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Music and information about the Japanese Seiyuu, Oomori Kinuko (大森絹子) (the voice of Priss from Kenichi Sonoda's - Bubblegum Crisis), CD release information and some tracks to download and all other Anime related stuff.

What's New

27th December 2016

Now I have a much better cassette player I've thought I would re-record and edited the all my cassette based tunes I have, starting with Catgirl Nuku Nuku (Marina Speaks).

I used a very old Sony Walkman before and would get an audio wobble that's now gone.

15th February 2016

Added a temporary Anime logo I made thirteen years ago (better than nothing).

Moved the Silk section here as it is to do with Anime, added the booklet scans for the two Silk CD's, I scanned these back in 2004 but never got around to adding them.

Also added all the Bubblegum Crisis front covers to the Silk section.

12th February 2016

New section with some Anime related stuff.

First is the cassette release of Catgirl Nuku Nuku.

Marina Speaks

4th December 2010

Long time, no update, sorted out some broken links on the site, reorganised the Albums page for a better layout.

More broken links removed from the links section.

27th October 2007

Changed the look of the site to make navigation better.

18th November 2005

All adverts removed from this site, deleted some old broken links from the Links section, changed the style of the site to my newest version of my style sheet (CSS).

Not much else to add.

24th December 2004

First update in months!!, added complete mp3's for the CD's 'Face' and 'The Story So Far'



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