximate value is 100000.

6-6 Solar Assault

Stage looks similar to 5, you start by going down a large corridor, then a bank to the right occurs. A closing door appears flowed by some cubes and fighters that now shoot on sight. Next a door appears, blast it to enter the column room. The columns appear 1 center followed by 2 on the sides, this repeats. The whole time you are dodging the columns you are attacked by boxes and fighters. Another closing door followed by the super black ship trio. These 3 Star Fighters are a real pain, only quick shooting and fancy flying will save you. After that more closing doors, then high low barriers, then one more closing door, the whole
time you are attacked by advanced sphere ships and fighters. After that last door you will be in a corridor with spinning laser traps, either blast them or carefully dodge them, this is followed by blast away door. Enter the laser grid, laser are coming from the far wall, floor, and ceiling to make matters worst there fighters in here too. Next more spinning laser traps (these are closer together). More closing/opening gates, with some high/low gates. Another set of spinning laser traps. Now you will be in a long corridor being attacked by an armada of eye ships, boxes, dual diamonds, and fighters.

6-6-2 Final Boss: The Solar Assault
Upon entering Solar Assault's chamber the boss will retreat and start descending down a corridor with you on top of the boss. Solar Assault attacks with regular bullets and spread like gatling lasers, it also has fighter that fly up to you as an attack. To destroy this boss blast the three joints that are connecting him to the corridor.

This FAQ can not be changed with out my permission or distributed with out it.

This FAQ does have mistakes (most grammitk) they will be fixed in the next version.

Afterburner and Galaxy Force © Sega
Gradius and Life Force © Konami

If I forgot mention some one please email me at

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